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  1. Wrong question! It should b "Can you be mexican with no native american blood?" Spanish ppl and other europeans are just invaders who stole the land

  2. I think descendants of RECENT IMMIGRANTS, first or second generations could possibly not have Iberian blood. Interesting question.

  3. Temachyotl says:

    You started on the wrong foot. Mexico is similar to other nations which have histories of foreign invasions. You have the Native People (in Mexico these were what are now called Native Americans). Then you had the invaders which are the Europeans. The Europeans then brought African Slaves, Asians mostly from the Philippines, China, and the Pacific. Then other Europeans came because of the gold and silver mines: British, Irish, and Italians. Until the late 1800s half of Mexico's population was Native American, about 3/4 of the other half was Mestizo and about 1/4 of the other half was European. During the early part of the 1900s people started losing their traditional identities and began identifying as Mexican, especially after the Mexican Revolution people became more nationalistic, most Native Americans adopted the Mexican identity and most moved to the cities. There was even more intermarriage and people lost awareness of their racial ancestry and just considered themselves Mexican. This is where people get confused, people think that Mexican is just a nationality but it is not just a nationality. It is a nationality in the sense that if a German couple move to Mexico and have a child, by birth the child is a Mexican citizen. But by race they are not a Mexican. To be a Mexican in the sense of race you first have to have a degree of Native American DNA, it doesn't matter what other races or DNA you have. The qualifier is Native American DNA, not Spanish DNA. This is a cultural view. In Mexico if you don't have Native American blood, or deny you have it, you are not considered a true Mexican. Anyone born in Mexico is a Mexican citizen but not necessarily a Mexican by race. It doesn't matter how much mixture you have, part of it has to be Native American.
    If you take Mexican DNA, the average will normally look like this ranging from high to low: Native American, Iberian, Italian-Greek, African, British, Irish.
    In some regions of Mexico you will get DNA that is almost entirely Native American. In other regions especially in Northern Mexico, you can get higher levels of European DNA. In just a few minor places in Mexico you will get DNA that is higher in African DNA. But what links all of them together is that Native American DNA on average is always present. What unites Mexicans is not just a Nationality (otherwise we would be exactly like the USA), it is our shared Native American ancestry that binds us as one people, that is why most Mexicans look like Mexicans. In the USA whites don't look like blacks, nor Asians look like Arabs, the only thing they share in common in the US Nationality, not so in Mexico.
    Once in a while you find sites on you tube who talk about Mexican identity in the same category as US identity, denying that Mexicans are a race of people. They are wrong. Or sometimes wanting to categorize Mexicans as third class Spaniards, that is wrong. We are not Spaniards, what we all have in common as Mexicans is our Native American heritage. The sad part of all this is that it is precisely the Native American heritage that has been persecuted recently in Mexico and there is a massive effort by the elites most of them foreigners or Mexicans only by Nationality to destroy any reference to what unites Mexicans in race or DNA, Native American heritage.

  4. You are such a goddamned idiot ! If a white redneck couple moved to Mexico, and 9 months later the whitw female redneck gave birth to a little white redneck, that little white redneck's nationality would be MEXICAN !!! "MEXICANS" born of "COLONIAL MEXICAN" BLOOD would be made up of the three colonial bloods; Indigenous, African, european (more than likely spanish european ) Were you born COGNITIVELY CHALLENGED ? DON'T USE UP SOOO MUCH GRAY MATTER ON THIS ISSUE ! (1) You're a whiteboy (2) if you were born in Mexico you're still a whiteboy but your nationalityis Mexican (if you were born there )

  5. This is a dumb question. "Mexican" is a nationality. There many immigrants in Mexico from Asia, Europe and the Middle East who are Mexican nationals and have neither indigenous nor Spanish roots. Do some research before you promote your ignorance online.

  6. Great question…its a yes and no answer for me.
    Yes: if "one" is born in Mexico or if "one" is brought up in the culture of
    No: to be Mexican is "one" having the two essientals, Native/Indingous & Spanish although if "one" is full blood Native/Indingous then "one" can be Mexican.
    What do you think?
    I myself am one/third of both which is coming all from New Mexico from my elders to my ancestors of Pueblo & Spaniard. Now some may say we're not Mexican? What do you think? Are New Mexicans Mexican?

  7. probably the dumbest and ignorant headline ever.Mexicans were there before Europeans came.

  8. I disagree with some of these comments. Yeah, Mexican is a nationality, regardless of blood, if your family is from there, you may be Mexican. And today, our Mexicans are now of mixed race, or mestizo. But you can be Mexican by blood. The true Mexican blood is the Native blood and I get that, that is what you are referring to. People in these comments are sitting here arguing over what everyone already knows. Yeah I am American. And I am completely European. And I can call myself American, but by no means does that make me Native American or American by blood. Obviously when it comes to these tests it is about what we are made of, where are blood comes from. I get what you're saying. It doesn't matter out nationality when it comes to this.

  9. Of course it's possible. Like others have said, Mexico received immigrants from many countries outside of Spain. French, German, British, Chinese, etc – and they're all equally Mexican.

  10. I'm 100% Mexican and I'm 100% Ashkenazi Jewish I'm A Mexican jew

  11. ?Behold ?SuperMexican ?

  12. You sure can be Mexican with no Spanish DNA. To be Mexican, you just need to be born there. That can happen to any race.

  13. Xo says:

    There is no such ethnicity o race names Central America wtf!!

  14. Mexican is a nationality not a race. While the vast majority of Mexicans are varying admixtures of Iberian (Spanish) and native american, Mexico (like the united states) experienced immigration from all over the world. There are German, Lebanese, even Chinese mexicans (selma Hayek, Osorio chong, Carlos slim, the creel family, etc). What is problematic is the oversimplification of Mexico's history as this dual spanish Aztec narrative. So many aspects of Mexico's culture can be attributed to immigration including polka music and beer brought by German-Mexicans. Pastor tacos brought by Lebanese-Mexicans. China-poblana Chinese-Mexicans etc etc. In fact, in the mining communities outside of Pachuca there are entire British-Mexican towns with British cemeteries and local cuisine called pastes brought by Cornish miners. Not to mention afro-Mexicans mostly in the state of Guerero many of which are defendants of the slave trade that Mexico indeed participated in. All in all, Mexico should be thought of as a Nationality not a ethnicity. Generally speaking however northern Mexico is whiter and southern Mexico is more indigenous.

  15. Let me make this simple. If you were born in Mexico then you are Mexican. Doesn't matter if both your parents are German, Italian, Iranian or whatever.

    I believe there are a few countries were this might not be the case. For example I think in Japan both your parents need to be Japanese in order to be considered Japanese but I might be wrong about that.

  16. Kim Wold says:

    I just got my results and I am from Culiacan Sinaloa, and I was shocked to see I was more Italian than Spanish, I really thought I was going to get 50 native 50 Spanish, but to my surprise I got 39% native, 56 European overall broken down into: 22 Italian, 18 Spanish, 6 German/French, 11% a few lower percentage European regions.

  17. sofisa11 says:

    YES, you can. Being Mexican is a nationality not a race.

  18. I'm Mexican with 99% ashkenazi jewish. No Spanish. There are many people in Mexico City from recent European decent that may have no Spanish blood at all.

  19. jorge lugo says:

    Of course!!!Many that may have European ancestry may have very little ….The indian feautures manifest on their face.

  20. I think they exist but they are very exotic, since the other strangers (different from Spaniards) came to México to the regions previously colonized by Spain, because those places are the most accesible in geographic therms and the most important in economic therms, and thats why there are not so many Mexican mestizos (mixed race) without Spanish blood.

  21. Yes, of course, I know people who came directly from England or Germany or another country, and got married with a 100% indigenous from Mexico as Oaxaca, and then they have English 50% and central American 50% but is just a minority, we consider Mexican the combination of Spaniards and Indigenous from Mexico, prehispanic cultures, to say Aztecs, or Mayan, Zapotecas, Nahuatls etc. This is the typical ancestry of Mexican People, and that happened because the ancient prehispanics they were a great Civilization.

  22. One Mexican was only 4% Spanish but he was only 14% European. Indigenious people in Mexico are considered North American Indians. Mexico only boarders Central America. It is not part of Central America. The only Native Americans in Central America come from places like Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. My Heritage seems to tell mostly all Latinos they are Central American. I saw one video where a guy got Central American when he was actually from South America.

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