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20 thoughts on “MyHeritage.com DNA Results

  1. Steve Jobs says:

    Btw. Ancestry DNA has a very accurate system also

  2. Steve Jobs says:

    Very well explained!

  3. simeric2 says:

    Thanks for the video. Was deciding on whether to take the test and your enthusiasm made the difference. Can't wait too see O,O Take care.

  4. Kat M says:

    I just/ my test and excited. My parents and grandparents did theirs through ancestry and got interesting results. I decided to do mine. I was reading on myheritage's website that even though siblings have the same parents, their DNA may be different because of recessive genes, etc. So someone may get native american genes and the other may not. I also wonder about the Mongolian link to native americans…don't discount family stories quite yet

  5. Maasai are found in Tanzania as well

  6. Jupe367 says:

    Am I the only one that says, "that's it?" at the end of the clip? I thought there would be more, like your traits and types of foods you like, either salty or sugary, etc like 23andme would provide. If this is all that the package provides, than it is very costly. Plus, how do you know if this information is accurate.

  7. R Johnson says:

    Your African component is very high and your non-African is very diverse. Great results!

  8. Rocksors says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was trying to figure out which would have the most detailed results and I know who to go with now. 🙂

  9. Interesting results. I think that the you might have 3% Native American instead of Mongolian because genetically speaking the native people of the Americas are very similar to the people of Siberia, Mongolia and Eastern Asia. Its a possibility but I could be wrong.

  10. Just ordered the My Heritage DNA test kit tonight. I'm so excited. I'm a biracial woman here and I was also told that my African American mother had some Cherokee Indian on her side of the family as well. The reason why I'm doing is to prove whether or not it's true. I could have some Asian and Middle Eastern DNA or I could just be black and white. Only time will tell. My mother was kinda dark and she also had yellow eyes and dark lips like I've seen with other blacks. My aunt (her triplet sister) is the same way, but part of the reason why she has black lips has to do with smoking. LOL. However, I don't know whether or not this is a tell tale sign. My estimates before I get my result kit goes something like this: 51-59% European, 35-40% Sub-Sahara African, and 10-20% Whatever else is in my DNA (Native American, Middle Eastern, etc.). As far as the African DNA, it may be a little more or less. Don't know for sure, but I'm really stoked too. 🙂

  11. joy says:

    Nigeria and Sierra Leone are regions on there too, so those percentages don't just include those two countries. Example: Nigerian region would also include Cameroon, Benin, Togo, and all other portions highlighted there.

  12. Diego P says:

    Your slated eyes could be purely African because in Africa some ethnicities have those eyes

  13. Just a correction: Libya and Egypt are North African not Central African

  14. Just ordered the MyHeritage Test Kit very good explanation of results—

  15. I have siberian and siberians or inuits migrated to the americas so your native american could have migrated to the americas too???? I am only making a guess . I have north afric, kalash rissia and finlland. If you look at the berbers from north africa, the kalash people and the tribal clothing for russian ethnic groups you will see all 3 tribes clothing have similarities. My guess is berbers became kalash , kalash became russians and then they became native americans. Groups can change over time into different ethnicities. Just my theory.

  16. it all started in Africa…. Sooooo… yea they do

  17. Mongols attacked Iran and other parts of the middle east. That would explain how you are a bit Mongolian.

  18. Maybe your Native American ancestors originally came from Mongolia because it's on the border between Siberia (Russia) and China and it's known that native Americans came from Siberia.

  19. Please someone Help!!!
    i got my results but i dont think that is right, because i am african from Angola Mbundu tribe and my test say i am nigerian and kenyan that's impossible because that means i have to be adopted or either my mom or dad are not what they say they are.. please help this is my instagram name you can DM me : marah_hair

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