20 thoughts on “MYHERITAGE DNA RESULTS (adoptee)

  1. Jack Ass says:

    No such thing as pure cambodian

  2. Jop Westra says:

    You are so pretty! ?

  3. You look like many Cambodians today

  4. You talk just like a Cambodian girl

  5. At First look you looks Siam (from east india to Cambodia) , malayu polynesian, that were present in south japan (Hayato), Vietnam Coast (cham) , and east asian Coasts.

  6. KEL7000 says:

    nice video ……my Queen

  7. I see that these people who analyse these tests dont have much clue from some areas of the world or volks … Thai people Originated from south China 4000+ years ago ,they were the first ever people living on thailands landpart therefore chinese are the real ''thai' (mentioned in books & documentarys about History of Thailand) ,the only reason why they dont all look like other east asians is that indians came to TH in the 13th century +and then many other neighbouring so theyre very mixed now with several east & south asian ethnics + one of the only natives to southeast asia (cambodian). Although still 60% of thais still have chinese roots ,bcs of the thais origin AND also bcs the most chinese OUTside of china/taiwan live in thailand. Skintone has NOTHING to say , people should go look at pics from Koreans from 100 years ago for example ,darkskinned as f* .inlcudes any other east asians. None of us asians were originally light skinned. The only maybe reason why its included is bcs not all thais are natives but asians who came from nearby countries which includes cambodian so it probably just shows still CMB ethnicity that simply lived in TH

  8. Wow! You're almost pure Cambodian. You should be proud. Most Cambodians I know are mixed with Chinese. I'm Cambodian but I want to get my DNA tested too. I hope I get a high percentage for Cambodian.

  9. For some people, an ancestry DNA test can be predictable. For others, it can be a complete shock…a real complete shock at that. In my case, my DNA sample for the My Heritage DNA test pretty much disproved almost everything I was told about my family history. I also found out that I have about 1.1% South Asian ancestry and I'm still trying to find out where it came from. LOL.

  10. Wim V says:

    India brought Buddhism and Hinduism to south east Asia in the middle ages, there were trade relations etc…so no surprises there πŸ™‚

  11. Top Mog says:

    LOL, the little girl is like "Who is she talking to?"

  12. KingTut says:

    Cambodia was an Indianized Hindu kingdom at one point. Not surprising

  13. I immediately know that you are Cambodian even before I click your video, just by looking at your facial features it is very prominent. I'm Malaysian. Our people actually look almost alike to Thai and Cambodian.

  14. Try Wegene,Β it's more specific than MyHeratige and made for people with Asian DNA.

  15. Iloko says:

    Great results, upload your MH raw data onto Gedmatch.com as soon as you can for even more detail into your admixture! Cheers πŸ™‚

  16. Cool results! Check mine out?

  17. I knew that test wasn't going to be specific enough.

  18. Nice to know your heritage πŸ™‚

  19. mara brad says:

    "Am I repeating myself" lol

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