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8 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Results Globe Review. Italian American.

  1. moi moimoi says:

    Pure southern european. No non-european mixture. Awesome

  2. Mate, I did my test on this website…my father is from the UK and has known Welsh and French background…my mother is Greek Cypriot…my results came up with 6% greek and 60% Italian…wtf???

  3. tiluriso says:

    Seems you're a little more Central/North Italian, which is only about 20% of Italian Americans. Most are Southern and Sicilian.

  4. jake a says:

    its amazing, when folks have ancestry that has wandered all over the place, dna firms never say gypsy, since they are historically the only folks who wandered around this much. Since Italians are a mish-mash collection of what the Roman Army consisted of, plus, as north Italians say…Africa begins in Naples, means a huge % comes from all over the Med Sea area. The closer to Med Sea the greater the % of gypsy intermingling, otherwise, how come in every Med Sea coastal area everybody resembles the gypsies, regardless of which lingo they speak.

  5. Nice BRO you're over the half way point.

  6. I came out on mine 17 percent I don’t know where it came from I don’t have Italian in my family only by marriage

  7. Cesar Pisa says:

    You either dislike the video for a few reasons. You either hate Europeans or you hate Italians. Which one is it?? Please whoever disliked I would love to know the answer. If you have the balls to reply I'd appreciate it.

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