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Myheritage DNA results/Salvadorian American

Myheritage DNA results/Salvadorian American

I said I wanted to be shocked with my DNA results, I was!!!! I seriously thought it would be boring since all I have known is that I’m Salvadorian by both parents. all latinos know that we will have Iberian in us but the rest are real shockers.


16 thoughts on “Myheritage DNA results/Salvadorian American

  1. Wendy C says:

    Seriously the back and forth(I think we are all proud of whatever we are made up of and or whatever we consider ourselves) is getting a little annoying…..Thank you tho for watching. I will be testing my Mom to see what her results are since my big sister (whom I mention) got her results 1 month before me.

  2. that's good much respect.my ex girlfriend was Salvadoran and I had to give it up coz the father talk to much shit about black ppl.had to do an abortion coz in no way would he and a lot of her family give her a break.i met the mom and had to kinda keep it a secret with the mom.just sickening. she was the best woman I have ever met .I work with a lot of Hispanics I've dated Hispanic women and wow it's always the same thing. if she's very beautiful wow other Hispanics look at her like WHY.

  3. always shocked to be African lol you ppl are funny

  4. "Duh, I'm Salvadorian". Lol. ?

  5. Ryu Lee says:

    I have a feeling I'm going to be part nigga too my grandma looked half black but she was born im Honduras and looked asian too so I don't know

  6. eddy orona says:

    Cool results my sister.

  7. Jews lived in spain for hundreds of years. East Asians and Siberians migrated to north America and these are the people that make up native americans. I wish more people would do some homework.

  8. Blue Azul says:

    Most of us Salvadorans are significantly Native American by default?

  9. No says:

    You cracked me up haha

  10. You pretty much covered the globe LOL

  11. DJ Trevi says:

    Yay, I'm happy that your happy. Awesome results

  12. Opopanax says:

    Some Indians get traces of Melanesian(Papuan, Oceania and so on).

  13. Great Results Video! Thank you sharing your joyous discovery! ????

  14. I couldn't see the Black in you at first…but you do kinda look like a pale Nigerian woman.

  15. joe smith says:

    No shocker.
    Most latinos are typically mixed with Native American, European (mainly Southern like Iberian:Italian, French), and African . At various degrees and %s.

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