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MyHeritage DNA Results vs Ancestry DNA! More Diverse!!

MyHeritage DNA Results vs Ancestry DNA! More Diverse!!

MyHeritage DNA Results vs Ancestry DNA! More Diverse!!

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I just got my test results back from MyHeritageDNA. Join me as I reveal my new DNA results to you!

I am more than just African-American. These results have altered the way that I view myself.

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29 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Results vs Ancestry DNA! More Diverse!!

  1. Would it matter if it was raped? Are you really that thankful or desperate to have European ancestry?

  2. With the European ancestry, how do you know it was forced on a young African woman. Maybe it was rape, from one African-American to another.

  3. If you have a great relative by the name of James Bowen who married my 2nd great aunt Nora Mosley, then we are relatives.

  4. Malcolm, how tall are you?

  5. It makes for good conversation, and a laugh or two. I'm from Heinz 57 myself. Just a lovable ol mutt.

  6. when I look at the american Indians they are so asian. My dad father was from Nepal and his wife fam from India. He looked so asian and so did his kids. When I did my dna test I found american indian and I wasnt surprised because the siberians who look asian were the ones who crossed the berin straight when it was land thousands of yrs into canada and usa that we call today native. The native american % in me didnt come from america it came from the Siberians before they crossed the berin straight. Then there is another native tribe thats from the mixture of Siberians and the Australian aboriginal people (from them came the melenesians) that I am also related to through my grandmother fam from India. Btw the aborigines came to the Americas before the Siberians. So you can see the blood line. Now these white jews are either fake or have adopted the hebrew religion but its not in blood, they are white people. Look at them, see the president of israel he is white

  7. 85% Africa – 47% of which is Nigeria which is 40%

  8. You have island blood. Like me. I have Amazonian % too. Im 26% on Heritage Dna for native American. My ancestry is from PR. Lots of people forget the Caribbean native americans count too. You might have some Spanish(Iberian) and Native and African mix of Caribbean

  9. Pelo MK says:

    The most accurate is Gedmatch. It accurately determined the exact the ethnicity of a South African YouTuber. If you want to know which African tribe (not country) you belong to, load your raw DNA data to Gedmatch.com and use the African admixture tool EthioHelix K10 + French.

  10. Mel Bee says:

    Hi malcolm, please check out my recent upload about my results from MyHeritage. I wrote them and they said that they don't have a lot of African dna samples to compare with, so I think that's why it's so generalized for Africa.

  11. Your .9% Amozonian equates to the >1% Native American.

  12. Thank you for the information. I hadn't thought to send my results from ancestry to my heritage. Also, don't fret on the negative comments. Thank you for sharing.

  13. You are a beautiful Chocolate Man. its obvious there is a mixture just based on your skin tone. especially if your ancestors are American (Specifially Southern American) I pray that you TRULY EMBRACE all that you are & know that it all makes you Unique & Special. btw I watched both of your vids.. I'm sure you've already received enough backlash. So as a faithful subscriber I'll stay positive. Embrace yourself brother. please. you're absolutely beautiful

  14. Except, where is your American Indian?

  15. Enjoyed watching both presentations. Looks and sounds like your heritage is consistent with the ship and trade routes of Northern Europe, Middle Eastern Mediterranean basin, and African coastal access areas. You might enjoy reading the nineteenth and twentieth century writings of Halford Mckinder and Buckminster Fuller's Critical Path (1981).

  16. I can't you have results that had some in one, none in another and the percentages are all over the place and you want people to click your affiliate ad to get by a kit so you can get some cash! Please just say that because this DNA ish is a joke! DNA results should be for entertainment purposes only! So much goes into the DNA split from mother to child, father to son some DNA remaining pure and other DNA getting shuffled around from generation to generation. Yet I don't want to argue with anyone about this, I think you can find out some basic information about your DNA but the accuracy is about less than5% and that's on the high side. Too many great great great grandparents to get really accurate and where are these companies getting all the DNA with to start with from over 200 or more years to get a DNA strand from my tribe to compare notes? I'm so confused but not really! My question is what are they really doing with your DNA sample????????? I swear people believe anything if it's popular and everyone is doing it! Like does anyone understand the science behind any of this and if so do you have a lab to prove your findings?

  17. Wow sounds like we're probably family.

  18. Myheritage is a Jewish company and is initially geared for that population, so their african database is not very diverse. That Kenyan is basically Bantu. Ancestry is the most accurate for africans.

  19. Number one to be said is: it’s been proven that the results from current companies offering these DNA analyses are NOT accurate! Apart from that, it’s so refreshing to see someone who’s not upset with the results, as many people are (regardless of race)! I might be completely wrong but Malcolm seems to appreciate his mixed heritage, so THANK YOU, MALCOLM, for not being uptight about things! I say, the more mixed, the merrier! And hopefully, some day, people will stop putting so much emphasis on things that shouldn’t matter, instead of paying more attention to being decent human beings!

  20. Thanks, though different companies have different results because of how they test it and who has tested. You have me curious on what the difference between them will say for mine thanks.

  21. Hello Malcolm your link to Ancestry.com does not work.

  22. hi Malcolm, I think your "Amazonian" roots part connects to your Native American heritage some relatives told you about. These tests go further back sometimes, and Native American is actually hard to find in results sometimes. The fact that you had it show up in both tests different ways, confirms that truth for you. You are sweet, and I like how you accept the results, knowing they are not perfect but they are still accurate. It all depends on the samples these companies have stored, to compare your results to.

  23. So how do I upload my DNA from Ancestry to another site??

  24. Which DND Co is right? As long as you do the tests for fun knowing it's all a con, then no harm done. And you can say hey I'm a little bit Scottish even though you have enough melanin for everyone to easily guess where you maybe from.
    They are both wrong they both have limited databases and are using the DNA you send to build them up. They don't truly have the information they need to pinpoint your origins on a map, and that it's not possible to trace unique ancestry that way. The told you Nigeria then west Africa but Nigeria is in west Africa. What marker would have made the difference.

  25. Also on Gedmatch, below are the Heritage Admixture Tests that will show your Native American: Our family was also told we had NA on through my maternal grandmother. So far I have been able to trace all my ancestral grandmothers but one. I have been able to trace several direct female descendants from her and have asked if any one test with 23andMe just so we could at least learn of the maternal haplogroup to confirm whether she has one of the "mtDNA Haplogroups A, B, C, and D among eastern Asian and Amerindian populations has long been recognized, along with the presence of Haplogroup X". / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_history_of_indigenous_peoples_of_the_Americas. With Gedmatch's Heritage Admixture Tests, everyone of my family members on both my paternal and maternal sides who have tested show NA with the tests below, as well as do I. We are supposed to have either a Sioux or Nez Perce female ancestor. My grandmother's 1/2 sister say's it's Nez Perce.

    Dodecad World 9
    Eurogenes K13
    Eurogenes K36
    MDLP K13 Ultimate
    MDLP K23b
    MDLP World
    MDLP World 22
    puntDNAL K15

  26. Elita Ali says:

    All that shit is a scam!

  27. Seems like you're upset your so black ?

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