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MyHeritage DNA Test Results: Americans See “Mexican” as An Ethnic Group, Not a Nationality

MyHeritage DNA Test Results: Americans See “Mexican” as An Ethnic Group, Not a Nationality

This is the American perspective.


7 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Test Results: Americans See “Mexican” as An Ethnic Group, Not a Nationality

  1. I get, it that you are trying to explain things to people in Europe and other places about "Americans" perception of Mexican nationality/ethnicity/race/etc. That perception is so weird to me, as a person born and raised in the U.S. of what you would call 100% Mexican parents. The other wrinkle is that part of my family has been in what is now the U.S. during different times of history dating back hundreds of years. The most recent being during the Mexican Revolution and the Cristero rebellion.

    However, that "American" perception of Mexican people has affected my life enormously since childhood. I could write a book. But, truthfully, what is the most important to me is how we perceive ourselves. That's just my 2 cents.

  2. You said that Merican are obsessed with racial identitificztion because of the fact that you are a country of immigrants. This is where i beg to disagree with that. The USA is not an exception in that matter, all the Americas have been populated with immigration waves. In Europe, at the beginning of the 20th century, when people said « l will go to America » it could mean trying to get a new life in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Canada or Chile… the USA is one American country among others, and it is not the most racially mixed of these. Most of latin America is a mix a very different peoples coming from various continents all mixing together. Ameridians, europeans, near easterners, black Africans, East Asians… in those countries, where the ethnic compositions is more mixed or more complex than in the US, the population is not at all obsessed by race or racial catégorisations. People identify with their country, with their culture and languages rather than to imaginary ancestries.

  3. Benz says:

    Individuals do see mexicans as an ethnicity but being a 3rd generation mexican American people define me as such because i speak perfect english ironicly better than others Americans. I act American just like anyone else because Ive never been to Mexico.. People do label the Mexican culture but individuals are accepting towards people who they can relate the reason why your also accepted as an American, your part mexican but your posture and character is as accepted as an American just like myself or any individual that shares our American culture.

  4. I would think "Mestizo" might be a more appropriate term for your answer? The elements of the Hispanic & Native American culture are still involved although its just happening in Spain…. so there might not be posole or calabacitas nor tamales since these are Native American foods….
    Saved by the bell? I was thinking more like Stand and Deliver….

  5. Bejeezus says:

    It is odd. We use the word "American" for only people born in the U.S. It's a placeholder word. And your test pops up Central American, which is from your Mexican side, it says Central American. I find it frustrating because all the countries in the New World, and people born on the South and North American continents are all American. Canadians, Mexicans, Argentinians, Haitians, etc, are all American. I know you aren't ignorant Nick, but I have gotten flack from people when I have commented that. I get you Nick, we can't change the fact that most people in the U.S. will see Mexican as an ethnicity. Even my own family who is from Central America uses American to refer to people with mostly European background, born in the U.S, when I told them that they are also American, lol. There is ignorance on all sides, but like you said again, no one cares and people follow their own way of thinking.

  6. Joe Flores says:

    Well maybe iberians do understand… because I just learned that the actor Antonio banderas is 7% mexican… that is how they interpreted when they informed him of his ethnicity results… they said this 50% spain,11% Portuguese,20% italian,12%jordan,7% mexican… they called it mexican… not central, not n.amerindian…i think that the world see mexican heritage as mexican.

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