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MyHeritage DNA Test Results: Balkan is Slavic, Mediterranean, Turkish

MyHeritage DNA Test Results: Balkan is Slavic, Mediterranean, Turkish

Based on a viewer’s comment. If you’re interested in purchasing a DNA test through MyHeritage like I did, here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2C7paDM

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44 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Test Results: Balkan is Slavic, Mediterranean, Turkish

  1. The Turkish is problematic. The way they asses your DNA is based on where the people with similar markers live today. The Balkan and the Italian same thing. Here is why. Turkey is not a singular ethnic group. The Ottomans were known jihadists (milder than today) who waged war against Europe. Part of the Balkans (Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia) are conquored by the Ottomans in the 14th century. Christian families who did not convert to Islam were subjected to terrible taxes and a blood tax – a boy child would be taken by force from Christian families and sent to Istanbul madrasas where they were forcibly converted and added to the Janissary Corps. Ironically, they would return to their ancestral lands and supress rebellions of their own people.

    For this reason, many people in Turkey are Balkan-ancestry, i.e. South Slavic. They are usually very aware of that,so their numbers can be polled. They tend to identfy themselves with the Bosnians, who are not an ethnic group per se. The Serbs and Croats who converted from Christianity to Islam to avoid the taxes over time begin identifying as a separate ethnic group. Since the Slavs in Turkey also identify with Islam, they also then identify with the Bosnians. Some figures believe there are 2,000,0000 of them in Turkey.

    The South Italian/Balkan is also interesting. You could be all from one group. It is haplogroup l2a2, look it up. Sardinian/Balkan. Indigenous Europeans.

  2. Dino Pasic says:

    Balkan are not same as Turkish, they are more darker skin. They have connectivity but its not very big. Im from Bosnia, thats Balkan. I think we can be proud because new research are showing that we have oldest genes in Europe, more then 10000 years old

  3. Don't spread lies. All Soth Slavs including Romanians and West Bulgarians are all from the same origin. Their haplogroup I2a originated in Balkan it means they are outohthonous people in Balkan.This group is named in analysis as Balkanic or Dinarik. Only Shqiptaret aka Albanians and Greeks have their root out if Balkan. They carry North East African haplogroup mutated in Caucasus E3b1a-V13. This haplogroup is named in analysis as Mediteranian or Greek or Italian. The south of Italy and Greeks cary this haplogroup. The higest percentage of Slavic haplogroup carry Slovenians and Croats at the North of Croatia and on the borther of Hungaria. Hungarians are Slavs by R1a haplogroup. Other South Slavs cary 15% – 20% . If you are not educated in this area do not spread the lies please.

  4. dielli art says:

    Slavs means Russia not Balkans

  5. dielli art says:

    Greeks and Albanians nothing to do with Slavs

    You believe propaganda

  6. Nikolai Golubov
    It comes from your Maltese side. Malta was for some time ruled by Arabs. North African Arabs for shure have a quite genetic admixture that belongs as you said even to Sub Sahara genetic origin..

  7. Yes Balkan is Turkmestany word. Do you know that Turkmestans carry J2 haplogroup and R1a which is Slavic haplogroup? Balkan is not Turkic word at least it is not Mongolian word. If you did not know Turkish language Mongolian, Tungusian, Korean and Japanese languages belong to Altaic group of languages. They are simillar and share the same origine. Cheers!

  8. People when you discuss topic stop insulting people if you have different opinion. Give your contra arguments. Do not label people as addictive drugs users if people have more knowledge than you in some scientific areas. It is so disgusting and rude.

  9. Turkish gene is fany interpretation. Except if they think that the haplogroups that he carry are predominant genes among the Turkish Anatolian people. Turkish people mostly but not completely carry the genetic admixture of Caucasus people. Osmmans or Selguks Turks were herdsmen from Turkmestan. They destroyed the Constantinopol and settled there. They had carried predominantly the Midleast haplogroup J2. The people that they had conqured had carried North East African haplogroup E1b1b which mutated in Caucasus Area into E3b1a-V13. The secound haplogroup among Near East – Anatolian people is J haplogroups (J1 and J2) and East Germanic haplogroup R1b. Probably there are some more haplogroups but at lower level. If he has Mediteranian haplogroup he has North East African haplogroup mutant E3b1a-V13, he might have some more of J2 and J1. All of these haplogroups are represented in European admixture but only Dinaric or Balkanic I2a is original European or say it is developed in Europe in Balkan not in Africa or Midle East. Additionally, Turkish gene do not exist. The original Turks who broth the language to these Turkish people they had carried Mongolians C and O. These haplogroups are not represented in European genomes or genetic addmixture. So the Mongols did not pass on the genes to Europeans and Asia Minor and MidleEast people but only the language. So the Turkish language was the Lingua Franka in that period of time in North West and Midle Asia.

  10. Hi guys just received my 23&me DNA results. So to start with i am half serbian (bosna i hercegovina) and half maltese. I knew that from my mothers side i had Italian roots as her surname was Delicata which could be either from Sicily (mostly) or mainland Italy. Most likely my great great grandfather was 100% born in Italy/Sicily according to 23&me. On my fathers side as far as I know all his relatives are from Bosnia & Herzegovina for the past 200years but we are sure that our ancestors used to live in Montenegro. I resulted that my DNA matches mostly with people from Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia ,Serbia with 5 full stars, Montenegro 3 stars and Bulgaria and Romania 1 star each. BTW i am 96.3% European and i ve got no jewish blood 😀 impressive. One thing that really confused me is that somehow i had ancestors from West and East Africa around the year of 1730 – 1840 and Iberian too. What really confused me is the African thing because as far as I knew or my family we dont know about any negroids being 100% born during that period. Its really fucked up. Back to square 1 its shown that i have 68.7% Balkan DNA , 22.1% Italian, 0.2% Iberian , 5.2% Broadly Southern European which i guess could be Greek mostly. Western Asian & North African 2.7%, Sub Saharan 0.7% which was broken down to West African 0.4%, East African 0.1% and Broadly Sub Saharan African 0.1%. I got also 0.3% unnasigned DNA. According to people i look like a proper Serbian or foreigner sometimes in my country (Malta) where is was born raised and live here currently people often talk to me in English as they think i m foreign to them even though I m half Maltese. Where the fuck did the African negroid blood come thats what i have been thinking about since i got the results ?!?!?! Maybe anyone can suggest anything like historical slave trading between maybe italians and africa because i mostly think i got them african from my mothers side side. Also my haplogroup T is maternal and R-M417 haplogroup is paternal. Pretty damn interesting huh !!

  11. What do you think why this guy has the results Balkan and European? That is the best answer to those who do not believe the Balkan South Slavs are original people of Balkan or original Dinaric race. Therefore, haplogroup I2a developed in Balkan. That is the most accurate answer for Serbs origine. Theory about coming from this side or oppost side of Karpats is Hystorical bullshit.

  12. Aleksandar H
    Spartans, Troyans, Dardanians, Macedonians, Ilyrians, Dacians, Tracians, Panonians, Tribals they were carrying all Dinaric gene or Balkanic gene I2a haplogroup. They carried and their descendants still carry the whitest European gene and they were and they still are the oldest European people. They carry haplogroup I2a. If you carry this haplogroup they will tell you that you are 100% Europeans. All Slavic speaking or South Slavs people in Balkan carry this haplogroup the I2a. They carry ona of the oldest European gene developed in Balkan beetwin 19000- 10000 years before New Era. Hellens alias Greeks and Shqiptaret aka Albanians they carry predominantly African haplogroup E1b1b but not all Greeks. This African haplogroup mutated in Caoucasus area into mutant E3b1a-V13 8000- 7000 BC. If you carry this haplogroup they will say you are of Greeks' Italians', Mediteranians' origine. Why they are telling you Are Greeks? Because, this African group that mutated in Coucasus had been spread all over the Europe. It doesn't developed in Europe and instead to tell you you are of African origin they are telling you are Greeks, Mediteranians and on. Lies as usull. Welcome to democratic West. Some Swedens, Russions or Finns carry in small percentsge this haplogroup too. If you have your ancestors of Shqiptaret or Greeks you will have this haplogroup even at the higher percentage. They will never say you that you are European or Balkan because Balkan is not in Africa. That Balkan is in Africa is only the stupidity of brainwashed Shqiptaret that they want to be descendants of Illyrians. Actually they are descendants of last homosapiens who left Africa 10000 years BC and headed over Sinai and Asia Minor to Caucasus and mixed there with haplogroups J2 and J1 and R1b the East Germanic.

  13. You look more Balkan. I am Balkan/Greek/Jewish/Turkish and look fairly similar to you.

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6Vl18qZY5E this girl is also 100% European, if that is in anyways relevant..
    Serbs kept throughout centuries an old Slavic custom or something were we have a different name for every relative we have in a family, but also extended family as much as it gets. 15 or 16 generations back. it's like father, grandfather, grand grandfather, grand grand grandfather …otac, deda, pradeda, cukundeda, navrdeda, kurdjel, askurdjel, kurdjul, kulebalo, sukurdol….. 😀
    But when it comes to your living relatives you can get really lost with the names, for that here is a really funny link below. It was a way to keep the genes "clean", just so it wouldn't come to marriages between relatives. Also, 95-6% of last names in Serbia ends with "ic" . Novak Dokovic, Nikola Jokic, Nemanja Vidic, …
    Now why the Serbs rarely mixed with other peoples can easily be explained, by historians . Turkish genes are very hard to find amongst us despite popular belief, au contraire there are about 10 to 15 million people in nowadays Turkey of Serbian decent. How? Well,, blood tax or Devshirme in Ottoman Turkish 🙁



  15. Ventolus says:

    Haha you look turkish and slavic hehe…

  16. Turskih gene of origin or haplogroup do not exist. In Turkey the main haplogroups: North East African E3b1a-V13 and Midle East J1 and J2 are predominant. These haplogroups are also Caucasus haplogroups plus Gorgians G1 and G2 and East Germanic R1b.
    Turskih Language does exist. Original Turks were Mongolians. Mongolians gene of origin or haplogroups are O and C . They are not comon among Cocasians or European genomes..

  17. You look like a potato?

  18. rinesTe says:

    You kinda give me an Albanian vibe.??

  19. You can not compare Turkish language with the Sanskrits. As I said Turkish language is mixture of Mongolian, Tungusian, Korean and some words are from Japanese language. That is official description and origin of Turkish language. This language is Mongolian language and can not be the old Proto Indo European or the closest to the Sanskrit language.The language of Serbs has striking similarities in vocabulary with Sanskrits. The root and the meaning of the words resemble Sanskrit. Remember Serbs carry the most old and the most white European gene of origin. It is out of question that these words are Turkish. Turkish is Asian- Mongolian language could not be Proto Indo European languge.
    On Porta the court of Osmans the Serbs language was official and for shure it was the Greek language. The Osman Turks have stollen every things from Hellens and Serbs looking in many domains. Also the Osman Turks had taken from these people Greeks and Serbs and others the blood rensoms. Young children were taken from Christians Serbs and Greeks and turned them into perfect warriors for gain of Osmman Turks. Unfortunately, Osmman Turks did not do to world civilisation any contribution in compare with Arabs. The world Balkan is of Tirkmenistani origine. It was choosen by Germans deliberately as a name to mark this place for ever as a place of low achievers to show that Germanic tribes are exceptional. Look at streets in US to find out the truth about exceptional people of Germanic origin. The old name of Balkan was in Serbs language Helm which was associated with the old word for "hilly sides". So, I am sorry but Turks only pushed this area beckward during their rule of Helm Peninsula.


  20. Nikola V
    Macedonians are not exactly Slavs like Russians, Poles, Belorussions, Ukrainians and on.Macedonians are descendants of old Balkan settlers and of Dinarik race and their haplogroup is I2a.. This haplogroup is the whitest haplogroup and the oldest haplogroup in Europe beside Slavic R1a, and Germanic R1b and Scandinavians I1 haplogroup. All carriers of haplogroup I2a are Slavic speaking people. They spoke and still speak the language which is the old Proto Indo European language. They had civilisation 6000 years BC on Danube River. They passed the language 5000 years BC on upcoming Slavs not vise versa. Because of that, people are confused how Slavic speaking people are the oldest in Europe. For example; the language of Serbs is the closest to Sanskrit language not Latin language or Greek language. This Slavic language was spoken by the oldest Europeans who handed in to Dravides in Indian Subcontinent.
    The Germanic languages are not older than 2000 years if. The pruves exist for those who do not believe that Germanic tribes who had come 3000- 4000 years BC brought the civilisation to the Europe. It was the opposite. Other haplogroups in Europeans admixture are; E3b1a-V13 from North and East Africa. Very often named by DNA labs as Hellens, Greeks, Italians, Mediterraneans haplogroup. Because it is carried by Greeks, Italians, a lot they have named it in this way even it is from North Africa. Shqiptaret in Kosovo carry this haplogroup from Africa 47% . Other groups in Europe are Midle East or Phenicians J1 and J2. In the North Europeans is common among the Fines (or West Siberians people) and others subclades of haplogroup N. There are a couple of subclades of this haplogroup too.

  21. Look like a Turkish boy…

  22. Nicole V
    Your results are not confusing. The problem is in naming the haplogroups. Different providers of DNA tests in different way name different genes of origin or haplogroups. Because of that, you are confused. Every haplogroup has the name made of upper case and lower case letters and numbers. Asked them what are the names of your haplogroups by haplogroups nomenclature. As I said if you have predominantly mutant E3b1a-V13 you could be Greek, you could be Bulgarian or you could be Shqiptaret aka Albanian or Cincari from Serbia or Macedonia. I know that iGenea declared this haplogroup the most predominant in Shquptaret aka Albanians and named it like Illyrians haplogroup. But Illyrians did not carry African Haplogroup the origin of this mutant but white probably I2a haplogroup. The best to ask them for the real name of the haplogroups that you carry and look your self in Eupedia where all these haplogroups are listed. I have heard that they listed haplogroups on the web site of European Union too.

  23. Gog Mog
    There is not Turkish gene. Original Turkish tribes were Mongols. They spread Turkish language but not passed on the genes. Original Turkish genes would be C and O like Tatars or some people in Kazakhstan. Today Turkish people would be Asian looking if they carry original Turkish genes.In Turkey they are converted Hellens (Greeks) and Armenians into Muslims and Midle East population who preferably carry J(J1+ J2)haplogroups(Syrians, Irakies) + Arabic African Haplogroup subclades of E1b1b. There are some more haplogroup like Slavic R1A and Germanic R1b and Balkanci Dinaric I2a among Turkish people in the Near East or Anatolia. It does not include Asian Turkish people. It is different story.

  24. The Greeks came to Balkan 2000 years BC. The Romans appeared in Balkan 2000 years ago. All people that you have menshened were the people of Balkan and of the same genetic origin: Dardanians(people from Troy later Ethruscans- tricked by Greeks and Troy's horse) Etruscuns, Ilyrians, Dacians, Thracians, Macedonians, Panonians, Tribals and on including Lessandro Macedonian or Alexander the Great they were the ancestors of people of Balkan older settlers than Greeks and Romans. By Lessandro appearence and look and attitude he was like his father Philip of Macedonia and his mother Octavia; they were the ollder settlers of Balkan the carriers of haplogroup I2a or of Dinaric Race. If people succeed to find his burial place of him or of his father it will confirm that they were older settlers than Greeks. Lessandro named after the God of forest Leska does not look or his father like Greeks. They are both of Dinaric Race. Race comes from Slavic word Rasa or in Chyrilik based on Vinca Script -Paca. St Chiryl was old settler who knew the Vinca Script or Ethruscans Script and offered this Script to Moravians the West Slavs coming to Central Europe.Serbs can read Ethruscans script and Vinca Script.

  25. Yes Balkan people are the descendants of the oldest people of Europe.By genetic research the ancestors of Serbs settled in Balkan 25000 -30000 years BC. The Slavic tribes arrived 5000 years BC. They mixed with Balkan people on the Danube River. The Serbs and old settlers of Balkan passed on to the Slavs the old Serbs language with thousands of not used words any more. These words were rediscovered. They are the closest to the Sanskrit language. DUSHMAN is Sanskrit and Persian word with the meaning of enemy. It hade only explanation in Serbs Slavic language. It means Dusha inner you(soul) DUSHMAN someone who had destroied your soul. I have learned from my grand mother a dozens of Sanskrits words. My grandma did not study Sanskrit nider I. They are very olld Serbs words that people educated in philology have thought that they were Turkish words. But,Turks Osmans were nomads.The nomads do not have rich vocabulary.These old Serbs words could be the clue to the old Proto Indo European language. Which by many people was consonants language like the language of Serbs. Serbs have forgotten their own old words now they have redescavered these words. They can explore them and mach with Sanskrits' words. In 3000 thausend years BC had arrived Germanic tribes. Since than the main goal of Germans from Romans till now days was to destroy the Serbs as the oldest Europeans. They even declared that Shqiptaret aka Albanians are the descendants of Illyrians the old settlers of Balkan. But, Shqiptaret are by the gene of origin from North East Africa. Illyrians were not Africans but white people. Illyrians were ancestors of Serbs not Shqiptaret.So people whach out what are you doing. Serbs will be very soon extinct if the US and EU on the course that they are now. Later on, they will regrate that they exterminated the oldest Europeans the Dinaric Race.Thane it is going to be late.

  26. Serbs and others in Balkan(!except Shqiptaret aka Albanians and Greeks) do not carry the R1a the Slavic haplogroup as predominant. They carry predominantly haplogroup I2a which is the oldest European haplogroup and the whities haplogroup of Europe beside R1a Slavic and R1b Germanic. The haplogroup I2a is developed in Balkan 10000 years BC. It sometimes refer as Dinaric haplogroup or haplogroup of Dinaric Race. South Slavs including Romenians(they use romanised Slavic language) and West Bulgarians are descendants of the first civilised Europeans. They are the oldest settlers of the Europe. Balkan is the olld Europe and descendants of the most old European live there. The first civilised Europeans were not Germanic tribes but people from Balkan Serbs and others stated above. They developed the Danubian or Vincha Civilisation, Lepenski Vir, Starcevo and on Civilisations 6000 years BC. They made the first European Script Vincanica Script or Srbica. These civilisations along the Danube River are older than Sumerian Civisation. Because, Serbs are not Germanic tribe they are not treated equly but killed and genocided by Germanic tribes since Germanic tribes arrived in West Europe 4000 years BC. I am sick listening that Germanic tribes are exceptional and apparently the most Europeans. They killed more people than Huns, Avars, Arabs, Mongols, Gine Gise Kan and Turks all together. Do you know that this people knowen from Danube Civilisation as Vincanci or KoloVeni understood as SloVeni did not waged the wars for thousand of years before the wiled Germanic tribes arrived to Central Europe. Germanic tribes arrived and destroyed these blosomed Civilisations on the Danube River. Serbs carry predominantly I2a haplogroup 10000 years BC old. This haplogroup developed from even older haplogroup I2. I2 haplogroup hade a sister I1 haplogroup. Both haplogroups developed in Ace Age in Balkan as refuge during Ace Age. After the melting of Ace the carriers of haplogroups I1 went back to the North of Europe. Skandinavians carry the subclades of this I1 haplogroup. They are relatives to Serbs because, hunters and gatterers of the North Europe mixed with the ancestors of Serbs in Balkan -Helm during the Ice Age.

  27. Monna says:

    I've learned that if 23andme says Balkan, they mean Serbian or South Slavic. I did my test through 23and me and Ancestry DNA and I compared the results. Balkan is Serbian to 23andme. On the other website, I was characterized as South Eastern European which is exactly Serbian. They can't guess the country but other than former countries of Yugoslavia, Greece is the only other country that belongs to South Eastern Europe, maybe Albania. However, both of these are small countries and all these DNA testing places go by the number of people in their database. I am sure there are more people from former Yugo, they have in their database than anything any other South Eastern countries. By the way, you do look Serbian to me. You have green eyes and there are a lot of Serbian people with green eyes and dearthy blond hear. Exactly what you have. I'm Serbian myself and know that.

  28. Gog Mog says:

    Do greeks have any turkish dna? I have a greek ancestor who came from the island of crete in 1566 could they have turkish ? please awnser

  29. akordo says:

    you look very greek. exactly like my father

  30. Sendo says:

    you are wrong. myheritage understand under balkan the ancient thracians and illyrians which are together with the greeks the first people which lived there. since greeks are in a own category thracians and illyrians left. if you are balkan you are definetly not turkish.

  31. Yeah, you do look kinda Balkan. I'm Serbian, and physically you would fit in in Serbia just fine. 🙂

  32. I am half herzegovinian serb (fathers side) and half maltese (mother side) so i m the perfect mix suppose a slavo meditteraneo. I am sure i have Italian DNA as my mothers surname is pure Italian/Sicilian. I just received my 23&me DNA test kit and i am so looking forward to test for my genetics. I am sure it quite messy. I am 20yrs old male aroung 187cm tall green eyes hazel brown hair and ginger beard. Also when i am in the sun my face and body get red like a lobster. I ll post my results once i receive them !! People often think i am foreigner here in Malta (i was born and raised here) and when i am in Balkans i blend in perfectly too. I think i look like a proper Serbian !!

  33. If you stay on sun and become red- more north west genetic, if you become more bronze- italian, serbian, macedonian, greek, bulgarian, rumanian, and you should have a lot hear on the chest and the legs 😀 thats how we make difference between slavic and bulgarians in my country 😀

  34. I got 26.8% Balkan, and this cleared up what Balkan was. I don't look Balkan though

  35. That's great you're from Balkan!It depends from which part you are how much you're of everything.For example if you're from Montenegro you're mix between Slavic and Ilyric(no Turkish cause it was the only Balkan country never conquered?) while if you're from Serbia you are mostly only Slavic.I supose you're tall,since the tallest men in the world come from Balkan(avarge for men is almost 190cm,even taller than Netherlands),we are proud people who love to fight but also many say that we're the most beautiful people in the world too(girs aspecially!).We once had a country named Yugoslovavia(maybe you've heard,but it's a country of almost all Balkan countries united that was in one point of history third greatest economic force in Europe!)I hope i helped you learn more about yourself and I hope one day you'll visit us and learn even more and have a great time here.

  36. only 25 % of italian-american are italians.. Albanian-american have more italian-Greek DNA in them then italian-american

  37. Lucky you! Balkan people are the best looking people I have seen! And I traveled quite a lot! Born and raised in Europe, lived in Asia and now living in US, you got the best genetics you could hope for ?

  38. Turks are smart people and you really smart guy

  39. Rodri2782 says:

    I think it's really interesting to see how different family members can look if their ancestry comes from a wide range of ethnicities. I am a complete mix of Eastern European, Balkan, Northwestern European (in this case Germany), Scandinavian, Ashkenazi Jewish and Iberian. While many people get high results for at least one region/ethnicity my highest ethnicity is 29.5% (Balkan). People in other European countries always think I'm a local which might be because of the mix and people recognizing some local traits. Ironically my twin brother who has no German DNA in him is thought of as typical Germans by other people while most of our family members don't look German at all.

  40. Hello! Very interesting! All of them, Balcanic, Slavic, Mediterranean, Turkish, all of them are mediterranean. Have a nice Day, and I am excited about your Father DNA!

  41. I think travelling through Europe would do great to you, would end so many American preconceptions in you. Skin and face features are not a big thing in europe. So why do Americans make a big deal of it. Also, you conception of a Northern European and Mediterranean people is just wrong, finish are Northern, Irish are Northern, Sweedish are Northern, and they are all just different, turkey is Mediterranean, Italy is Mediterranean, southern Spain is in the Mediterranean, Lebanon is Mediterranean, Egypt is Mediterranean, and they are all different. There’s no Northern European race and neither there is a Mediterranean race. American preconception of what white is, is just wrong. the British and irish are closer genetically to the Iberian Peninsula than to Germany. Just because a few countries speaks languages from the same langue group doesn’t mean they have the same genetic background. You got the case of countries that speak a language derived from Latin in Europe, Portugal, spain, France,Italy and Romania, they are all genetically different, You might not even know but even the Iberian Peninsula is all different genetically.

  42. Not really Balkan are mix of people from people that have in themself ex- balkan tribes (troya, sparta, hellens, Illyrians, Macedons, thracians, macedoninas) and Slavics. Ofc there are even Turkish but only for aome people. I have 100 % Balkan and I have no Asian no African Dna only 100% European on every sites. And dont forget half of nowaydays Turks are European and Asian blood they are really mixed

  43. Mate i am meditarian and slavic too. Another great video nick.

  44. I see Greek in you as well, I can't explain. Still looking forward to your father's results.

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