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MyHeritage: DNA Tests Measure Dominant Genes, Not Actual % of Ethnicity?

MyHeritage: DNA Tests Measure Dominant Genes, Not Actual % of Ethnicity?

Teach me the truth.


11 thoughts on “MyHeritage: DNA Tests Measure Dominant Genes, Not Actual % of Ethnicity?

  1. You could take a genetics course online, I'm sure you could find more information. Genetics determines if you can wink one or both eyes. I really feel sorry for the 16 million direct descendants of Genghis Kahn! That man got around!

  2. ally wolf says:

    You just don't understand how it works…. 🙁

  3. I have notice that the result varies between the sites on my DNA, but I would say that compared to my tree. Myheritage only takes in ancestry 200 years back in time. And Familytreedna takes 500-600 years back in time.

    One weird thing is that I get that I am 16% central and west European but none of my parents get that result. But looking at it deeper my dad gets Great Britain and some of it is probably from Netherlands and my mom has some East European and both those clusters go into central and west European. But this is something to consider when looking at the DNA result. That in my case they have put together my great British (from dad) and my east European(from mom) to central and west European.

  4. identical twins should have same, but i guess that mutation could still happen?

  5. RM Smith says:

    You get 50% of your mom's DNA. That means there is another 50% you did not get that your sister could have. It is very random. It is very likely that siblings are not going to show the same populations. It's kind of sad to think of the 50% you didn't get.

  6. Farinalda says:

    I'm glad to hear that at least you have found your italian DNA traces or genes…and the next is in spanish…porque se te veía realmente frustrado, por no decir r jodido. El test te ha dejado totalmente perturbado, pobre! Hombre, en España te recibiriamos con gusto y en Portugal también, no somos tan mala gente…

  7. Your father side must bump down your Mom side percentage wise.

  8. Greetings: here is your answer
    Watch "The Advances in DNA Testing and the Impact on Genealogy and Anthropology — Bennett Greenspan"

  9. Matxe9212 says:

    She has a 100% of herself in her genes. She gives you 50% of her genes and those where picked at random when you were created. So it's very possible your sister has jewish even tho you dont. Also what i know is at the company i tested at, they test at 700000 genetic markers which i think is the most of any company. But i dont know if those 700000 are "dominant" genes.

  10. The various DNA testing/extracting companies estimate percentages of ethnicities based on the "stories" told by the genes inherited by each individual person. Each sibling inherits approximately 50% of their genes from the father, and 50% from the mother. But the siblings do not necessarily inherit the same amount of DNA from each ethnicity within the parents ancestry. For example, let's say the Father is Irish and Italian. The mother is American Indian and African. One child may inherit a high percentage of the Irish and Italian DNA and a low percentage of the African DNA and a lower percentage of the Indigenous American DNA. And another sibling may inherit a high percentage of the Indigenous American and African DNA. Why? Because the percentages of DNA "scramble" with the conception of each child. That's just the way it works, and there are many cases if this phenomenon on record. So, even though the children of parents may be certain ethnicities by blood does not mean the DNA will reflect equal percentages in fact.

  11. Bob Walker says:

    i think you are right Brother

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