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MyHeritage: Do You Feel Comfortable with Your Physical Ethnic Traits?

MyHeritage: Do You Feel Comfortable with Your Physical Ethnic Traits?

I think this is an interesting question.


7 thoughts on “MyHeritage: Do You Feel Comfortable with Your Physical Ethnic Traits?

  1. I like my looks and am comfortable in my own skin. By the way, don’t worry about your looks – Be happy you’re an attractive hybrid.

  2. Matxe9212 says:

    My paleness is pretty prominant but if i tan i might be lucky enough to look as tan as Nick does. 😀

  3. Well, from me I don't like my baldness, but I was lucky because I began to loose my hair at 47 years old while my father lost it at 24 years old! My nose is not prominent as I would like to and is also cracked up, but is no too badly, with years nose become uglier as the ears! Well every feature will be uglier! Jajaja. As I told you before , your nose is very greek, like the ancient classical greek sculptures .

  4. Me and hubby just sent off for our DNA at Ancestry. We think we may have a lot of Scottish in both of our back ground. My grandma on my mothers side had a large nose. Mine ain't large but it ain't little either. My grandma always said she had a Roman nose. Roaming all over her face! She lived to 99 yrs old. I have lots of information on our Ancestry through her side. But we have almost nothing on my grandpas side other than he may of had a sister. We don't know much of anything till he married my grandma. I'm thinking he may of come from a Jewish back ground. His sur name was Hager and Hager is an old Jewish-Hebrew name. I am interested about my ancestry but I don't mind finding out that my family may of come from Tin Buck too! We are all God's people. I like seeing your videos. You and your mother have great personalities!

  5. Bejeezus says:

    I'm uncomfortable about my unibrow and thick black patchy beard. Don't know what ethnicity it comes from, since it's found everywhere in the world. Some ignorant people have labeled me as a "terrorist," and some have asked if I'm middle eastern. It is in my dna at 1%. But it's not unique to middle eastern people. I even have Irish co- workers that have it, but their hair is light colored, that you have to get closer to their face to see it. PAX3 Gene contributes to a unibrow as well, google it. It's plucked in my profile pic btw.

  6. Bejeezus says:

    You look like Ben Affleck, and your nose is normal, lol.

  7. I am proud of my thick lips and dark hair.

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