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11 thoughts on “MyHeritage: Goldstein Vs. Gomez- Choose Your Last Name by Voting in the Comments

  1. So truth humans always will be so superficial and used stereotype to tag people And classified everyone.

  2. Neither, but if the Goldsteins had money I would be forced to choose them. I may be ashamed, but at least I would have some money. 🙁

  3. It's not a matter of voting, it's a decision which would make wonder, do I go for the money (sell yourself) or do I my lose dignity? If my cultural background is "Gomez" (Spanish) I'd stay with Gomez.

  4. You need to choose a name you are most comfortable with – both are good.

  5. Goldstein would be the more beneficial name and I think that’s what you’re asking. That being said, I notice that Jews who speak Spanish go to great lengths not to lose the language.

  6. i would choose both of names each one to some reason , goldstein because it sounds a german or jewish_german name so that would help you alot for getting a job in the US or CANADA as i saw in social media ,many peoples say the english or germa names going to help you to get a job while GOMEZ as a spanish name i would choose it because the US population comes from vrious cultures, various descent, various zone of world. y

  7. Bre Ann says:

    Goldstein cause it sounds neat and I would like people to think I'm jewish. Even though the name sounds German. Also don't you have to be born in Mexico to be Mexican? I thought it was just a nationality like American.

  8. I would choose Goldstein, because unfortunately in United States, the Spanish last names they "stings", so that is true if you go to get a job, just with the Jewish last name (Goldstein) is most sure that you will get the job than if you choose the Gomez last name, and of course I am not according with this, but is the sad reality!

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