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MyHeritage: I Bet No One Can Prove They are 100% Italian with a DNA Test…

MyHeritage: I Bet No One Can Prove They are 100% Italian with a DNA Test…

Please prove me wrong!


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  1. Chris John says:

    The two foundation stories: Romulus and Remus (they founded the city of Rome) and Aeneas, the refugee from Troy (who was the ancestor of the people who became Romans). The legend of Aeneas – Augustusliked to trace his ancestry back to Iulus, son of Aeneas and supposed ancestor of the Iulii – the Julian family.

  2. Chris John says:

    Google:  "Everyone living outside of Africa today has a small amount of Neanderthal in them, carried as a living relic of these ancient encounters. A team of scientists comparing the full genomes of the two species concluded that most Europeans and Asians have approximately 2 percent Neanderthal DNA.

  3. Chris John says:

    Read a book
    1. All people are 2-4% DNA Neanderthaul, except Africans from Africa. No white person is 100% anything. 2. Italy wasn't even a country until March 18613. The Romans were NOT Italians. They were Trojans, left from the war of the same name. They called themselves the "Latins" after their leader, Latinius – the original Romans. Trojans are considered by today's DNA tests to be Greek and the Greeks and Turkish are lumped together. Southern Italy when the Latins showed up were just a few scattered farm villages (the 7 hills towns) when they arrived, with a small population. The Latins, all being men, assimilated with women from these villages. To the North were the Estrucans, long before Rome, about 900BC they popped up and it's where we get "Tuscany" from, their capital. They were not originally from there. Nobody knows where they came from, maybe Turkey or Northern Africa, is the scholarly thought. They were assimilated into the Roman Empire, and began spreading their DNA among local people, way before the Romans did the same.4. Below is a list of cities built by Rome. They had to go there, build them, leave Romans left to rule, and they spread their DNA in school on the list. Notice, almost every UK city was built by Roman, as in Lonon, as was Paris, etc. Roman DNA is all over the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, etc….those people their today, they're not 100% of anything either, nobody is, except Africans from Africa. Cities founded by the RomansThis list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.FoundationLatin nameModern-dayModern country753 BCRomaRomeItaly268 BCAriminumRiminiItaly220 BCBelumBellunoItaly218 BCPlacentiaPiacenzaItaly218 BCTarracoTarragonaSpain206 BCItalicaSantiponceSpain [1]3rd c. BCModMonzaItaly197 BCSalernumSalernoItaly189 BCBononiaBolognaItaly188 BCForum LiviiForlìItaly187 BCRegium LepidiReggio EmiliaItaly181 BCAquileiaAquileiaItaly169 BCCordubaCordobaSpain168 BCAscriviumKotorMontenegro138 BCValentia EdetanorumValenciaSpain138 BCScalabisSantarémPortugal136 BCVilla EuraciniPóvoa de VarzimPortugal118 BCColonia Narbo MartiusNarbonneFrance2nd c. BCMassaMassaItaly2nd c. BCPistoriaPistoiaItaly80 BCSegoviaSegoviaSpain77 BCGerundaGironaSpain73 BCNaissusNišSerbia62 BCBrigantiumLa CoruñaSpain59 BCFlorentiaFlorenceItaly58 BCVesontioBesançonFrance52 BCLutetia ParisiorumParisFrance50 BCAtuatuca TungrorumTongerenBelgium [2]49 BCIulia Romula HispalisSevilleSpain44 BCAugusta RauricaBaselSwitzerland43 BCLugdunumLyonFrance35 BCSisciaSisakCroatia30 BCMarsoniaSlavonski BrodCroatia30 BCAugusta TreverorumTrierGermany [3]29-19 BCCastra LegionisLeónSpain28 BCAugusta TaurinorumTurinItaly25 BCAugusta Praetoria SalassorumAostaItaly25 BCEmerita AugustaMéridaSpain25 BCLucus AugustiLugoSpain25-13 BCCaesareaCaesareaIsrael20 BCBracara AugustaBragaPortugal16 BCNovaesiumNeussGermany16 BCCastra VeteraXantenGermany15 BCPons DrusiBolzanoItaly15 BCOvilavaWelsAustria15 BCIuvavumSalzburgAustria15 BCAugusta VindelicorumAugsburgGermany15 BCTuricumZurichSwitzerland14 BCSirmiumSremska MitrovicaSerbia14BCBorbetomagusWormsGermany14 BCCesaraugustaZaragozaSpain14 BCSorviodurumStraubingGermany14-9 BCMogontiacumMainzGermany12 BCArgentoratumStrasbourgFrance11 BCBonnaBonnGermany10 BCNoviomagusSpeyerGermany9 BCCastellum apud ConfluentesKoblenzGermany1st c. BCDivodurumMetzFrance1st c. BCCaesaromagusBeauvaisFrance1st c. BCAmbianumAmiensFrance1st c. BCFaventia Paterna BarcinoBarcelonaSpain1st c. BCAbilaAvilaSpain1st c. BCLousonnaLausanneSwitzerland1st c. BCGenavaGenevaSwitzerland1st c. BCUlpia Noviomagus BatavorumNijmegenNetherlands6ADRigomagusRemagenGermany6 ADAquae MattiacorumWiesbadenGermany9 ADMursaOsijekCroatia15 ADEmonaLjubljanaSlovenia39 ADPraetorium AgrippinaeValkenburgNetherlands41 ADLugdunum BatavorumKatwijkNetherlands42 ADAequumČitlukCroatia43 ADLondiniumLondonUK43 ADAlbanianisAlphen aan den RijnNetherlands43 ADLauriWoerdenNetherlands43 ADDurovernum CantiacorumCanterburyUK43 ADRegulbiumReculverUK43 ADRutupiaeRichboroughUK46 ADViminaciumKostolacSerbia43-49 ADCamulodunumColchesterUK [4]47 ADTraiectumUtrechtNetherlands47 ADMatiloLeidenNetherlands47 ADForum HadrianiVoorburgNetherlands47 ADNigrum PullumZwammerdamNetherlands48 ADLindum ColoniaLincolnUK50 ADRatae CorieltauvorumLeicesterUK50 ADDurocobrivisDunstableUK50 ADColonia AgrippinaCologneGermany50 ADDurocornoviumSwindonUK50 ADVerulamiumSt. AlbansUK50 ADLetocetumWallUK50 ADDubrisDoverUK50 ADDanumDoncasterUK52 ADMediolanumWhitchurchUK55 ADIsca DumnoniorumExeterUK55 ADBlestiumMonmouthUK58 ADViroconium CornoviorumWroxeterUK60 ADDurnovariaDorchesterUK60 ADLindinisIlchesterUK60 ADAd FlexumMosonmagyaróvárHungary70 ADClausentumSouthamptonUK70 ADCalleva AtrebatumSilchesterUK70 ADDuroliponteCambridgeUK70 ADClausentumSouthamptonUK70 ADConcangisChester-le-StreetUK70 ADCondateNorthwichUK70 ADCorinium DobunnorumCirencesterUK71 ADEboracumYorkUK72 ADLuguvaliumCarlisleUK73 ADArae FlaviaeRottweilGermany74 ADIsca AugustaCaerleonUK74 ADLagentiumCastlefordUK74 ADLopodunumLadenburgUK75 ADMoridunumCarmarthenUK75 ADVenta SilurumCaerwentUK79 ADDeva VictrixChesterUK79 ADMancuniumManchesterUK79 ADOlicanaIlkleyUK79 ADVinoviaBinchesterUK80 ADInveresk Roman FortMusselburghUK83 ADBonames(present city district)Frankfurt am MainGermany85 ADCoriaCorbridgeUK85 ADGerulataBratislavaSlovakia89 ADVindobonaViennaAustria90 ADBiricianaWeißenburg in BayernGermany90 ADCannstatt CastrumStuttgartGermany97 ADColonia Nervia GlevensiumGloucesterUK98 ADSumelocennaRottenburg am NeckarGermany98 ADLopodunumLadenburgGermany98 ADTraiectum ad NicremHeidelbergGermany1st c. ADCastra BatavaPassauGermany1st c. ADLactodurumTowcesterUK1st c. ADBoviumCowbridgeUK1st c. ADBurgodunumLeedsUK1st c. ADLentiaLinzAustria1st c. ADAquae GranniAachenGermany1st c. ADPortus Victoriae IuliobrigensiumSantanderSpain1st c. ADAeminium later renamed ConimbrigaCoimbraPortugal1st c. ADTraiectum ad MosamMaastrichtNetherlands1st c. ADCoriovallumHeerlenNetherlands1st c. ADPortus LemanisLympneUK1st c. ADColonia Pietas Iulia Pola Pollentia HerculaneaPulaCroatia1st c. ADAndautoniaZagrebCroatia1st c. ADSalonaSolinCroatia1st c. ADCibalaeVinkovciCroatia103 ADAquincumBudapestHungary107 ADApulumAlba IuliaRomania120 ADPons AeliusNewcastle upon TyneUK120 ADDurovigutumGodmanchesterUK131 ADAelia CapitolinaJerusalem (part of)Israel / State of Palestine140 ADCramond Roman FortEdinburghUK142 ADBothwellhaugh Roman FortGlasgowUK150 ADAlaAalenGermany179 ADCastra ReginaRegensburgGermany2nd c. ADTherandaPrizrenKosovo2nd c. ADPomariaTlemcenAlgeria2nd c. ADPartiscumSzegedHungary210 ADAurelia AquensisBaden-BadenGermany273 ADCenabumOrléansFrance421 ADVenetiaeVeniceItaly7th c. ADRagusiumDubrovnikCroatia

  4. vjmtheIII says:

    Just visualize the exponential growth of a family tree. Only 8 generations back we have over 1,000 distinct ancestors on just that unique 8th generational line. Think of all the migration patterns into the Italian states 8 generations back. Did over 1,000 ancestors find a way to marry the already so elusive "ethnic Italian"? Now ready for your mind to be blown? How about 16 generations back? Migrations into the Italian Peninsula were large and varied and in that generational line you have over 262,000 distinct ancestors … ON THAT LINE ALONE. So in a snap shot in time just 500 years ago, you had an absolutely dizzying # of ancestors … did they all magically FIND whatever we are currently categorizing as "ethnic Italian" (is this just r1b, basically the mutt of europe? or …) ??? Now you can start to see why no one will ever have Italian heritage (kingdom of naples, due sicilie, serenisima republica, etc) AND not married into these various diasporas into Italy! I hope this is your light bulb moment for many of you on all sides of this discussion – this is most intelligent way to conceptualize it, sources – I'm Italian!

  5. I'm of Calabrian descent and got 78% southern italy on AncestryDNA test w small amounts of Iberian middle east and Caucasus

  6. J Llátzer says:

    Italians are on average 65%" italians", But south Italians and Sardinians are under 50% on average. It is the same in Spain, Portugal or South France, where people are also only 50% Portuguese, French or Spaniard. 
    What people forget is that populations have been mixing during all history and nationalities are just political concepts. Then we have to add that many of those nations' borders have changed a lot during history, that is why people from Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain have DNA of "each other"  and smaller fractions from north Europe.

  7. Funny i just got my test results from my heritage and i got 13.7% Italian. All my life i thought i was only Mexican mixed with spanish and native! My father who was adopted known to be mexican all his life got 19% Italian on his dna results from Ancestry! We were pretty surprised! I honestly think there is no one who is 100%

  8. Jeeezzzuuusss! I wish you would sit down and get a clear picture from a GENTICIST. A lot of your blather is based on poor understanding of the differences between, genetics, ethnicity, national identity, and culture. Number 1, Italy the country has only been Identified as such for maybe a couple of hundred years. Over millenia, the region was occupied by dozens of warring groups of people. Even since the late 1800s people of all sorts of backgrounds and origins have migrated over the earth. Some of your ancestors moved from the Euroasian continent to the Americas. They had ample opportunity to incounter and mix with many other people of different bavkgrounds. The socialogical notions of nations are at odds with fact of multiple genetic communities.so relax already.

  9. Most Sicilians are Arab and Amazigh

  10. Most people are mixed. Even my Italian auntie isn't 100%. She's also part Arab and part Amazigh

  11. L G says:

    I just saw a video a guy did on his aunts Dna results. His family is Italian. His Aunt went through Ancestry, and He went through My Heritage. His aunt was 70% European South. Ancestry pinpointed South Italy and North Italy. His aunt was also 9% European Jewish 8% Middle East 5% Europe East 3% Europe West and 2% Asia South. On his Heritage results he was 51% Italian 11% Greek 3% Iberian 13% North and West European and 11% Baltic. I believe in order for someone to be 100% of an Ethnicity their family would have to avoid mixing with people. Then again they wouldn't always appear 100% because the Dna companies will find small traces of Dna that actually prove years ago their ancestors were connected to people of other ethnicites and mixed with them.

  12. Kathy R says:

    Hi guys my fathers name was Fortunato My Sicilian grandparents forever told us stories how we were Full Sicilian my DNA came back I was 7 percent Italian I am Spanish Greek and middle eastern I was in shock for 1 week My daughter took the same test it showed no Italian mostly Greek and middle eastern Can you help me to explain this LOl

  13. Love the way your mom talks & waits for her turn. ??
    I wonder the same question but about Iberian DNA. Keep the good work.

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