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MyHeritage: I Thought I Was Part Jewish but I Am Actually Part Middle Eastern

MyHeritage: I Thought I Was Part Jewish but I Am Actually Part Middle Eastern

Based on MyHeritage DNA test.


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  1. P C says:

    Portuguese and Spanish can can be Sephardic origin I’m part Sephardic and Ashkenazi so don’t cry lol. Tests cannot see Sephardic very easily as no specific markers exist for them like with Ashkenazim, and if your Ashkenazi is about 5 to 7 generations back it can mean you inherited no DNA from your AJ ancestors.

  2. You have really touched the heart of so many of us! With new scientific breakthroughs, we gain so much knowledge. It also has certain downsides. Being Jewish is much more than something biological. Actually, in the Torah, the blessing mentioned the most is "To Love the Convert" who is a person who has embraced the values and traditions of Judaism due to something very deep within their heart and soul. They studied and learned and are now, and their descendants, part of the Jewish people. The oral Torah, what we as Jews cherish, was passed on, by word of mouth, to people who were Jewish and to those that converted to Judaism. I have had the joy of meeting people who did not have any family that was Jewish but "felt" that they were Jewish and are now part of the Jewish community. The Jewish law states that Jews born to Jewish mothers are Jewish. Being Jewish is something that is in your heart, in your actions, is spiritual and about family, community and making the world a better place. Your connection and love for the Jewish people has been passed down to you through your own family traditions and your relationships with your mother and grandfather as well. It is something that you have felt deep within yourself. I would continue to cherish that feeling and never let go. It will lead you to greater love, fulfillment and joy in your life. You, your mother and whole family have the ability to pass on this love and the traditions to your children. It would be a blessing to all of us …..and the whole world!

  3. 777toogie1 says:

    My best friends are Jewish for the last 40 years and I am Swedish and Scottish so I’m coming from that place. I do not view my heritage as being any less interesting than if I was Jewish. Many great people comes from other nations besides the Jews. You speak of the Jews being so prevalent in Hollywood, that’s true, if one was in charge they will tend to hire others like them. Jews are prevalent in other fields too but also many other nations are represented there. Your nationality is just as interesting and important as them. If you really want to understand the whole thing with the Jews read the Bible, it is a wealth of information. Jesus was half Jewish and half God. He was the Savior of the world and yet many Jews did not accept him and instigated the Romans to crucify him. The New Testament explains this. The Old Testament explains about Adam Eve, Noah and also how it happened with the Jews in Egypt. Jesus said there is no difference between the Jew or the Greek (any nation), that God Loves them equally.

  4. moi moimoi says:

    And now you can focus more on worrying about what could jews possibly do if they were to serve their own ethnic intrests. (they are) Basically a tribe that you are not a part of and that has so much power.

  5. momo abidi says:

    Jewch and middle estern are cousins from abraham

  6. Ancsetry.Com only picked up 1% of my Jewish ancestry and DNAland only picked up 3%,but Gedmatch picked up 18% Western Semitic (Ethiopean Jew),7% Ashkanazi jew and 6% Sephardic jew which I think is from my Spanish or southern Italian ancestor.

  7. I had the opposite experience. I thought I was 100% white European. A mix of German, Irish and English or so I thought. Turns out this is the case for 84% of my heritage but the remaining 16% is Ashkenazi.

  8. I stumbled upon your other videos and it's obvious that your dad's DNA was more dominant over your mom's jewish DNA. You just happened to pick up more of the Spanish part from your mom, but in my opinion the Middle Eastern must be Jewish as well because your mom has such a high percentage of Jewish DNA. Bienvenidos a la familia hermano! 🙂 doubly as I am also looking into Spanish Jewish roots. It's fascinating- check out crypto jews, anusim, conversos, marranos and you may find that you or your family may share some of their practices.

  9. Steve Jobs says:

    I'm African American and had a great grandmother who was half German Jewish and half black in Woodville, Mississippi. Till this day they own most of the cemeteries there. It's a small town that has lots of Jewish history, about 55 miles north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ancestry DNA puts my European Jewish blood at 10%.

  10. You can always convert?

  11. Crypto Jews from Spain and Portugal! Sephardi! I am SURE you are Sephardic!

  12. jewish is largley a clan or religion…..just like orthodox christian

  13. Nina Mag says:

    due to "PC", one company uses the term "Jewish", whereas the other will use a more vague term, like Iberia, Levant, South European, Middle East, places where Jews have been.

  14. i had a Dna test and i am 35% Jewish 34% greek 18,7 middle eastern 7,8 italian and 4,3 west asian

  15. Go take a trip to Spain! It’s gorgeous and it will bring you to your roots. I’m jewish, but I loved Spain…. all over the country.

  16. Why don't you take some time and find out about Spain Portugal and other cultures that were named, instead of listening to people on here. Make it your own personal journey, you never know what you will find. Most people on here would love to tell you about everyones elses ethnicity and yet they do not even know about there own. Blessings on your new journey.

  17. jews are from middle east you jerk off moron

  18. John Simms says:

    You could be descended from Jewish people. But it could have been so long ago that it doesn't show up. I believe Spain is where the guitar was born. And the Spanish have given us some beautiful classical guitar music. Check out Fernando Sor and Andrés Segovia.

  19. Probably it will help you with your search to know that , at least in the origins, Jews were all Middle Eastern. Abraham was of course of the same stock as the rest of the people where he was from, which was Ur Kaśdim ( the general consensus is that it was in Iraq, therefore, the Middle East!). So, Abraham, the first person who the tradition can consider a Jew, was from Iraq, therefore middle Eastern. But Judaism is more than a “ race”(if at all) and in fact many times in history people of different stock converted to Judaism either by way of marriage or by different ways. Famously at least a large group of East European Jews can trace their origins to being Khazars which probably came from a region between Crimea and the Caucasus. The Kahzars were not from Iraq and belonged to the offspring of Abraham and his tribe, but converted to Judaism . This doesn’t make them or their descendants any less Jewish than the Jews descendants of Abraham!  Another thing to consider is the fact that Judaism follows Matrilineality there fore jews are the offspring of a Jewish mother not Jewish father. But your DNA search was probably not particularly targeted  to look for that line. Be well. You are who you are and no DNA changes that. Shalom.

  20. Bruce Lee says:

    Jewish = mix of Redsea + EastMed ( according to K13)

  21. Bruce Lee says:

    Gedmatch Redsea = jewish

  22. Jews are Middle Eastern though.

  23. GEDmatch calculates better. – More importantly "middle eastern" as defined by your program and original Jewish (not so much now) is the same or close to it.
    There are common modern "Jewish" markers among mostly European populations due to founder effects & small starting populations mixing with Europeans (mostly Italians or Iberians to start) followed by centuries of intense inbreeding.

  24. JARJEES DR says:


  25. You may have Jewish ancestry, which isn't being picked up by My Heritage. Select J Test on Eurogenes in Gedmatch, which will be a better indicator of possible Jewish ancestry.

  26. Some info on Italian and Sephardic Jews. Italians and Jewish people are similar imo because they had Middle East admixtures in their genetic makeup. So sometimes they may mirror each other's DNA, but not necessarily be related. Italians tend to have that high Caucasus and some even have a significant amount of Middle East. Then again, some are descendants of Jewish people because they simply became a part of the population. The Romans took many Jewish slaves when they conquered that region and those people became a part of Italy when Rome fell. When the Moors took over that region, Jewish people were given more freedom and rights, thus they developed strong communities and assimilated into society more. When the expulsion edicts occurred many either fled to Italy, western European countries like the Netherlands, or they fled to Eastern Europe. Some also converted and blended into the local population. Because certain Southern Italian villages became secluded and shut off, many of these people interacted with each other for centuries. So some Southern Italians still have Jewish admixtures in their DNA.

    My grandmother's DNA came up almost 30% Jewish on MyHeritage. It came up as 20% Sephardi Jewish and 7% Ashkenazi Jewish. In FamilyTree it specifically emphasized Sephardic, but many Sephardic share Ashkenazi DNA matches. In Ancestry it was the same as FamilyTree, only the amount was listed under European Jewish. In DNA land she is almost 50% Ashkenazi/Levantine, which reflects that a lot of people who descend from Mediterranean islands have a similar genetic makeup. This could confuse things even more as it mirrors that DNA or it could be reflective of similar ancestry between the two groups.

    I've never done a paper trail, but I believe there is a connection to Sephardic Jewish ancestry. Her surname Bonfiglio tends to end up on Sephardi Jewish lists. It means Good Son and is descended from the supposed name Belinfonte. When Jewish people spread out throughout Europe they tended translate their names into the existing culture's language. So in England it would be Goodwin, Goodman, Fairchild. In Italy it would been Bonfiglio or anything with Bon, I imagine.

    Does this mean I'm Jewish? No lol. I'm as Jewish as you are, raised Catholic, never had any interaction with Jewish culture. It is interesting however, to think that perhaps my ancestors were Jewish, maybe even slaves of the Roman Empire. Perhaps traders? You wonder what part they played in world history.

    Another hint may be that your ancestors had a highly skilled trade or profession. My maternal great grandfather and his father worked in watch making and watch repair whereas my paternal father's ancestors were laborers. There were plenty of Jewish laborers, but I think a lot of those tended to come from Eastern Europe and Russia. They tended to have trades as well, tailors, shoe makers, etc…

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