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MyHeritage: If You’re Filipino, How Asian & European Does Your DNA Test Show?

MyHeritage: If You’re Filipino, How Asian & European Does Your DNA Test Show?

Teach me.

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24 thoughts on “MyHeritage: If You’re Filipino, How Asian & European Does Your DNA Test Show?

  1. Phil Oz says:

    I just received my 23andMe result and it showed that I'm 99.4% Southeast Asian (Filipino) and 0.4 European (Broadly and Southern European) the rest is North African/Arab.

  2. Only a small percentage of Filipinos have Iberian ancestry and most of them hail from the Basque region (i.e, Ayala, Aboitiz, Loyzaga). Otherwise, the ones with Hispanic-sounding last names were actually given by the Spanish government for taxation purposes. Check Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos for more details. It's an interesting read.

  3. Mexico is in NORTH AMERICA -YOU ding bag did you ever attend 5th Geography?!!!

  4. Nick~we Mexicans are not Central American ~WE ARE NORTH AMERICAN ?! !!!!!!

  5. The majority of filipinos with Spanish last names is a result of the SPaniards FORCING THEM TO CHANGE NAMES TO SPANISH NAMES IN THE NAME OF CATHOLICISM. So it's not because theyre PArT SPANISH.

  6. free bird says:

    Negritos are the pure filipino

  7. This is basically La la la land for Filipinos…just accept the physiological anatomy tinged with that beautiful brown tan…and that is a beautiful thing.

  8. Here are some clue for you.

    I am a Filipino and My heritage finding of my DNA was dead on ! Accurate per say but confused….. Here you go.
    95% I'm Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian.
    However, my 5% is Finnish. Puzzled me from the beginning. I knew my great great grandfather was an Spanish priest who abused tons of Filipina women during the Spanish era (starting from 1571 to 1900) in the Philippines. I even saw his grave. His last name still my last name today.
    Now, where does Finnish stand in my DNA finding? I think My Heritage cannot identify a certain DNA (say like spain) in Europe and generalized FINLAND as their override DNA description.
    Does my comments make sense?

  9. We're the healthier option; Dark Chocolate
    Seriously, Filipinos skin tones run the gamut

  10. Filipinos are Melanesians, Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, Malays, Indones, and Chinese or East Asians for most parts and that is a good thing since ethnicity is sacred and people should not go boasting about their race or belittling that of others. People created to themselves exclusivity to deny others of others existence while revelling and marvelling that of their made up superiority. Filipinos should not deny themselves of the truth for their ethnicity and race is a gift given all out for them to treasure.

  11. Gobernador Heneral Claveria during the spanish occupation ordered that Filipino should use spanish surnames to really subjugate the country in the face and for the generations to come to be reminded that they were under spanish rule…and that is the reason why most Filipinos have spanish surnames. It would be cool though if Filipinos were allowed to register and use their pre-spanish surnames or at least their known family name so that they could trace their ancestry in the Philippines.

  12. I am not sure if I have European blood. My eyes were pale brown and my hair is brown. My complexion is fair. I grew bronze beard with me. I don't have Spanish surename either. But I'm sure maybe we have Spanish roots from my mother's side.

  13. LOL, lemme put it this way, to be filipino isn't solely based on appearance, it's more of a cultural familiarity and traditional thing. now for physical features, it's well known in the science community that diet has an affect on physical features as well the same way that inherited genes do , for example , places with high calcium intake in asia such as india where the people have different noses look vastly different because they incorporate tons of butter in their dishes and not many asiatic countries do . Also, there is such a thing as inherited last names, filipinos inherited last names such as Cortez based on the spaniards that enslaved them back in the day the same way that black people in america inherited last names like Jones , so.. although not many have a considerable amount fo european genes;some of them still took after european names , the only difference is that the philippines being in asia naturally has more ethnic diversity and interbreeding between asiatic people than say natives in mexico so they are naturally more asiatic in appearance, whereas Mexicans are primarily majority native and european mixes for the most part. I hope this helps . Love Fam !

  14. bisdakdiay says:

    Ha, one guy looks afghanistan with big and thick hair with beard and he’s 99.5 southeast asian (filipino).
    Another filipino born an raised looking like usual filipino is 95 SE asian (philippines), some chinese, .5 african, sime middle eastern dna, .5 native american etc …. no spanish blood

  15. im filipino but when i went to japan they mistook me for a hafu…half caucasian and half japanese

  16. Qwert yuo says:

    Not sure if anyone has commented on the surname thing but you should ask why blacks in America have white surnames. Are they all mixed? No.

    The Filipinos had to take on Spanish surnames to avoid taxes and pledge to the Spanish. It was very slavery like. They were forced to be Catholic and forced to have a Spanish surname.

  17. Wow you raised a very good question there. You got me thinking why we have spanish last name when we dont look european at all.
    My history teacher in highschool told us that some natives uses spanish names to get not confronted by spaniards in some checkpoints. Thats probably the reason why we have spanish names but dont look like that at all.

  18. Mostly Asian and Polynesian with 3% Iberian was what came out of our DNA results. My whole family's fair skinned but we do have relatives who are darker. I don't think you're gonna find a lot of "full Filipinos" as the natives/aborigines only number in the thousands, so most results of Filipino DNA tests are probably just gonna be Asian/Polynesian with a smidge of South Asian and Iberian, if any. But this is all just based on our results and the other ones that I've seen, so don't quote me on that.

  19. eyes0ny0u says:

    Dark skin is an evolutionary response to an environment. Philippines being in the tropics it was natural for people to develop more melanin to protect them from the sun. So you can have lighter skinned Filipinos depending on where they are from.

    As for the ancestry question, it also depends on where you are from. While the country was largely occupied by Spain, there were some areas they couldn't conquer. I.e. the southern most part of the country where the Spanish's campaign was thwarted by Moro suicide warriors dubbed "Juramentados". In those areas, it would be a safe assumption to make, that there are no genetic mixing. But for places like Cebu or Manila where all the seat of power were built, I would imagine a fair share of general mixing.

    Tribes from the mountains should also be mix free. Their geography and head-hunting tendencies most likely discouraged further excursion by the Spanish.

  20. But one thing for sure, we have african roots, from our ancestors, the aeta, and from what i have watch with other filipino taking there dna, there is always a 0.4 percent or 1% saying we have african blood

  21. Not everyone has darker complexion, im 100% filipino, and i was born fairer skin, even today, people still mistaken me as chinese or vietnamese, cause of my skin color.not everyone has chinese or spanish blood, but mostly there is a quarter of other ethnicity, for philippines was colonized by other countries. There is the japan, spanish, America colonization, filipino fighting in war, and people after war getting pregnant by american soldiers. Especially in pampanga, were a large of people have mixed blood. the history of Philippines are really colorful, and filipino even fought on korean war, some filipino soldiers married a korean wife, and stayed there, and how philippines open the doors for the jews, during hitler time, savings 1,000 families during the holocaust. So maybe some of them even married one, or had a kid.

  22. Kitt Jy says:

    From what I remember from a history professor: Not all Filipinos have Spanish blood even if they have a "Spanish" surname.
    He said there was a point during the Spanish occupation that the Filipinos were given an option to choose their surname (I think that will "identify them closer to Catholicism" and not necessarily to "identify them to have a Spanish blood").
    And even when the Spanish ruled the Philippines, there were more Chinese than Spanish people. And the Spanish "feeling threatened" by the larger Chinese population forced them to convert to Catholicism or get the hell out of the country. So the Chinese converted, married local women or "modified" their surname so it won't seem Chinese (like: Gokongwei = Go + Cong + Wei, Cojuangco = Co + Wang + Co..but I think it still identifies as Chinese).

    I am thinking about taking a DNA test but do not know which one is more applicable for Filipinos.
    My father has a quite unique surname but my mom's really common. So I'm really curious if I am "99-100% Filipino" or there's something else is/are mixed in.

  23. My result from my heritage is :
    Filipino, Indonesian, and Malaysian
    Chinese and Vietnamese
    East European

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