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9 thoughts on “MyHeritage: I’m Proud to Be Part Mexican and Fully American

  1. Glad to know you embrace a quarter of your dna, which is Native American, a grupo of people that are vulnerable as you acknowledged.

  2. Xo says:

    This white people fucked up

  3. G83ANDONE says:

    Orale! I’m proud to be Mexican-American as well! My parents tell me to know two important languages in the WORLD & USA which is English and Spanish especially if I live in New York

  4. Hector says:

    you cant be part mexican as its a nationality you mean part native american?

  5. I think the relations between of Mexico and the US are a complex issue, but I want you to know that if any of your parents is Mexican, by constitution you have the Mexican nationality as well, but have you been to Mexico yet? I hope one day you'll be able to. Greetings from Mexico City 😀

  6. Mexicans and LatinX people in general are some of the hardest working and most compassionate people I know.

  7. Yes, that you said is True! Viva México and Viva Italia!

  8. my heritage is unreliable!

  9. So, you do speak Spanish?

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