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MyHeritage: Piece Together Your Heritage with DNA Testing

MyHeritage: Piece Together Your Heritage with DNA Testing

Sign up today at MyHeritage.com and learn more about your heritage than you’ve ever thought possible.


MyHeritage combines DNA testing and a huge historical database to give you the most comprehensive family history possible. Automatically cross-reference your DNA results with other MyHeritage users. Use Smart Matching to expand your family tree across languages and countries. Collaborate with a community of 89 million people to reconnect with long-lost relatives. And access over 7 billion historical records to piece together your family’s lineage.


5 thoughts on “MyHeritage: Piece Together Your Heritage with DNA Testing

  1. Their historical record database is massive and helped me complete much more of my family tree than I ever thought possible. Great service.

  2. So exactly how does the smart matching work? Are you actually put in touch with the matches or are you just told: "hey, people in this area match you?"

  3. How is the historical database used with MyHeritage compiled? Can you access this database without getting a test?

  4. MyHeritage is a great service. I ended up finding more about my family tree than using a genealogist. Even found a couple living relatives that I never met before.

  5. Are you required to share your DNA info to be accessed by other members or can you choose to opt out of this? Thanks for your help.

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