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MyHeritage Result: Fulani Nigeria with Somali 4.2%

MyHeritage Result: Fulani Nigeria with Somali 4.2%

Hello Guys my Nigeria has been doubled by Myheritage lol.


21 thoughts on “MyHeritage Result: Fulani Nigeria with Somali 4.2%

  1. Kamal Adam says:

    that 4% Somali DNA is from your grandfather so according to Somali culture you are full Somali we don't care that statistical noise that come from you maternal DNA so brother starting acting like a Somlai man from now on lol

  2. Kamal Adam says:

    I am Somali and ancestryDNA told me i have 9% Senigal lol so there is clearly link between Somali and some west african ethnic groups

  3. JAY says:

    I am Somali I used to hear our elders say fulani are our brothers and sisters.

  4. I'm Fulani and proud of this.
    Thanks you for this video

  5. Fulaani are somalian and also masaari from kenya and Tutsi from Rwandan and b urundi and uganda Tutsi and mali of subsaharan they all from east african somali DNA way to go people y'all from our childrens hahahhah

  6. Always thought that somalies and fulanies had something in common.

  7. Im Somali and I wanna do this

  8. fulani….. amazigh and somali are african get that

  9. yeah good fulani Guinée Conakry west africaine

  10. Rosie star says:

    my fulani brother ..respact from a somali

  11. That Hamitic bloodnline is deep. Congratulations my Somali brother.

  12. Nyctogal says:

    Wow lol you actually came up as a very distant match on my GEDMatch.

  13. A A says:

    I always thought that Fulani people looked very Somali, so I am glad to hear that we got there as a people to Nigeria. Way to go for the Somali that went there and put his print there.

  14. G ABD says:

    so where are you from??

  15. my heritage and DNA.LAND is a much more accurate than wegene but again the samples from both dont include many African countries this is a huge problem.

  16. J Baron says:

    What is your haplogroup?

  17. good video from somalia

  18. Kenya is mostly nilo-saharans. I red somewhere that hausas are nilo-saharans (not sure).

    Wow no arab. You are very african. How can we get this company or did you like upload your ancestry DNA results with this company.

    These results are so different in percentage but still see similar roots.

  19. Where is your middle East???? At least the European is consistent. 18% East African cool. I got Kenyan and Somalian too. I feel like my heritage breaks it down better. Thanks for sharing

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