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MyHeritage: The Olive Complexion- What Does It Look Like?

MyHeritage: The Olive Complexion- What Does It Look Like?

Let’s explore our ethnicity!


6 thoughts on “MyHeritage: The Olive Complexion- What Does It Look Like?

  1. I never really understood what english-speakers means when they say olive color. To me olives are either green or black… nobody has a skin with the color of an olive to me,,,

  2. I have mixed heritage. My mom is half mexican. My boyfriend and I are white , and have 2 white, and one olive skin children. My boyfriend and my dad has Indian heritage in their family. Some of their family members has dark, and olive skin. I guess it depends what gene you took after. In the picture you look olive but in the video you look white.

  3. But olives are green, right?

  4. louis ff says:

    you r lighter than olive skin, but i think u can tan easily, btw if u have a lighter complexion than the olive one it doesn’t mean anything, ur traits are still not very european looking.

  5. What I 've seen at Mediterranean Countries, there are mixed people, for example in Italy you can see blond people in North of the country, but in southern Italy, there one can see more darker skin people, is the same in Greece and Spain, the famous olive skin, is not so commun, even the Arab people I have seen in middle eastern countries, on can see blond and green or blue eyes people, in fact the most beautiful eyes I ever seen!, so for me you have olive skin, that color you can see much in Mexico, or as I told before in the south of Mediterranean Countries. You have'nt citrine or olive skin tone at all, of course there is a great variety of white skin tone, I don't know if I have written well, but your skin tone is very European.

  6. Matxe9212 says:

    Its unique i think. You are like truly like srsly olive complexion. I guess it's a result of mix matching between certain ethnicities? I dont know really 😀 Never seen it in real life.

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