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MyHeritage Vs. Eurogenes K13 DNA Tests: Italian & Middle Eastern?

MyHeritage Vs. Eurogenes K13 DNA Tests: Italian & Middle Eastern?

Help me sort this out. If you’re interested in purchasing a DNA test through MyHeritage like I did, here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2C7paDM

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16 thoughts on “MyHeritage Vs. Eurogenes K13 DNA Tests: Italian & Middle Eastern?

  1. Iran (Persia) is not part of "North East Africa" at all. Completely different place and people. North E. Africa is where Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia (plus Sudan & Egypt) are: In Horn of Africa etc.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horn_of_Africa

  2. what so important to be 20% Italian? Would it have any effect on your life? The way you have a rather small knowledge where those regions are shows in an exemplary way, that these don't really matter to you in your life.

  3. all europeans score west asian , its cacasus

  4. Txibia M says:

    I don't know if this helps, I'm from Spain and have spanish ancestry as far as I know for the last centuries, and I have 87% iberian peninsula according to 23andMe (plus 4% italian and 5% french&german, the rest is broadly southern and whole european, making it 100% european ancestry at least according to 23andme).
    My k13 GEDmatch results were: 48.49% North Atlantic, 9.08% Baltic, 26.84% West_Med, 2.93% West_Asian, 8.64% East_Med, 4% Red_Sea. (meaning that according to this i'm roughly only ~90% european).
    I'm a little confused with GEDmatch as well, but I think I can tell some additional information about some admixures we share.
    You say north atlantic may be spanish/portuguese and west_med probably italian, but as you can see i'm 87% spanish and only have ~50% north atlantic, and that's because I think the GEDmatch results are even more ancient (23andme I believe is ancestry of maximum 500 years ago?), 2500 years ago the Iberian Peninsula was inhabitated by different civilizations like the Celts (northwestern-central iberia) and the Iberians (southeastern iberia), the celts were known to live not only north-central spain, but in all the atlantic coast of Europe (france, british isles). They originally came from Hallstatt (austrian Alps) and migrated to North Italy as well. So I believe North Atlantic means Celtic ancestry, and could come from different modern countries not only one, like both Spain and Italy (although probably more from your spanish), and West_Med could perfectly mean Latin or Etruscan (ancient Italians) as you say, but could also mean the Iberians of the south-eastern coast of iberia, so Italy or Spain again xD (by the way, Turkey and Greece are in Eastern_Med not West). The West_Asian/Red_Sea could also come from your italian and spanish ancestry, since both countries were invaded by middle_easterns through history, but since your italian family came from the southern tip of italy, is very probable than it came from there, since it's probably the most mixed part of Italy. The amerindian part is obvious.
    Your ancestry is truly a puzzle, I don't think GEDmatch is good for knowing specific countries like the results of the other companies (specially to differentiate spanish and italian, since both share a lot of history), but to know an even more ancient information about you.

  5. antkk1998 says:

    All Italians will score Middle Eastern on these tests. My known ancestry is “full” Italian with family from the Campania , Basilicata, and Sicilian regions of southern Italy. My eurogenes k13 scores are as follows – East Med- 30.33, West Asian- 15.24 and Red Sea- 6.21 for a total Middle Eastern of 51.78. It’s over half of my ancestry. And I’m not out of the ordinary for a full Southern Italian/Sicilian. Most of this Middle Eastern probably comes from thousands of years ago. Most of it probably comes from Phoenicians who came from what is modern Lebanon or Carthaginians from North Africa

  6. These companies are relatively new and aren't that accurate. National Geographic's also did a study with one the top geneticists in the world for dna analysis. Dr. Spencer Wells who did a documentary …Journey of man. contact him and find out where you can get your dna test done by a professional lab…it's costly. thousands but it's more precise.

  7. I don't have exact #s but I showed just under 3% West Asian on MHert. and I show 5% WAsian on Family tree DNA and DNA.land. No Italian shows on any, mist show me 45% BritIrish, some varying %s of Scandinavia, Iberia, French, German all those known. I was supposed to be around 1/16 or so Native AMERICAN, barely registers if at all and small amounts of WAfrican, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian or Russian. Growing up thought I was half Brit, hal German and a bit Native N American. I think some look recent parents to 200 years back, some look 500 years back. might explain differences.

  8. If you have to struggle to find Italian, then it's not there.

  9. You do look somewhat middle eastern.

  10. kay jay says:

    You look Albanian

  11. JARJEES DR says:


  12. My results: 32% North Atlantic, 12% Baltic, 18% West Mediterranean, 11% West Asian, 20% East Mediterranean, 2% red sea. The rest is trace amounts of Oceania, and Northeast Africa, and Siberian. I suspect that my grandmother had Sephardic Jewish ancestors as well as North African ancestry. We both belong to the maternal haplogroup H, but I'm not sure which branch of H that is. It would make sense considering her ancestors were mostly Sicilian.

  13. I'm sorry did you transfer your dna to GEDMatch? I should have asked you that first, because Oracle-4 gives the Dna to country comparison.

  14. What did the Oracle-4 say? It matches your dna with populations in the world?

  15. Sara P says:

    If you try Eurogenes K36, it will tell you if you're Italian ??

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