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MyHeritage: We’re All Descendents of Isaac and Ishmael

MyHeritage: We’re All Descendents of Isaac and Ishmael

How does this make you feel about where we all came from?


6 thoughts on “MyHeritage: We’re All Descendents of Isaac and Ishmael

  1. eric5335 says:

    DNA percentages have nothing to do with belonging to a lineage from Ishmael or Isaac. They didn't test the spit of people back then, they recited and recorded patrilineal genealogies from father to son, father to son.

  2. eric5335 says:

    Descent in the Bible is counted through the patriline (with a few exceptional jumps in genealogical links). See Numbers 1:2;18 and Ezra 2:59. So, only if you can prove your lineage back from son to father, son to father etc., can you be called a descendant of either Isaac or Ishmael or anyone else.

  3. I think asia does not have connection with the western world
    China japan india have separate religions hinduism taoism buddhism and shintoism they have different stories. Far east is the eastern world and Eu Us we are western world. Japan and china religion is very different and definately not liberation nor democratic. You visited asia you should have seen there culture is massive different. I think china japan and the east is a separate chapter. I am russian and a christain i believe i am descendent of adam and eve. Definately everyone came from them. But china and japan is massive different.

  4. I am not sure if Abraham and other ancient biblical figures actually existed but if they did here is what I can say concerning their descendants: 1) Abraham lived about 3800 years ago and was the first one defining himself as hebrew, the descendants of isaac are supposed to be the jews. so compared to what you said not the dutch nor most christians are descendants of him: their descendants of 3800 years ago most probably already lived in northern Europe, and then between 2000 and 1600 years ago, Roman Europe little by little converted to christianity until the religion became the official one of the Roman empire which spanned the whole Europe at the time, so that although most of Europeans are not actual descendants of Isaac, they actually became believers in jewish Torah (the old testament) as well as Jesus's life narative and principles, the New Testament. Also when the roman empire was invaded like around 800CE (I don't actually remember the precise date) by northern invaders who are probably the ancestors of Northern Europeans like Dutch and German, after a while those also converted to Christianity like the romans had done. Concerning ashkenazy jews, dna research showed that they are actually a mix of actual Hebrew (about half dna), and Roman DNA, that is Italian. According to Shlomo Sand this was caused by the conversions of many Romans to Judaism between the years -200 and +200, before Christianity became mainstream among Romans and at a time where most of them believed in many Gods. It could also be that after the defeat of jews by the Romans in 76CE, it's said that Romans took many of them as slaves in Roman Empire (Italy, Southern France, Spain) and expelled them frop Israel, so because of this expellings they were brought near Romans that they probably sometimes managed to convert and mix with sope of them. After +200 it's actually believed that the mixing kind of stopped which explained why the Italian/Roman admixture among ashkenazy jews remained about 50% and did not increased later on (once Christianity became more and more official in the Roman Empire and differentiated itself from Judaism more and more strongly, Jews mostly married among each other and the dna did not receive additionnal admixture). DNA actually shows this, that ashkenazy jews are a mix of Italians and of ancient hebrews (the 50% figure might be a little bit off, maybe it's 70% hebrew, 30% italian, but it actually varies among jews, I don't know what the average percentage is). Ashkenazy jews and Sepharadic jews (Maroccan, Spanish, Turk jews) share a lot of DNA showing their common ancestry, that is, about 60% hebrew 40% italian let's say. Lastly, concerning the descendants of Ismail, they are supposed to be Arab Muslims. However there is actually quite some genetic variation among Arabs, for example Saoudis will look more tan that Lebanese for example. Actually Islam was created about in the years 600CE to 650CE, and soon after being created they went out of Saudi Arabia and conquered lots of lands, going through Irak, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Lybia, Algeria, Tunisia, all the way to Marocco and even Spain which Muslim Arabs controlled at some point. So Muslim Arabs are actually descendant of tjos conquering Saudis, having mixed with local populations. Wheather or not Saudis are actually descendant of Ishmael (or Jews descendants of Isaac for that matter) is in my opinion doubtful because most likely those characters did not actually existed and are more like symbols that people identify with. I do believe that Moses and Jesus existed but they are more recent characters (Moses 3200 years ago and Jesus 2000 years ago). Overall I believe that very old Bible stories are mostly symbolical written by wise men as allegories of their ideas, but I might be wrong and those early biblical characters, Abraham and others, might actually have existed, who knows. An interesting stuff is that the 5 books of the Old testament/Torah, have supposedly been written by Moses (the end of the 5th book end with his death). In fact, between 3800 years ago and 3200 years ago, Hebrew, while following the lead of Abraham, Isaac and their descendants, and believed in only one god, did not define themselves as jews because they had no holy book at this time. The holy book and the laws that are in it (especially the ten ones Moses got from God in the Sinai) got on the scene only around 3200 years ago with Moses, and starting from there Hebrews did call themselves Jews. Last interesting thing: Jews have been shown to share genes with Lebanese and Palestinians (who themselves are probably half Saoudis and half old Canaanites, that is, groups of people living in the region 3800 years ago already and including the Hebrews). So some ancestors of Palestinians might have been jews before the area was conquered by Saoudi Arabia around 650 CE.

  5. Movie Buff says:

    No I don't buy into that one I'm afraid. I'd say that humans split & moved east & west long before any characters from the bible came on the scene.

  6. Bre Ann says:

    Wait I'm a little confuse aren't we ( white people) decendants of Japheth who was the ancestor of our race? If so then how can we be the decendants of Isaac when the ancestor of the race that begot Abraham was shem ? I can imagine we're related as far as cousins go I guess but we can't all be from either Isaac or Ishmael because they are the decendants of shem where as Europeans are from japheth.( Correct me if I'm wrong I'm just not sure)

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