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  1. I am half German and half Russian. People never think that I am even remotely one of the two. In the end the thing is that humans are quite limited in terms of hair and skin colour. No one has naturally blue, green, purple or pink hair. The spectrum is black, brown, blond, red and grey/white and blends of these. Similar with skin colour. Almost everyone could be from several other countries/regions. There is no: "with this look you only can be from this one little place on earth".

  2. In do not think you look much german at all. But You would fit quite perfectly in Spain, having a sort of average Spanish look if I can say so. That said, this is just statistics since you could be from most European countries just judging how you »look »

  3. Video 17 says:

    german guy here – hey, just surfin yt and i think i can help a little (with personal observations and my 2 ct).
    just by your looks, i would say, european, spanish, german, and a litte greek/italian. by what? here comes the fun part: skull is european with a little spanish (maybe portogese), your hair says german, the spanish makes ist dark in general, but it hase a lighter reflex in it. and pure spanish hair is thiker and on a smal scale a litte bended/strait but not total. it is hard to control/brin in to form. you don have much troubble, makin your hair. that will not bet much of a efford. your face is not "pointy" it's kinda flat-ish. thats also more german, your nose i would place the origin in italy (maybe france, but no).
    would be interesting to see you walk. the lengh of your legs and arms.

    *no offence in this, you asked, i tryed! sry for the goofy-english!! 🙂

  4. Anony mous says:

    A professor of mine looks a lot like you. And he is German. I'd say it is your bone structure. Especially around your jawline and how your eyebrows stand out. Also the nose maybe. In terms of Spain, I could see that in your eye color, hair color, skin tone and also the roundness of your face (your cheeks!) as well as how filigree or rather how not filigree your facial features are. Italians on average have less round faces and a more filigree facial structure, I would say.

    Some of what I wrote might be complete horseshit though.

  5. Europe is more of a melting pot than the US and has been It for much longer. For millenia, literally. The only exception was perhaps Scandinavia, until recently. Europeas are also "mixed up" and there is no pure or typical look .

  6. German. I have seen plenty of people with your features in Germany. A lot of people with your complexion there like you. The idea Germans are all blonde haired and blue eyed is a myth.

  7. J. G. says:

    I can tell you are German by your nose, hair color and the shape of you forehead.

  8. You look german. And i am from Germany.

  9. Yes, you look like German also, your eyebrows, your eyes, the shape of your face, the beard, but I think you look more Mediterranean.

  10. Mark R says:

    German people look like mainstream Western Europeans. A typical German might have brown hair, light skin, and blue, green or hazel eyes and just have typical European features. I would say that you could easily be German mixed with Spaniard.. I would say of the three nationalities you mentioned, you look most German, then Spaniard, and last Italian. But you could be any of those nationalities.

  11. Matxe9212 says:

    I really think you should get a 2nd opinion on your DNA so to speak. Before you go any further with your etnicity.
    Im really just one person who thinks you look spanish/german. You should have you raw DNA data uploaded to other DNA sites. To get a broader perspective on it.
    Now here is how i did it. If you took the test on AncestryDNA like me you can download the data and then upload the file to other sites they will then process you DNA and then they will give you THEIR estimate. You really can get very different results. But dont expect to suddenly have african or asian.
    My tests were a little bit different on the different sites. 2/4 sites said i had english for example the other 2 said 0% english. All sites however agree i am primarily scandinavian and north european.
    I really think you could end up having some italian DNA show up on other sites, just because they are so close geographically.
    As far as the how i can tell you look german. I really cant go further into that, i guess my brain has an idea of what different regions look like, and that is what im basing this on.

  12. Eric Braeden from The Young and the Restless is German and he has a "dark" look. Look him up. You should take a look at the national soccer teams around the world (particularly Italy, Spain, and Germany) and pay close attention to how these players look and make note of who's Italian, Spaniard, and German by ancestry, not by nationality as many teams have players who are not ancestrally from the country they are representing.

  13. Bob Walker says:

    well looks like nobody has your awnser yet

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