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MyHeritage: What Does a Spanish Person Look Like Versus Italian?

MyHeritage: What Does a Spanish Person Look Like Versus Italian?

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46 thoughts on “MyHeritage: What Does a Spanish Person Look Like Versus Italian?

  1. You could easly pass as portuguese, spanish or italian… and even french (basically you are white, have brown hair and brown eyes and have facial traits that look just like you are from those countries). For me you don't look very Mexican.

  2. You don't look Spaniard.. Spaniards have angular, sharp features like the man in my avatar..Between Italian and Spaniard, I would say Italian..An Italian woman told me that Spaniards have sharp features while the Italians have round

  3. You look like mario casas

  4. Octavio says:

    Spanish and Italian look the same…!!!!

  5. D Cal says:

    I just Visited Spain. Spaniards are a Very Mixed race.Over the Centuries because of their Southern location. They where invaded by and mixed with Phoenician/Middle Easterners, Romans, Visigoths/Vikings , Celts, Franks/French and LOTS of N. African Muslim Moors for 700 years.
    So they Can look like Dark skinned Moorish/Arabs or Southern Italians all the way to White skin and light hair and Eyes (although not the norm) if they have Celt/British or Visigoth/viking DNA. Spaniards do however have a Euro-Centric Culture and seem to prefer being Identified that way, they don't wanna be considered "less than" other Europeans as there are negative stereotypes, racism and Dark-Color stigma in almost every Country. People need to get over it it's the 21 Century and Most people in the world are mixed and No one is of a pure race by now. To Pretend otherwise seems ignorant and somewhat Racist. SMH

  6. Wil liam says:

    That makes no sense that someone would say you dont look Italian you look Spanish. They both have a VERY similar look. There is even a decent amount of Spanish IN Italty aswell as Italian decendants in Spain. ~thats like saying you dont look Colombian you look Bolivian!!! Lol (which is assinine). ***on top of that both Spain AND Italy are very admixed countries (with nearly same admixes)

  7. Spanish look like me I'm Spaniard

  8. There is a lot of diversity in Spain and Italy. If you go to the South of Spain, people will tend to have darker skin and more Mediterranean features, whereas if you go northen Spain, some people would not look like any different from French or even British people. I think it happens the same in Italy. I live in Canada and met two Italian guys. One of them looks like any other "white" person. What I mean by this is that he has these nordic features considered to be "real white" for some North Americans. My other friend, on the other hand, looks more Mediterranean and some people think of him as Indian. But, he told me that when he goes to Italy nobody doubts about him beong Italian. So, for me you look like a normal Southern European, that is Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc…In my case, I am a Ecuadorian mestizo with more Spanish than native American heritage and some people have asked me if I am Italian, Turkish or even from Iran and when I have met people from Spain most of them tell me that I can pass as Spanish. So, people can look in many different ways man.

  9. Or if someone said u don't look German you look Polish. That is silly

  10. Spaniards and Italians being both Mediterranean will share similar characteristics. Greeks and Romanians also will look a lot like them too. This is because of there shared Anatolian heritage which dates back to the Neolithic migrations in Europe after the last ice age.

  11. First of all as Americans we’re very naive about any other Europeans unless they’re Northern , Irish English German etc. You do look Italian as well as a Spaniard or French even Greek. Why because those are European Mediterranean peoples. Which can vary from fair to olive skin usually dark brown hair, ( probably blonde) when a baby. And eye color can be brown blue green. If you see a black American you don’t call him or her “English””? Right ? So it’s a misnomer to call a Mexican or any Latin American “Spanish”. Now there could be people in Latin America who are Spanish but the majority especially Mexicans are mestizo mixed Spanish or other European with the Native American tribes. That’s why folks use “ Latino” which better describes the location. But just like here..Latin America is heavily populated even more so, with brown native Americans who have nothing to do with Spain or Spanish. Europeans brought black slaves to the ports of the Caribbean and coasts and Asians came as well like Peru’s Fujimori. If I were you I would travel to Spain. It would open up your awareness.

  12. Born Just says:

    People from Spain are the same as people from Italy 100% and Hispanics are totally different they look more like either native or African that is because they are mixed with both races you might see a few white Hispanics here and there but there aren't many think about this for a second how many white Hispanic people have you met or know in your life most are tan skin and even black skin rarely do you see a white Hispanic

  13. Big Blue says:

    Because Spanish noses are big and are hairy height of men 5'9 I'm 16 5'10

  14. i'm spanish and i can tell you that you do not look like a typical spanish person. however, you could pass off as galician, cantabrian, basque, aragonese. ta typical spaniard is darker in hair and skin color than you are. i don't see you as a mediterranean looking person at all, more so just standard european

  15. You look very multi racial, but that's coming from an American ?

  16. You could look like both

  17. jp787 says:

    Look up Julian Iantzi, telmo aldaz, Maria Castro. These are Spaniards from the north of Spain.

  18. you look Mexican to me hahaha

  19. Martina V says:

    Honestly, yes. You look Spanish-y to me (I'm Italian). I think it's mostly the kinda olive, even complexion, plump lips and the area around the eyes and cheeks – it's somewhat… fuller? Oh and your brow shape. I don't see that very often here.

  20. AlexRacing says:

    I'm spanish. You look like a spaniard with at least 20% native american admixture and that doesn't make you look fully spaniard

  21. I´m from Madrid (Spain), and im tall and blond. the point is that there are so many ways of looking that ther´s not a specific type, not in any country. you may look like many people do in Spain but also like most poeple look in all the Mediterranean European countries.

  22. USA owes a lot to Spain. USA would not be what it is without Spanish culture. most of what is USA belonged to the Spanish empire, in addition to helping in American independence. Most of the states and names of cities are Spanish. Spain deserves much more. Mexico has nothing to do with Spain, they are very different, because South America is made of miscegenation among Indians, blacks and whites, there is no real Spanish culture in South America. Regarding the difference between Spaniards and Italians, it's a lot. We do not share genes, most of Spain is R1b Celta and most of Italy is Mediterranean genes together with Greece. Spain is more culture atlantica and italy mediterranea. I think that Spain is very unknown in the USA … when the USA was a Spanish majority, many centuries ago.

  23. I think you have the concept of races too marked in Europe. I am Spanish and I am blond with blue eyes, that is to say, neither the Spaniards are all brown nor the Dutch or Germans are all blond. Europe is mixed over the centuries. Half of Spain is of Celtic origin or Goth, I'll tell you more, the majority gene of the Spanish is the R1b which is the one that has the most Celtic countries of Europe, Ireland, France, England and Spain, with that I tell you everything.Italy and Greece are the most Mediterranean countries and have the Mediterranean genes. You have a lot of Spanish

  24. You look Atlantic Iberian plus some Mayan and a bit of Phoenician.

  25. This degree of ignorance is really scary. God bless America.

  26. Carmen SG says:

    Hi! I am from Spain. I have been in Italy and Portugal and I have not noticed any difference between us. In general, I think that the main difference is that, if you compare us (spaniards, italians and portuguese people) with the rest of occidental europe countries.. I would say that here we have a higher percent of brown eyes and hair people. And the skin.. it depends on the zone, in the south of both countries often the people have the skin a little darker but.. it is logical because of the sun. I think that you look mediterranean 🙂

  27. Look at the King of Spain, King Phillip. Look at the President of Spain Mariano Rajoy. You look like Spaniard.
    However. If you travel to Italy you can pass as Italian.
    Mediterranean people from Portugal, Spain, South France, Italy were part from Roman Empire, they look so similar.

  28. Fer Alonso says:

    Look at this, i found this very similar to reality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VSnIl8K1nY

  29. Mimi Can says:

    I can say that I have seen Spaniards that have your looks, but also Mexicans, Cubans, South Americans and other Spanish speaking countries can look your type. Latinos can come in all shades. Lol, but I would assume you were just a regular white American if I saw you walking down the street.

  30. Kathy R says:

    My grandpa came from Sicily I always thought I was Italian.. I have only a small amount. More Greek Spanish and middle Eastern My grandpa-came over on the boat in the 1900’s with 12 brothers and sisters

  31. what your mum means you look Mexican~ Hispanic? case closed get on cutting lawns and picking crops for real White people~ hence Anglo-Saxon Europeans and Anglo-Saxon Americans!

  32. Gotta love the Spanish weather, its hot and sunny over there. Love dark Spanish chicks.

  33. Yep, you look Spanish.

  34. i´m spanish, my wife is italian, i know lots of people from both countries and i can say for sure,that non one is able to say with 100% certainty if a person is italian or spanisch…..i would say, that in Portugal, Spain, southern France and Italy the people look very similar to each other….we are southern european, that´s it !

  35. My family is from Northern Spain. Lots of the comments here are kinda goofy. To me, you look like a white dude that could be from Spain, Italy, France or Portugal. The vast majority of Hispanics here in the US have a large percentage of Native American blood, so they have darker features and are shorter in stature. People in Spain and Italy (and other Mediterranean countries such as France), generally have the same look.. Eye and hair color vary and in Spain I believe around 30% of the population has green or blue eyes, around the same percentage for Italy and slightly higher in France. This is from a study of native population (actual Spaniards, Italians and French), not accounting for immigration from Latin America or Northern Africa into Spain, Italy or France. I understand your point of view and how it can be confusing, however, I also think it's basic knowledge that Spain, as a European country, is inhabited by white people who share similar genes to the rest of Europe. I think a trip to Europe would do you good. Cheers.

  36. Mark R says:

    Italians and Spaniards actually look pretty similar. Both groups of people are Europeans who tend to have brown hair and brown or hazel eyes. Their facial features are a little different though. Italians have more of the classic "Greco-Roman" nose, which is kinda like a prominent aqualine nose. You can pass as either Spanish or Italian, but having been to Spain, I would say you look more Spanish. But many Spaniards can easily pass as Italian or vice versa.

  37. jorge lugo says:

    HI!Iam from Spain.You do look Spanish!!Though….The majority of Spanish speaking people in the states look nothing like Spaniards because of their native indian(More from mexico southamerica) and black ancestry(more from Puerto rico Dominican republic etc).

  38. flmvdvsrg says:

    I live in the US but growing up I moved between Spain and Mexico and my family is almost fully Spanish. Mexico is very mixed so it's only natural Americans would be confused by how a "Spanish" or "Hispanic" person looks like.
    Anyway, like others have said, it sounds kind of ridiculous to say that you don't look Italian. A guy from Italy came to my school (in the US) as an exchange student. We became friends and I remember one time some people thought we were both Hispanic when only I am. Also one of my teachers once told us that someone he met mistook an Italian family for a Mexican family. Not saying that there aren't some traits that give away more specifically where you're from, but in general most white people could be from anywhere in Europe. Like for instance maybe it's just me, but there's a particular kind of face that always makes me think of spanish people, and for some reason the only other ethnicity I've seen with that face is Russian Jewish. Look up political commentator Cathy Young and that's the face I'm talking about. Someone else in the comments mentioned your mom looking especially spanish and I think she has that kind of look too.

  39. J Llátzer says:

    If you look at DNA tests of Spaniard or Italian people you will see that they have a significant amount both of Iberian peninsula DNA and Italy/Greek DNA, I am pretty sure that your ancestry with Italian family name was a true Italian.

  40. vanav2012 says:

    actually people from spain are called spaniards not spanish or hispanic. what is spanish? there are so many spanish speaking countries but the people in them differ. so its best to say columbians mexicans peruvians spaniards costa ricans etc…

  41. Hi from Spain.A question for you: Can you tell me the difference between someone from Us and someone from Canada? So the same for italy and Spain,there is no physical differences

  42. J Llátzer says:

    "You don't look Italian, you look Spanish" sounds to me as silly as "You don't look Danish, you look German" 
    It you ever travel to Spain and visit ancient cities like León or Santander and you travel to Italy and visit Naples I highly doubt that you will notice that much of a difference, both countries have a long shared history (also Portugal and Mediterranean France). And by the way, you could pass as Italian in Italy, nobody would notice. If you could speak Italian you would pass as Italian the way you look.

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