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Police tracked down “Golden State Killer” suspect by matching DNA from public database

Police tracked down “Golden State Killer” suspect by matching DNA from public database

Law enforcement matched the DNA of the suspected “Golden State Killer” with genetic information stored in a publicly-shared database called GEDMatch. Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, made his first court appearance on Friday. He’s accused of committing several murders and rapes during the 1970s and 1980s. Privacy lawyer Joel Winston joins CBSN to explain how the police located the suspect.


44 thoughts on “Police tracked down “Golden State Killer” suspect by matching DNA from public database

  1. Amy Bee says:

    My god, ALL police should be required to submit their DNA, and they should be the first people ruled out, instead of these rapist cops being able to offend unchecked for years, protected by the badge. Disgraceful.
    And don't tell me that any of those investigators really wanted to look into the possibility of ONS being a cop. I'm sure they put that possibility at bottom priority.

  2. Dude wants to play stupid that's why I we should start smacking him around he already got away with it for so long who cares you can't get away with it no more you know he is you got the any evidence let's start cutting on him start smacking on him

  3. Sounds like the defendants lawyers are going to have a field day with this process of collecting dna don't be surprised if he walks no pun intended.

  4. Farooq S says:

    Good job thank lord there is police to protect citizens.

  5. cyberlucy says:

    The technique they used to find him is the same one adoptees looking for birth families do every day.

  6. We are all just gonna forget that this is HUUUGE violation of the 4th ammendment, right? Sure, we solved crimes from 30-40 years ago but at what cost to us all?

  7. He is so old and feeble now, that he doesn't even know what he has been doing. Maybe they should just release him.

  8. my dna said i was half black …. from the waist down

  9. he's innocent tomorrow they gonna find another patsy and blame him to be the zodiac killer

  10. Hard labor, solitary confinement 12 consecutive life sentences.

  11. all cops and other government workers should submit their DNA into a databank!
    everyone who ever spent a day in prison/jail should also submit their DNA.
    The DNA of very person who dies should also be checked for unsolved crimes and then destroyed!….this alone will prevent many crimes!

  12. sensate444 says:

    It's great that they caught him via the DNA. However, it's a bit scary, too, because in the future scientists will be able to upload DNA to a cyber world, as well as possibly re-create someone using DNA. Knowing all that this is coming, we seriously need to create some laws about what is ok and not with regards to someone accessing an individual's DNA. I think the importance of the privacy of personal DNA cannot be emphasized enough!

  13. He looks like Trump.Scary

  14. Every pic of him he looks like “WTF” …. like he’s all confused and wondering how they caught him …..

  15. ninth ward says:

    DNA is the best….it’s responsible for guys going in and guys getting out …people that spent decades wrongfully imprisoned

  16. I would think the Zodiac would have been number 1 on possibly finding considering he is one of the most notorious serial killers ever and never been caught.

  17. Why don’t they do this for the Zodiac Killer?

  18. The Golden State Killer was Train to be a Killer by Americans Law enforcment. This White Terrorist is a ex-cop that was Train to be a needle in a haystack by American law enforcement agency. Do anyone still believe that American cops is here to protect you and your family? Do you really believe that BS!!!

  19. focck so called illegal search and privacy,, the man is serial killer/ rapist , the authoriy should or must use any means necessary to track down this kind of poeple , the wierd rules and regulations that protact the criminals should be scraped too.

  20. Don't upload ur fkin DNA then Lol. Mines nowhere, no one's got my prints either.

  21. Rosalyn says:

    It's long overdue for a lot of crooked evil cops who abuse the law or rather disgrace the law, to get their comeuppance.

  22. P W says:

    You don’t think these DNA companies are owned by the government…wrong.

  23. Just Here says:

    By the time this goes through the process and the courts say the DNA is illegal this old dude will be dead so he got life without parole…

  24. What made him stopped in 1986?

  25. The DNA was probably planted by the Russians!

  26. The greatest serial killer ever got caught and we barely hear about it..Stormy Daniels is to important..Why is it our business who Trump boinked over 10 years ago? Why is that important? CNN and MSNBC are just wearing us all out with this non-stop 24/7 Trump stuff. People that have real jobs and come home after working all day put the news on to kinda see what's going on in the world gets Trump instead…Nothing else is going on in the world except Trump…Pick a news channel….Trump! Trump!! Trump!!.

  27. lolek kik says:

    maybe he is Zodiac

  28. Why is always "suspect" when is a white psyco?

  29. He's faking his decrepit old man facade. One cop said he was riding his motorcycle close to 100 MPH just a few weeks ago. He's works on his garden and acts more like a man who's 53. This guy has been an evil person for 44 years.

  30. Well he just messed up Ancestry and 23 and me.

  31. Chris A says:

    Yes his neighbors said they saw him riding his motorcycle all over the place and now he's playing this game you're going to fry buddy

  32. This is one ex cop that won't see freedom again in this lifetime, wish the outcome would be the same for people of color and other minorities.

  33. Finally The Golden State Killer has been caught we can live free and dont have to worry

  34. It angers me that He was so lucky and got to live a normal life for more than 40 years!!!! I hope he gets everything he deserves and more !!!

  35. Correction: getting a haircut will not provide the DNA required for testing, unless a hair follicle is discarded.

  36. Yi Gotti says:

    he has the same exact facial expression every single time we see him… He looks so confused, i bet he doesnt even know whats going on hahaha

  37. Roger S says:

    what is more concerning is a health insurance company using data to refuse converage or increase the cost of the risk. another reason we really need national system, single payer or otherwise.

  38. The question i have is all the evidence points twords the killer being a construction worker or in the construction field but this guy I heard was a mechanic/ cop so are we just going to ignore all the evidence about him being a construction person ?

  39. if a person has nothing to hide then they should not have a problem with their DNA going on record … if everyone was on a data base then many many lives could be saved when organ transplants are required because matches could be found in a fraction of the time

  40. Hes playing old man who dont knows whats going on. Hope they Play a little bit around with him in prison

  41. DNA should be public so nerds like four eyes here can't make a bunch of money on people fn lawyers.. Crooks

  42. Mike C says:

    Wow. What a surprise that a serial murderer/ rapist is a white man!

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