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SHOCKING GEDmatch Results!!!

SHOCKING GEDmatch Results!!!

An update to my DNA video! I sent my results over to GEDmatch and was blown away by the more detailed search! Watch, enjoy, and comment!



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20 thoughts on “SHOCKING GEDmatch Results!!!

  1. More and more of us are getting similar results. The Fulani sold us into slavery because we did not convert to Islam.

  2. CeddieCed says:

    I got Fulani, Hausa, Mandinka of Congo and Libya for my top places

  3. Drago says:

    Nice to hear back from you. Normally, I would refer you to the books in the library, but now you can find that information through several sources on the internet.
    Thank you for your support!
    Have you picked up any phrases yet in either Creole, or French?
    Nou sé Ayitien, zansèt nou yo, sé yo ki kité péyi sa a pou nou!
    Nous sommes Haitiens, nos ancestres nous avons laissé ce pays!
    Both sentences translate to, We are Haitians, our ancestors have left this country!
    Also may I suggest that you seek information about Pierre Toussaint. He was a slave brought to New York City by his owners when they fled from the haitian revolution. After gaining his freedom from the wife, he attended school in New York City, and became an entrepreneur in the city. With his earnings, he took care many destitute children in the city, created orphanages, funded many projects in the city to include the construction of the first "Saint Patrick Cathedral." He owned real property on Franklin St, and "Toussaint Square" was named in his honor in the city.
    He is the only layman enshrined in the current "Saint Patrick Cathedral."
    Hear from you another time!

  4. Drago says:

    Just watched the video, great stuff!
    I was born in Cap-Haitien on the northern coast of Haiti. My Dna results indicate a 96% of african ancestry, with Cameroon/Congo at 38%.
    In Haiti, we have many songs about Dahomey (Benin,) Congo, and other places in Africa.
    The expression, " Sé Nèg Kongo nou yé," is translated in english to" We are Negroes from Congo. "
    In Haiti, we identify ourselves as descendants of our african ancestors. The word "Nègre" which is the french translation of the word "Negro " was written in the first haitian Constitution after the Declaration of the independence of Haiti. Actually, our ancestors did not declare an independence for the new nation, but rather they proclaimed the birth of a new nation that arose on the land of the former french colony of Saint Domingue, where they were enslaved for centuries.
    Even though most people don't know, or don't realize that, our ancestors in the 1790s revolted against the french oppressors on their french colony of Saint Domingue, and by the end of the Battle of Vertieres on November 18, 1803, they conquered the land from the french General Rochambeau. He surrendered the land to the slave Revolutionary leader Jean Jacques Dessalines.
    Till today their actions there are neither accepted, not recognized by the leaders , and private citizens of many countries. To impede the development of Haiti, they classify as a 3rd world country. It has been subjected to several trade embargoes by the US , and many other destructive acts.
    The first Us embargo on Haiti lasted for 58 years. The fear of a slave revolution by slaves in the US southern states to emulate the haitian revolution caused the US government to completely isolate Haiti.
    For recovering for the losses that France, and its citizens incurred in Saint Domingue during the haitian revolution, the french Government demanded an indemnity (ransom) from Haiti in the amount of 150 million french francs. Even though reduced later to 90 million french francs, it took the Government of Haiti some 122 years to finish paying the indemnity to France through a debt. The amount paid to France by Haiti is valued at $ 21 billion.
    As you may have experienced, the population in Haiti is neither a mono-socio, nor a mono-linguistic society,, but rather it is like a "gumbo" with descendants of people from all continents living there. It is a place where those who have it, have it, and those who don't, they don't. That false sense of security started after Haiti was isolated in the early years of its existence. It still lingers on today there

    Recently, Mr.Trump insulted the nation of Haiti, but his lack of knowledge about the events in Haiti, he seemed not to have known that many Germans migrated to Haiti in the late 1800s, and so on. People in the city of Cap-Haitien saved the lives of many germans who mysteriously reached there after being lost at sea for months. Many of the Germans married into the haitian population as they assimilated into the haitian population. Their presence in Haiti was so prevalent, it influenced the United States Government fear of a german invasion of Haiti, to sent the US Marines to invade, and occupy Haiti. The american occupation of Haiti lasted for 19 years from July 1915 to around December 1934. Many of the current situations in Haiti are still related to the american occupation of Haiti.
    Haiti relationship with US citizens of african ancestry!
    There are many haitian citizens who are distant family members of many black Americans, but neither party know about the relationshi. After the birth of the nation of Haiti, its Governor Jean Jacques Dessalines sent invitations to people of african ancestry in the United States, and other countries around Haiti to move there to gain their freedom. At that time, the country of Haiti was mostly an unpopulated country. (Many of the french citizens who lived in Saint Domingue had fled from there to the United States, Cuba, and other countries.)Some 13,000 individuals from the United States migrated to Haiti in the 1800s at the expenses of the haitian government. On their arrival, the new comers received a tract of land, and appropriate items to begin their new life in Haiti. The program was officially cancelled when it was found out that some individuals were abusing it by traveling back and forth between the two countries.
    After being migrated to Haiti some people did return to the United States for different reasons. Also many of the emigres remained in Haiti, and assimilated into the haitian culture. Many of their descendants are haitian citizens of haitian origin.
    Through my DNA matches, I met a distant cousin whose kinfolks migrated to Haiti in the 1800s from Louisiana, and we do keep contact
    Population in Haiti.
    As you may have seen, there are many descendants of several middle Eastern countries that live in Haiti.
    Many of them are part of the wealthiest people in Haiti.
    Part of Haiti history is the assistance given by the nation of Haiti to many Jews while escaping persecution in Europe. Many of them traveled to their destinatios with haitian Government issued passports. Some went to Haiti, and others went to other countries.
    Where do you go to minister in Port-au-Prince?

  5. I did mine in ged match got so many tribes just from cameroon kaba bamoun mada dogon tribe of cameroon and nigeria hausa igbo and yoruba ancestry show my ancestors from cameroon and benin and togo and mali big population ged match do provide tribes

  6. Odessa Cee says:

    You skipped the Western Semitic part which means you are also Hebrew. Semitic is from the line of Shem which is the line of Abraham.

  7. This is very interesting and a good story. For real, thanks for sharing. You got me thinking. Im going to hold on to your recommendations.

  8. Time to find our roots, you know they run deep. Great video brother! Thanks for sharing this with me DanielPascualVlog!!!

  9. Once the Benue is Mentioned, you have to check the tribes along the Benue River. Migrations in Ancient Africa was based on proximity to water {Drinkable} water, the Benue River is a fresh water river and encompasses of many tribes in and around it.

    First History, The Bantus of East Africa were believed to be the first settlers in the region called Nigeria/Ghana/Cameroon/Ivory-Coast, and with time maybe tribal war or just got tired of their abode left. But in Nigeria particularly, they stayed a little longer and some filtered away gradually and some were absorbed into the new conquering communities. That's why some of the tribes in Nigeria has the Bantu features especially those in the South Eastern Region.

    Second, The Benue river flows from a mountain top deep in the Cameroon Mountains or Plateau which shares borders with Nigeria, and feeds neighboring tribes, Like the Fulani, the Hausa, the TiV, Igallas etc, so if Fulani is seen in your GEDmatch, then it means you're from a recent Migration because the Fulanis didn't come into Nigeria until the 17th century and must have stayed within the Adamawa area and maybe married a Local there. I think that's why the Fulani is high and that Fulani tribe in the Adamawa region is a Major Fulani tribe {FUFULDE}, that also shares ancestry with the same tribe in Cameroun, Sudan and the Central African Republic. So if you could get to know where your ancestors were taken from you could as well know which country in particualr you're from, Most slave from the Niger-Delta areas of Nigeria were actually captured from wars along the Rivers Niger and Benue by a stronger warring clan/tribe. and the Benue fits an appropriate location for population Density which makes warring tribes access to a large bounty after tribal wars.

    My little opinion from a Nigerian who is from a warring tribe in the Niger-Delta whose ancestors were said to be fierce canoe warriors who marauded and terrorized lesser tribes on the River Niger and some time Benue.

  10. Khaz Selah says:

    What exactly do you mean when when you say distance can you explain to me

  11. Khaz Selah says:

    Amen brother godbless you…your story is what i am going through with my dna waiting on ged match

  12. Dope vid. I need to do this. I am Black and Filipino. The Black side stops in Indiana smh. #whatpartofafrica

  13. Woah this is very detailed, I'm so excited to try it now!

  14. let me try to explain benue is a river in nigeria and cameroon there is also a state in nigeria called benue. a long time ago, a group of people called bantu moved from nigeria/cameroon down to congo and they had offshoots along the way. much later on unfortunately because of tribal wars and what have you many congolese ended as prisoners throughout the americas. benue-congo just refers to a group of related languages such as bantu which includes tshiluba,fang
    bubi, and way over in east africa kiswahili, in nigeria there is efik ibibio igbo igala yoruba and edo just as an example,then in cameroon there is tikar,bamileke,and bamum. when you do gedmatch,keep in mind that not every ethnic group is tested so at best you are getting proxy in many cases for your actual result. now it is likely that you do have ancestry from any of the two congos,due to so many congolese being trafficked. i did not see your ancestrydna video, but if you got southeastern bantu along with cameroon congo that is a good indicator of congolese heritage. there is a website on wordpress called tracingafricanroots. the person running it is named fonte felipe, he has all these charts that show what the dna profile is like for africans and afrodiasporans. and yes Haitians do get high scores for cameroon congo and also benin togo. african americans.we get high scores for both cameroon congo and nigeria. but keep in mind benin togo is often the second or even foremost score for nigerians. and nigerians get cameroon congo as well. now as far as fulani. fulani on ancestry get senegal north africa and west asian(middleeast) those in nigeria mixed with hausa get elevated nigeria, but see, fulani came from around senegal. people from north africa and middleeast are somewhat closer to europeans than black people are. this is because thousands of years ago people who lived in west asia moved into both north africa and europe. of course people got it in and the mixing in africa helped create ethiopians and the fulani. now later on in the americas europeans mixed with west africans. so long story short fulani are west african with european-like admix. and we african americans are west african with european admix.

  15. iYeezy says:

    Good video. Gedmatch has so much information. That's awesome it raced your DNA back to Congo

  16. That is pretty awesome that you been to Hati great job explaining your results.Its wild how ppl from other countries know where in Africa we are from its almost like me should not take these tests and just travel to Africa lol just kidding lol.My closest tribe is Hausa according to GEDmatch.

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