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Somali Gedmatch, WEgene  DNA results

Somali Gedmatch, WEgene DNA results

I finally upload my Gedmatch results guys πŸ˜‰ Results also includes WEgene.com


10 thoughts on “Somali Gedmatch, WEgene DNA results

  1. Ayan, are you going to test a male family member?

  2. So we left Africa but thought no way can't stay here there no fun. ?

  3. Aragti says:

    it says 98% somali.ok break that 98% and theres a pandoras box. all kind different ethnicities stuffed there,therefore not pure.

  4. Nice! What is your paternal haplogroup?

  5. mo jo says:

    And I subbed walaashay.

  6. mo jo says:

    I enjoyed the video thanks abayo

  7. wadi gaji says:

    how close is the Ethiopian , Eritrean , and Somali genetic make up? They seem to be from the same stock .

  8. masha allah ?abayo Somali dhalad ayad tahey❀❀

  9. Tuza Bona says:

    Why didn't I find this earlier? Anyways, thanks for uploading, cool that Wegene has your ethnicity in their database and not just East African or something. Likeee πŸ™‚

  10. Mickyel says:

    On Ethiohelix K10 Africa only you can click on Gradient Maps ( in blue ) to see where Eastafrica1 and Eastafrica2 is. And thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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