Home DNA AncestorSoy afro- Latina? My Ancestry DNA results! With GEDMatch & DNA.Land
Soy afro- Latina? My Ancestry DNA results! With GEDMatch & DNA.Land

Soy afro- Latina? My Ancestry DNA results! With GEDMatch & DNA.Land

I was getting a lot of questions about my ancestry journey and decided I should make a video of my findings.. I used AncestryDNA, DNA.Land & GEDMatch.. I’m not 100% sure of anything except the fact that I’m black lol but this is what I’ve stumbled upon thus far.

I know I say “It’s lit” a lot. I don’t know why lol


31 thoughts on “Soy afro- Latina? My Ancestry DNA results! With GEDMatch & DNA.Land

  1. Try africanancestry.com they'll tell you what tribe is connected to you.

  2. Marllon says:

    Afro-Latino is someone with natal and/or ancestral ties to a Spanish-speaking country in Latin America (Spain is in Europe) whose ancestors were black African slaves that were dropped off in those countries. Like these Colombians:


  3. You look fine as hell

  4. Your pretty. And adorable.

  5. bibi says:

    Click bait, not Afro- Latina, I guess she wishes she was. Why else would someone have to lie.

  6. Oof says:

    You’re African, nothing else. You’re not mixed, you are not an Afro-latina and you are not cherokee. Fucking 84% African. ??‍♀️

  7. Luis says:

    afro-latín is not a race the latín are not clasificate

  8. Jose Seijo says:

    Nothing about this woman says she's Latin! Her DNA makes that clear!

  9. African ancestry dot com

  10. Exelscius says:

    Ethiopian Jewish cool

  11. How much did the ancestry DNA, GED match, DNA land cost individual and all together?

  12. Meso American was 0.53% and that is the #Mexican region along with Centro America like Guatemala and other central american countries. It then says Indian 0.78% which is less than 1 percent and I believe that #Indian is from #India which is in Asia not from the Americas. Then you have South American-Amerindian which is 0.07% which is not even 1/10th of 1 percent. It is a bit crazy they include these totals because anything under 5% could be wrong and is probably just a wild guess or estimation.

  13. We have similar results… I think you may be a distant cousin… I actually think you showed up in my list of relatives.

  14. Your video is misleading I expected an actual Afro Latina…

  15. very informative video?

  16. Kim says:

    Great video!

  17. I believe your DNA is kind of an insult.

  18. Another book in support is "from Babylon to Timbaktu" Using an etymology dictionary will show a lot of words origins back to Hebrew. This is why many of our country go back to the Golden or Ivory Coast which are Nigeria and Ghana today. In this research you will find how much our culture been lied on. Please keep digging down in this rabbit hole.

  19. To start – the so called bible is our history book. Yes! we are the people of that book. To support this read, "when the world was black, volume 1 and 2

  20. before i listen to this i like to guess 78 percent black 13 percent european 5 percent native american and the other 4 asian lets see what happens

  21. The energy that is sent to this planet from the sun will awaken our DNA.; however, because people are so focused on other things , they miss the opportunity to align their Chakra system to become advanced beings

  22. Chansa says:

    The countries which are listed together are combined because they are the same people, what you know today as Cameroon or Congo were lines drawn by Europeans who colonized Africa, those lines didn't exist before Europeans entered Africa. Africans identified land by chiefdoms and Paramountcies, but colonial lines drawn by Europeans were mainly dictated by mineral resources which attracted Europeans to Africa.

  23. TheRosatus says:

    Overall there is great agreement between the three platforms as for your African heritage which is between 84 to 86%. For the European part there is less agreement about the components but it's natural if you consider the hard to the decipher European makeup. For instance, Portuguese and Spanish people also share many similarities with people from the Asia minor and the Middle East. Northern European are somewhat at greater distance from them so they can be detected in greater safety. As for the Amerindian heritage. Funny that two tests mentioned it (GEDMatch and DNA.Land) but not ancestry. I had similar experience with Ancestry compared with 23andme, in my opinion they just ignore what seems negligible and/or have not enough samples of Native Americans to be certain so their algorithm try to assign it to one of your major groups. In Ancestry I'm 71% European, in 23andme I'm about 60% European with more than 15% of my heritage is "unassigned".

  24. Schola Gee says:

    .your beautiful ..nice video..

  25. Finesse says:

    I'm glad that you're nigerian.

  26. Wow! It's cool how DNA Land gives such specific West African regions. I think a good report to run on GEDmatch for your results would be one of the pundDNAL ones.

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