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Spirituality Level 88

Spirituality Level 88

Probably my most important video ever.

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46 thoughts on “Spirituality Level 88

  1. Ratatosk says:

    Written on the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi was: " Γνῶθι σεαυτόν " – gnṓthi seautón (greek) – nosce te ipsum (latin)

  2. As a strong believer in reincarnation and a long time lover of role playing games, this resonates quite strongly. Great work!

  3. 19th century – Friedrich Nietzsche. 20th century – Varg Vikernes. P.S. Nietzsche was also a musician in his youth.

  4. Sounds logically . If there is a 'God' I think he is Logos….

  5. Asa McCoy says:

    I've always pondered on my heritage, but it's quite difficult. As an American my sure name isn't really anything to go on, many immigrants arriving in the U.S. changed their surename to fit American culture. My physical attributes is the only thing I have that is definitive, I have reddish blond hair and blue eyes with a slight green hue, I'm at a loss here…

  6. War Curse says:

    it is important to know where rotates your 88, how wide is your cycle. Is it really hagalaz or not?

  7. Eric Lindros, The Next One #88

  8. Bazelf says:

    What a coincidence, you posted this video yesterday, when I started reading the first Paganism Explained, where you comment on the same subject.

  9. Amazing video Varg, looking forward to more pagan spiritual videos

  10. In snow and forests I have got the sense of deja vu, of this being an old experience. It is calming, and the cold is no bother. I didn't grow up around snow and forests, not in this life at least.

  11. Thank you for your creativity, Siberia remembers you!

  12. Varg do you feel that you have become yourself again ?

  13. Vrilya says:

    One of Varg's most compelling vids to date. Paganism orients itself on the cyclical, whereas the triadic system of Abrahamism asserts that our universe is on a fixed linear trajectory. Paganism, at it's core, ultimately attests to the observable laws of Eternal Nature, temporal phenomena, and mechanisms that govern the cosmos. Whereas the Nazarene worldview is ontologically debased, it's scriptures antithetical to natural realities and try deny mankind his essential condition.

    PS: The STJ's audience really needs to dial back their accusations/memeing of Varg harboring a sort of placenta/afterbirth fetish. He's actually onto something.

  14. Fantastic video Varg. Fits nicely with modern science on habits and "cues," or the old memory palace technique.

  15. You're about to hear some serious shit!
    back to the future reference

  16. what a great video varg , white pride world wide <3 , i am from iraq and holy shit i love being white.

  17. الفخر الأبيض في جميع أنحاء العالم

  18. I watched a video today and this Jewish dude said that pagan Europeans built nothing and were lazy….I LMAO because he was trying to target blacks to HATE Europeans.
    Black Africans know the truth. The Jews are the enemy and dominated the slave trade.

  19. Lazule says:

    lol speak for yourself.

  20. "wat level woke u on?"
    i dunno like 5 or 6
    "u are like little baby, watch this video-manifestation of Odins Spiritual Will
    and sense a slumbered soul stir; to frenzy
    re-membering piercing thy subconscious mind
    Now I know my-
    – selves pure, potent ancient inspiration desires… powerful action! –
    – alas! runs in paltry modern veins…."

  21. Level 88? Now that's a good level to be on!

  22. love the background music in this varg, sets the mood

  23. Yautja says:

    Are you saying that there were christian priests that knew or figured out the pagan cult of reencarnation and that's the reason why they desecrated sacred pagan sites? Or is that just 1 of the reasons out of many…

  24. Hate to break it to you, but tradition is going the way of the dodo

    And that’s completely ok. Science has prevailed over these ignorant beliefs, be they Abrahamic or pagan.

  25. Hey Varg, could you make a video about Burzum album covers?

  26. Gr88 video Sir Varg!! ?❤

  27. One reason I left behind being a pessimistic atheist and the confidence that there was nothing special about us was because of this feeling. I’d usually go for walks at home to relieve some stress and listen to calming music around at night or the evening and I’d feel nothing from it but something awoke me when I walked into the fields and forested areas on a holiday in Scotland around Ayr at night which made me look up about past memories and then further put me down the rabbit hole of other videos of yours. I couldn’t describe it other than deja vu and a sense of calm or a feeling of familiarity. Great video

  28. May I recommend a beautiful Swedish video pertaining to this subject:

    Kulning – Ancient herdingcall – A farewell song to the cows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc7F_qv3eI8

    …and another, perhaps more important, of Jonna Jinton's vids on spirituality:

  29. Probably your best explanation thus far. Brilliant.

  30. Vic Zucc says:

    Please make some videos about Celtic culture, transalpine and cisalpine celts, etc!

  31. One more time doing Excellent, my respects!!

  32. Greldek says:

    Is there a reason why Norway and Scandinavia in general has such a large presence of metal music?

  33. “Christianity was merely the bait with which Judaism hunted unsuspecting
    Aryans, neutralizing, castrating, killing them in their essence,
    cutting them off forever from the true Kristic revelation of Wotan and
    Mithras…The apparent opposition between Christianity and Judaism was a
    clever Demiurgic trap, similar to what we have today with the simulated
    opposition between Marxism and Capitalism, only the Christian trap has
    been active for almost two thousand years.” – Miguel Serrano

  34. All religion is bad Christ Jupiter all of it poison commies sheep herders u are misled .Be yourself .follow no one. Be the lone wolf.fuck your stupid beliefs .Don't live in the past grow up your kids may not agree with in the near future.varg wait till your kids are about 16 17 18 ..the fear and anxiety of being when you sleep or turn your back after all your is one sided.

  35. AQG says:

    Varg are you with democracy or communism

  36. When you're character dies you start from level 1… Man what the hell kind of RPGS do you play!?

  37. This makes sense now, that my family came from Norway and France and when I finally read the stories of the Aesir and Norse hero’s etc… it did not feel like the first time I heard them, or the first time I saw a Thor’s hammer I somehow instinctively recognized it

  38. traduce al español por favor Varg. Gracias. Vikingø Celtå

  39. Be level 88 not level 1 .. The greatest thing I've ever heard and will now live this life

  40. spirituality is gay. Hail the mushroom cloud.

  41. Beliskner says:

    This may be your most important video.

  42. something called deja vu

  43. Varg, you should explain the esoteric meaning of the number 88, don’t be so coy

  44. Have you found your previous grave and undergone these rituals to find who you were in your previous lives?

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