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The DNA Test Results are Back

The DNA Test Results are Back

Hey everyone in today’s video I’m going to be revealing the exact origins and places I come from. I took a DNA test thanks to Ancestry DNA. The results were so amazing to see. It feels good to truly know exactly where I come from. Get your test and figure out your DNA too! Anyways without further or do here are my Ancestry DNA test results. Enjoy this “The DNA Test Results are Back” reaction video. SUBSCRIBE.

Where I got my Ancestry DNA kit: https://www.ancestry.com/dna

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30 thoughts on “The DNA Test Results are Back

  1. “cameraughn” ????‍♀️

  2. Nothing what you didn't expect you say.Deary me ,your geography knowledge is appalling young lady.

  3. Thanks for share, I love your videos!! Now you can upload the raw data to 24Genetics (https://24genetics.com/en/ancestry) it is the most commplete one Ive found with more than 400 world regions, you should try it!

  4. AshlieAva says:

    Tbh I think we’re cousins or something,, we have the same last name ?

  5. Don't believe all u read Mama! Find out the truth about ancestry DNA testing n it's public collections and their underlying purposes for the harvesting of these specimens & in that more importantly they are research n seeking out information gathering on your 'Blood Type' rather than it's purposed geographical origination… Don't trust the systems which tries to further confuse n label yourselves depending on your lack of knowledge of self… it's mass confusion. COMBINE the percentage of all the African locales and then combine the Euro or Native Indo Asiatic or Pacific… U are possibly xXxX amount BLACK African <u knew that already>… N xXxX amount White becuz sadly not by choice n the free will of boundless love but by the shackles of slavery. ALL THOSE COUNTRIES politics and foreigners eventually named ORIGINATE from TRIBES IN AFRICA becux IT WAS MAJORITY ALL called THE KINGDOM OF MALI UP UNTIL the SOUTHERN MOST TIP of Africa INTO the MIDDLE EAST MEDO PERSIAN AND EGYPTIAN WORLD POWERS. It's a long story but don't believe the hype. Names reveal ancestry more powerfully at times n use logic… U are BLACK Americans descendants of slavery there for u ORIGINATE from the tribe u were betrayed by or stolen from and ship off n then the slave owner ancestry who integrated into.

  6. Ms Belinda says:

    Girl you was taking forever ????‍♀️

  7. the human hair very suits you.

  8. Kennedy says:

    What is her overall percentage ?

  9. When she looked over at her skin???

  10. ?? don’t even know how to pronounce these countries smh

  11. lot africa and from dosent africn . and slavery ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and come from and think mad suprised learning kewl! BUT BASCALLY AFRICAN DOPE!AND lot come from and <3 awsome to know

  12. sis maad more african and AND EASTEN AFRICAN AND DIFFRENT PARTS AFFOD AND MEAN LEANR CONNECTED ROYALTY AND LIKE RELATED POHONTIS TRIBLE AND BIT and and eurpen little bit not supriseed more african west side gucci and wonder relatives and half eurpean side dont history dad lucky good and wasnt nervouse good thing learn cutle pretty african and LOT ARE AND percentage and more blaclk black no asian and south american indgious lation mayans nativer americans ……………..so just black no native american in u

  13. JOT says:

    Ah wow interesting results, my results were:
    Great Britain 24%
    Europe West 10%
    Mali 9%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 8%
    Benin/Togo 7%
    Cameroon/Congo 7%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu 6%
    Caucasus 5%
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Iberian Peninsula 4%
    Nigeria 4%
    Scandinavia 4%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 3%
    Europe South 2%
    Native American 1%
    Senegal 1%
    Africa South Central Hunter-Gatherers <1%

  14. A D says:

    Wtf you don’t know my country ? Mali ??✊?

  15. Gonna save and do this, if your reaction is anything to go by.
    Every human is part African, humanity began there.
    My earliest ancestors were from France and South East England but that’s just on records. I feel the need to know where my genes have been!

  16. Towanda says:

    I'm loving your hair! Please link info on it, Thank you for sharing your story

  17. I’m from SC. We cousins! Lol

  18. Dee Luther says:

    ????You LookinG Like a Whole Fucking SnacK?
    Ur makeup eyelinerS Lipstick Nails eyebrows All Is EveryThinG On This VideO?????????

  19. Nerisah_xo says:

    I wanna do this! ?

  20. Haaaaaayy my parents are Cameroonian immigrants but I was born in France! Cameroun is great because we are the birth place of the World, we are literate (85% of the population), we are hustlers and go getters ! Look at Taraji (cookie is the typical Cameroonian woman), Quincy Jones, Chris Rock, Erika Badu, Chris Tucker… we cool right ??

  21. We are all family *Straight out of Africa*. Love from Jamaica

  22. Barbi says:

    I love you ❤️

  23. I knew there was something about your last name ?? hey sista ??‍♀️

  24. Carla from the Motherland ?? Ayeeeee ✊?????Low-key we all in the comments distant cousins

  25. but how you more African than me, mayne….? (cam-a- ruun) #criesthugtears

  26. Please I want giveaway and HEYYYY

  27. Notifications working right ??

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