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The New 23andMe Experience

The New 23andMe Experience

A comparison of some features of The Old Experience and The New Experience on 23andMe.


2 thoughts on “The New 23andMe Experience

  1. the timeline is very interesting; this is why i ordered 23andme !

  2. My longest line in America, has been here for 350 years, and my composition was remarkably similar to yours. 98.8% NW Europe, 76.2 British and Irish, 0.2% West Africa. <1% Sardinia. Our differences can be measured in decimals. You and I are probably more similar than comparing myself to my own family. 305 variants, as well, but in different combination. Hearty colonial stock? 🙂 I didn't see your mtdna. I got U5a1b. Great video.

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