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Thomas “Detour” Evans | Ancestry + Upworthy

Thomas “Detour” Evans | Ancestry + Upworthy

See how artist Thomas “Detour” Evans was inspired by his AncestryDNA results to create a beautiful and moving photography series aimed with changing a community’s perspective of itself.


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  1. Mine is african americans in northern and central virginia

  2. stevenm73 says:

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!! I wish everyone knew from where their ancestors came. I am the family historian in my family. Not only do I work on our tree but I've been working towards getting my relatives DNA tested. This has been an incredible journey full of surprises. Before being tested, my family believed we were Amish and Mennonite all the way back. We soon discovered, thanks to GEDmatch, we are an incredible mix of people spanning the globe who overcame their cultural, language and geographical barriers and who knows what else to become my ancestors. My deep DNA revealed I am descended from the Saan of South Africa, Bianka and Mbutu Pygmies, Sudanese, Northern Africa with smaller hits with the Igbo/Yoruba. My Middle-Eastern DNA is mostly from Palestine, then smaller amounts from Caucasus, Arabia, India, the "Stan" countries. I also have Russian, Siberian, Scandanavian, Italian, Sardinian, Iberian Peninsula, Irish, British, French, Swiss, German. I'll never know HOW all these ancestors came together to make me, and never know all of their names, but I carry a little bit of all of them inside of me. That is beautiful, a gift and an honor, even though I will likely never know their stories or names. Watching the DNA result reveal videos on her is lots of fun, especially when I see so many people from very diverse backgrounds who share so much with me in their DNA. Both of my grandmothers were Amish. They always told me time and time again that we are ALL family, we are ALL brothers and sisters. I wonder if they were still alive, what they would think about the power of DNA and how it is proving what they have always told us. We really are ALL of us, one family. WOW, what a gift! Your project you speak about in this video is amazing and beautiful! What an incredible endeavor to be part of and a gift to the youth. It's amazing and I wish you continued success and I hope this is just the beginning. I hope this continues growing, bigger than you ever expected.

  3. Awesome work and project!

  4. Hi there I"m waiting for my ancestry pie chart too!

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