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After all the interest in my last ancestry video, I decided to use GEDmatch to get a more in-depth look at where my ancestors came from. 23andme was a nice start, but I found out a lot about where specifically in India I might be from. I also offer a short tutorial for anyone else who has access to their raw data but might not be sure how to use GEDmatch.

**Also no idea why the video froze in the middle. Youtube must have messed it up. Haha keeding…not.


29 thoughts on “USING GEDMATCH + ANCESTRY RESULTS | South Asian/Indian

  1. Scandinavian ancestors? LOL gtfo you wish.

  2. ajayb says:

    I took your lead and submitted to harappa world.. thanks for the insight and guidance.
    I have telugu brahmin ancestry but grown up in australia. I was really surprised they were able show the similarities with other ethnic groups within india. This is in the population approximation data. There is an article that relates to the 25 ethnic groups of india by David Reich, ‘Reconstructing Indian Population History’. It has nice maps of the regions that are described in the population approximation data. It’s freely available through google. I think the knowledge that there is no certainty in our ancestry allows us to be both more connected with everyone and be proud of the journey taken to reach the present.

  3. I’m bengali but when I did the gedmatch I got the same exact results as you…. like Litterally the % of South Indian and Baloch is the same

  4. You look half dravidian and half aryan. But its because you're brahmin. most odias and bengalis i've seen look pure dravidian. just like telugu and tamil people. i think all east coast people look similar. loll.

  5. 86% Kazakhstan lmfao but my parents are from Bangladesh..

  6. Lema Afg says:

    I got 13,05% S-Indian and 30,11% Baloch and I’m Afghan. Really didn’t expect the S-Indian. I guess this shows that we all are mixed, which is pretty cool?

  7. Hi what's the intro music? 🙂

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  9. why are you so genetics obsessed? You look fine 🙂

  10. This is more accurate than the generic south Asian market that a lot of south Asians get. As the theory proves you are a mixture of ani and asi excluding the other smaller percentages.

  11. peace and blessings, my family is pure Indo Suriname, and the reason they explained to me tht, cause of the current political and nationalist state in the Indian government and the hindu caste system and the ppl who own the testing company tht they refused to let any ppl know if your were for example anyone of those groups tht they view as oppressed or are prejudice against or view as inferior or filthy and they refuse to trace your ethnic group or caste if your ancestors ppl were bottom latter untouchables, like the supposed dalit ppl i was said to descended from like the charos, periya, etc etc the ppl who i was told my ancestors descended from, i for instance would have a huge interest to know and tracing back my ancestry to which underprivileged and disenfranchised group of ppl my Dalit ancestors were from, not really interested in finding out about if i have brahmin or Kshatrya all though tht i do know tht dalit women are often victim of high caste men, so it would not surprise me if i had some of the markers in my as well. Or maybe i was thinking if i let my mom take it the test so we can trace our female lineage. Since we know tht the female linage supposed to be intact. Also my grandma was very very dark like adi vasi dravidian nearly australian aboriginal looking, very very tribal or adi vasi phenotype.

  12. do you know that hindus chinese and koreans maintain there geneology records even today. you can know about your ancestors upto 12 generation up the line. why wasting time and money.

  13. Berhoom says:

    Please rename / tag this video with "Odia" and "Odisha".
    You must be the only Odia on YouTube who has done this test.

  14. Your results are similar to mine!

  15. killoreo says:

    This is not really helpful for Indians. They tell u your South Asian. Duh! I know that. How come when an African takes it, they tell u which specific part of Africa, if your European they tell u where specifically in Europe. But when your Indian, well then they tell u your your 95% South Asian, Duh!!!!!!

  16. great, just came across someone from odisha. I am from odisha too. But you don't have any Oriya accent whatsoever. were you born in odisha ? or is it just your parents from odisha and you were born in foreign ? Your facial appearance seems to be from bhubaneshwar and little bit of west-Bengal hint though !

    Great ! keep making videos 🙂

  17. Lol she said the aryan theory is disproved?!No offense but She can’t stand tha facts…..

  18. wow so this is what a true indian is suppose to look like

  19. I`m Middle eastern and my Harappa world results are:
    South Indian 1,20%
    Baloch 10%
    Caucasian 35,13%
    NE.european 1,93%
    NE.asia 0,84
    Papuan 0,71%
    Mediterranean 14,2%
    SW-Asia 25,24%
    E-africa 5,82%
    W-africa 4,78%

  20. ULGMX says:

    India is not South Asian it is South Asia but not in Asia. Europe is Atlantic Asia

  21. hey baby says:

    which is more accurate tho ?? GEDmatch or 23and me??

  22. Psaus S says:

    So do you get more detailed information where you tested it than with My Heritage ?

  23. Snow 123 says:

    Anyone has some knowledge on paternal haplogroup F-M89? F appears to be the oldest haplogroup on this Planet. Almost all the major haplogroups are descended from F

  24. Thanks! I was so confused with gedmatch you explained it good. I got 13% Great Britain on family tree. 28 % Spain etc But eurogenic and oracle said 36% North Sea 23% Southern European and it also broke down my middle eastern of 11%. Any other pointers?

  25. Great! The results are out you are Indian/South Asian.

  26. Abhishek says:

    hi sis, I am from Rajasthan and member of MEENA Tribe, I dont know what else to say you

  27. i dont undrstand some stupid indian guys bothered with white p..when they have that …i dont get it

  28. Thank you so much for helping me understand how to use Gedmatch much better since I'm South Asian/Pakistani myself.

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