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Vance & Hines Muffler Install on My Heritage

Vance & Hines Muffler Install on My Heritage

Installing Vance & Hines 3″ Slash Round Slip On mufflers on my 2015 Softail Heritage.


20 thoughts on “Vance & Hines Muffler Install on My Heritage

  1. I really like what you are trying to do but I was looking for someone who has actually done it before recording…..dayum!

  2. Wing man says:

    You did great. Thank you.

  3. Greetings from NE Penna. Beautiful bike! Sounds great with those pipes!

  4. i thought so to then a few months latter i got the quiet baffles much better than the loud ass standard i got a video with the baffle comparison check it out just go on my channel

  5. Hey NC Stoney how did you get the front muffler off? I tried for 2 hours and it didn't move… Need help

  6. nice video man, i subscibed

  7. Stoney, thanks for your response and for the input & insight. On the last day of Bike Week I returned to the Vance & Hines tent and FINALLY someone wanted to sell me the slip ons without trying to upsell the air kit and stage one tuner. The bike sounds so much better and you were right…runs a little cooler and with a pinch more performance AND yes, the decel pop is there but I haven't decided if it's that annoying yet.
    Add the free flow A/C and remap the ECM is down the road…but me and the little woman are diggin' our new Heritage and it's making retirement that much more sweet!
    I'll be in touch!

  8. Hey! Bought me a 2015 Heritage a few days ago in Myrtle Beach and I'm looking to do the same slip on thing with it. Paid a visit to the V&H tent here at Bike Week where they were selling & doing installation. Yesterday, the rep tells me I HAVE to upgrade the air flow and add a Stage 1 tuner. After watching your video, I returned to the V&H tent where another rep tells me they "highly recommend" doing the upgrades. I called my dealer rep and he says I don't have to do anything other than take off the factory mufflers and install the slip ons of my choice. Was told the same thing by my indy mechanic in Los Angeles before I moved here.
    What's the true skinny on this? Is there any risk not upgrading air flow and Stage 1 tuner? Help me, please Stoney?

  9. Hi there. Just watched your clip, and it rang a few bells with me. I've just installed the very same mufflers on my 2015 Sportster '48', together with a V&H free flow air cleaner and used the V&H FP3 you mentioned to flash the appropriate fuel map onto the bike. Started it up, and jeez… it is NOISY! So, after watching a number of clips, decided to order quiet baffles, which produce less noise as well as a deeper sound. They haven't arrived yet, but I'll put up a clip when they do. Have fun.

  10. RogueMogul says:

    Sounds good! I see you are a bass player as well? I see some SWR cabs in your garage there…

  11. Love watching videos like this. Only thing that bothers me are the boarders on the video.

  12. I've been thinking about those same pipes for my Street Bob! They sound fantastic. Also that Moroccan Gold is the best white color I've seen HD put on a bike.

  13. and the mods begin lol

  14. NC, sounds sweet, let's hear them outside, I had Rush slips on my Dyna super glide which were in the same position as the Heritage , just watch out how loud b/c on mine on a long ride , at the end of the day my ears were ringing. I have same on my Road King but there are out the back of the bike.

  15. I am astounded by your wrenching skills! I have no ability in that department at all. Killed two mowers and ripped a header bolt out of my Road King. Good on ya for doing it yourself and making it look easy.
    Those pipes sounded fantastic!! Can't wait to hear them as you ride!!

  16. sam smith says:

    Nice!  I love a deep rumbling exhaust sound but not so loud that I have to wear ear plugs.  I usually take the ear pads out of my helmets for comfort and a really loud exhaust will have my ears ringing for hours after the ride.  I have had a Cobra slip on on my Amazon wish list for a long time now for my V-Star.  Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Jamesy says:

    You drive a smart car? Totally un expected from a Harley guy.

  18. Very nice! I keep telling my wife I need pipes and she says she won't be able to hear the stereo?

  19. HarleyTrek says:

    Sounds great to me!  love the slash cut tips.

  20. test ride, test ride .. lol .. 
    Hey new pipes sound really nice .. really sweet.

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