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West African DNA Results – MyHeritage DNA

West African DNA Results – MyHeritage DNA

Enjoy! Unfortunately, MyHeritage does not have Alien DNA markers.

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6 thoughts on “West African DNA Results – MyHeritage DNA

  1. Thanks you for this video I'm Fulani too.

  2. Hello! I am african as well, from cameroon. Was there a promotion going on for my heritage? I know 23 and me used to offer kits for free to african to help with their dna samples

  3. Cree X says:

    Awesome results! I found 2 distant cousins from Guinea both Fulani. Beautiful my sister!

  4. Sapa Inti says:

    awesome results. my half sisters name is Amina too, her dad is 68% West African, 18.1% East African and 2% Central African. 9% Central American, 1.6% South American/ Indigenous Amazonian. and 1.3% East Asian. his parents are from Honduras and Georgia, USA.

  5. Thank you for sharing your results. It was interesting indeed. Myheritage may not have large enough participants yet but I have noticed more and more people are using this test. It may not be as accurate as ancestry or 23 and me but your results seem to be pretty accurate or what I would expect for someone from that region. May I ask what ethnic group do you identify with?

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