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6 thoughts on “What About My Heritage?

  1. I never thought anything about where I came from and not like I will ever find out.
    Hay BTW the world ends AGAIN on the weekend. I just want to know what time so I can go watch the rock fall.

  2. Sheila movie maker is easy if you look up on the top right you will see it says save movie just click that and scroll down the list you can ether use the one thats says youtube or the one that says for high definition display both will save it as mp4/H.264 video file and thats perfect for uploading to youtube.

  3. aww Thrawl is giving you that I love you look, same with my cat when food is about LOL, talking of heritage i sent of my dna to my heritage a couple of months ago as my parents also like your mum wont tell me anything, all iv got it my mums and dads name and date of birth and mums mum first name and my dads dad first name no other info they wont tell.

  4. I love editor. I'll be sad when it goes away.

  5. I really need to take some time to work on family history. I'd like to take 40 minutes every Sunday to compile photos and stuff. I know you can find a lot of information and help through the LDS Family History center. You probably have one near you.

  6. he looks like my cat but my cat is crazy

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