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What am I? Am I mixed or nah? Myheritage results

What am I? Am I mixed or nah? Myheritage results

Myheritage.com DNA results…… check it out…..


23 thoughts on “What am I? Am I mixed or nah? Myheritage results

  1. Some of the lightest skinned black people I've ever seen are Nigerians, but I could tell you're like a Keisha Cole, light skinned black.

  2. I'm 90% African and the rest English and Welsh I'm still mixed so I embrace all of my heritage

  3. French Gal says:

    Are you from the south?

  4. KEL7000 says:

    beautiful just beautiful my Queen also nice video

  5. eddy orona says:

    Cool results my sister I'm 11% African

  6. Congratulations to you , I love my Black Heritage too and blacks we come in so many different shades. You're awesome stay encouraged, GOD bless!!!????

  7. E 10x says:

    Cynthia G. Has A Video Titled "Why It's Easy For Black Women To Hate Black Men." The Video Is Extremely A Must Watch, And Absolutely Should Be Shared! Peace & Love Family!!


  9. oooh Your defiantly MIXED with a bunch of ??????

  10. Wikipedia is an adequate source but not considered scholarly. Civilization or Barbarism is an excellent book btw.

  11. Camerah Kay Stories, thanks for sharing your results.

  12. absolutely amazing great results

  13. MZC says:

    You badly NEED to try
    the FamilyTreeDna company, & 23 & Me.
    Your results do NOT seem to be accurate.

  14. Robert H says:

    Before 3000BC, there were only Blacks in the Americas. Later, many of the Chinese from Asia mixed with some of the Blacks in the Americas during the great migration of the Chinese, who are today called Native American Indians. Later, after Christopher Columbus so called "discovered America" (the New World), the Spanish enslaved and killed many of the Blacks there and they raped most of… the Black there. They enslaved the darkskinned ones while they gave the title of Native Americans to the lighterskinned ones as a way to get closer to claiming the land. This was a divide and conquer tactic. The ones who were enslaved are called Blacks today(Jamaicans, African Americans etc). The ones with Black and Chinese, but a little Spanish blood, native Americans (Cherokee, Blackfoot etc), while the recent ones who were raped the most and have Black, Chinese, and Spanish blood were called Hispanics(Mexicans, Guatamalans etc). In fact, If you think about it, they are all one. These labeling titles were just a divide and conquer tactic.

  15. Robert H says:

    The thing is people must know is black people always came in all shades of brown even before there was " race mixing"  ,Adam was made from the dirt o the ground. The ground(dirt) consists of all shades of brown.

  16. J Baron says:

    Pic of ethnicity you'll have a great video

  17. the West African is hi I thought you were going to be at least 60 wow

  18. Lisa Sweet says:

    Damn you should of editesmd this long video fuck.

  19. Lisa Sweet says:

    no more than 60% Black mix chick

  20. love this ? just liked and subscribed, btw I also have a makeup channel, can you check it out and maybe subscribe back? that would be awesome! xoxo

  21. 76 damn I would have thou you were 30/20 African

  22. Damn, you talk too much

  23. skip to 8:10 for ethnicity estimate…the loud mouth just keeps going on and on….

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