1. John Smith says:

    That tune reminds me of Dora the explorer

  2. You have migratory ancestors who have crossed almost all the world from East Asia to Siberia and from there to the Caucasus north of the Black Sea Sham and then Europe to Iberia and married women from all countries with a strange degree
    A trip if you link it to your family history

  3. Desi Boy says:

    Central-south Asian, South Indian,Caucasian,Altaic(or Siberian related) and some Volga-Ural(or Northeastern European) is from your south Asian part, the rest is from your North African part.

  4. hi when i see your face the first look i certain sure that you have african percent exactly north africa wich is amazigh people (berber) your face look familliar to the north african with your white skin green eyes blaaaaaack hair i said black hair 🙂 i am from morocco im amazigh welcome to your ancestry land :).
    (north african poeple are mixte with negirian an mali and senegal poeple do to the ancient slavery military ….. things like that ) another information mali tchad burinafaso senigal niger poeples are with minority amazigh poeple there culture and there language is tamazight like north african witch is morocco algeria tunisia lybia mauritania and even part of egypt "siwa oasis" all are ancient empire named numedian they are amazigh 🙂 ) sorry for my written english by the way west sahara is moroccain sahara

  5. Different DNA tests…amazing ? Humans can trust no one. Near East is Syria, Lebanon, Palestine. North Africans are Phoenicians. West-Sahara-Africans are Bedouins. West-Sahara-Africa are as known as Atlas Mountains. These Mountains are divided by France (Maroc, Algeria, a small part to Tunisia). The funny part is: Bedouins are original from Yemen (arab peninsula) and everyone calls them Berbers of North Africa ? ??(Bedouins Wikipedia, Ghaddafi Wikipedia & fake news: Berbers Wikipedia). Phoenicians are from near eastern countries, through a conflict they left their home and founded Carthage alone!

  6. So your Tunesien side is berber /amazigh not arab. The near east is the Middle East there where the Arabs are from. You must look at how much european/northafrican/sub-saharan african and Asian you have. If it’s match, so it’s okey. Some countries have the same dna of similar dna

  7. Because DNA labs are a scam

  8. Mwprw says:

    You should have used Eurogenes K36 calculator instead of the one you clicked on. Its much more accurate

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