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38 thoughts on “WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED BRO?

  1. Were is the shirt from??

  2. Dina you look so fresh and fit!

  3. haji asma says:

    Sorry but This is not hijab

  4. I'm lost here, wtf are you talking about?

  5. Im so pregnant hahaha ? love from pakistan dina love your humor ❤️

  6. Thank You Dina for speaking your truth! Feeling the same way lately. Also ignore the haters, they just want to bring us down!

  7. Marina says:

    Honestly, toosy can do what she wants. But I just kept thinking back on her video with her husband that she deleted where she talked about how she would get stared at viciously by white women cause of her hjjab. And in a way that women won by her taking off her hiajb. Hijab isn't meant to be easy, why would it be? Anything you do for Allah isn't meant to be easy but doing it for Allah should be enough. Who gives a fuck about what other people think. And why are we so obsessed with happiness? Of course it's good to be happy and not depressed. But hear yourself, it's not realistic to be completely happy. No body is! Don't hold on to the dunya people! Wake up!

  8. Alina Mus says:

    So now we’re gonna pretend you wear the headscarf for religion and not for style? Lmao okay ?

  9. You should do an entire video on “dressing oversized” please!!

  10. Dina! Dina! Dina! Hahaha

  11. I'm a big fan but if you saying your wearing a headscarf not a hijab why do you use the hijab word in your video titles.

  12. Vlogging from a pile of laundry. That's the content I subscribed for!

  13. She looks pretty much simmilar to justin bieber lool

  14. Does or has Hana watch/watched videos?

  15. Sonia x says:

    wow didn't knw yur sis removed hijab, why are yu girls going further away.. you look so beautiful with your hijab!

  16. oasiaa says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Dina looks like Khaleesi with the blond hair and dark eyebrows? 😉

  17. The only thing that i will always say is I LOVE YOU DINA!!! You look Mashallah as always ♥

  18. Aggy K says:

    Dina!!??? Dina!!?? that bit was sooo funny! lol you are such a nice people 🙂

  19. Najmo Abdi says:

    This was super chill and entertaining, dina you look really good MashaAllah 🙂

  20. It's called a raglan sleeve.

  21. This makeup look makes you look so much younger, can't get the hang on to what exactly. Looking good Dina

  22. PhD Mac says:

    The criticism is clearly working. Lol that seems to be the only thing you’re addressing in you ur videos, pathetic, failed being.

  23. I think Dina will eventually take her hijab off too

  24. sima soumi says:


  25. Jessi 3005 says:

    She swears.. such a good little Muslim

  26. Loveroon says:

    can you tell us about the unspoken things about pregnancy? stuff people don't talk about?

  27. Assalamulaikum wr wb sis,

    Its upto you how you take people discussing your hijab, you can take it positively or negatively. Either you can take it as you fellow muslims out of love of sake of Allah swt, are thinking of your akhirat and doing nisyat or that its an attack and people being too judgemental. Its up to any individual how to take an message from anyone, I always say assume good of others and make 70 excuses for them.

    I myself before wearing a burqa, was told my abiyah was too tight, which was true to be honest, I think my butt crack was showing as I have big bottom and struggled to find jilbaab that was my height and loose that did not make me look like a granny, plus was abit stingy with how much I was will to pay for it. But I never thought people intending to mock me or judge me, assume good of others as I always, regardless if they may have bad intentions. Their bad intentions are between them and Allah swt, they will ruin their own relationship with Allah swt, they cannot ruin yours. If someone is encouraging you to practice Islam more, its only can be a benefit to you and never a loss, so you should try switching the negative thinking off and switch the positive on, its less stressful that way and you fight less in life.

    On a technical point, 1400 years of scholarship in the field of Islam and all 4 schools of thought all agree that hijab covering the bosoms and a loose jilbaab or abayah is minimal you should cover as a woman, there is no debate about it, only lay people dispute it out of lack of ilm. You should be careful on what you say sometimes, as denying fundalmentals established parts of religion can be act of kufr by ulema, avoid discussing legality of hijab and whats is or is not allowed, to be on the safe side.

    Do not worry we all struggle, if not hijab then in other islamic matters. I fall short in much more things, but out of love I do nisyat to my brothers and sisters, I tell them whats helped me in life, to share the peace and contentment I have in my heart and life.

  28. What the purpose of your hijab all your hair out ??

  29. she said "it's not anyone's business how a woman should dress" erm… so it's not Allah's business to decide how a woman should dress?

  30. because you are leading people astray with your invented version of Islam and disregarding the commands of Allah and His Messenger (saw)

  31. Javeria K says:

    I liked dina, i do.. but the whole tighttttt top and lose bottoms, yh thats fine thats ur opinion but to advice it to others like ‘yh try to compensate’ why? Ur a role model, why would u advice other hijabis or people who are trying to dress modest tell then they should try the idea of a tight top….

  32. Up-to-date skin care routine and makeup tutorial on this look please?

  33. Modesty and respecting your body aren't the same thing. And you can easily do one without the other.

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