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Why do I make art? To build time capsules for my heritage | Kayla Briët

Why do I make art? To build time capsules for my heritage | Kayla Briët

Kayla Briët creates art that explores identity and self-discovery — and the fear that her culture may someday be forgotten. She shares how she found her creative voice and reclaimed the stories of her Dutch-Indonesian, Chinese and Native American heritage by infusing them into film and music time capsules.

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25 thoughts on “Why do I make art? To build time capsules for my heritage | Kayla Briët

  1. Art is awesome. But it doesn't have a connection to ancient cultures.I HIGHLY doubt cavemen drew on walls to show a story. It was to warn others or remind themselves of things they forgot. Also, who cares if indians were forcefully assimilated? Yeah, the death part sucks, but have you ever heard of social darwinism? Only the best fit survive, and if they couldn't beat out the modern American/European cultures, maybe they rent meant to survive. I love the native culture, it looks awesome, but you can't complain about history, or you'll get so caught up in the past, that you won't reach your future

  2. This is a wonderful video! Im a fan ?

  3. I support her and her message!

  4. Such a fan of you, Kayla ?

  5. People are far too prejudiced against my heritage. I'll pass on this one.

  6. Im proud of my European heritage. White countries > other

  7. Now Grand Admiral Thrawn can destroy you!

  8. How wonderful! More people should cherish their heritage and should definitely not be demonized for trying to preserve it. I want us to celebrate diversity, but we must give equal opportunity to every culture to be able to hold on to their identities.

  9. add fund four like orange though continuous rise count perhaps.

  10. She looks like Miss Potatohead

  11. Put your teeth in your mouth correctly, take off the platform shoes and ill fitting dress and most importantly realize your culture will be forgotten no matter what you do.

  12. Capsize24 says:

    Does ted do any science related ideas and talks anymore?

  13. sirj j says:

    Why can't more of you accept her as a human and love her art also. Why does racism have to always come into the forefront (the race-card) as opposed to us all being humans and accepting our skin color, music, artistic, etc differences?

  14. jehudo says:

    Multiculturalism has destroyed the natives like it will destroy Europe.

  15. i've never seen anyone more beautiful, inside and outside.

  16. thank for this amazing video

  17. Great video. She's an amazing and unique woman with a great vision. ?

    Ps. The comments section is cancer. You're welcome.

  18. "I make art cuz rich men give me lots of moneee to sleep with them, oh yea, and when we ain't fucking he gives me moneee to make my goofy art"

    Ahhh women, gotta love em…..cause they're just waaaaaaay to easy to fuckin hate lol

  19. I dont approving anything that isnt white american or male. Obviously TED is regressive garbage for not supporting white superiority. Trump is my god, hes a genius and possibly the smartest man in the universe

  20. very profound and inspiring……..living and breathing Art……TIME CAPSULES. thank you

  21. gotklaye says:

    Such a very powerfull speech, long life the natives of the whole world !

  22. sirj j says:

    She's native, and has darker skin tone, sadly she won't get much love here among the bigots, sexists, racists. Read the comments, white privilege makes other humans judge on superficial characteristics. That's precisely what she's showing you is wrong with your demented mindsets.

  23. sirj j says:

    Lots of spoiled people responding here from there white privileged positions. Nothing rational to add to the conversation but if I critique their racism and privilege, cry babies instead of having a mature adult conversation and responding with logical positions. Sad situation.

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