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You Have Your DNA Results. Now What? – Gedmatch

You Have Your DNA Results. Now What? – Gedmatch

Now that you have your genetic tests complete, what do you do next? Compare your DNA results to tests of AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and others using GedMatch.com. This video will walk you step-by-step through the process of exporting your results from your testing company to GEDMATCH.com.

You expand your opportunity to find genetic cousins on more websites using this website!


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30 thoughts on “You Have Your DNA Results. Now What? – Gedmatch

  1. I uploaded my raw data from Ancestry to MyHeritage then my Iberian Peninsula disappeared, my Native American increased 54% to 81% and Baltic 9% just popped up. Puls my grand Aunt and grand Uncle suddenly had Ashkenazi Jewish
    3.4% at the same geographically location as Baltic. Did I do something wrong?

  2. Gedmatch has a chromosome browser! Lovely, lovely chromosome browser. AND it has triangulation tools. Both these things make Ancestry look a bit amateur. Yet I love the Ancestry interface for working with the family trees (when there are actually trees and they are linked to the DNA match). Gedmatch numbers of matches, who have uploaded RAW dna results after testing with Ancestry, have the prefix 'A'. So I know they should be somewhere on Ancestry where their trees are more likely to be (working with trees, on Gedmatch, isn't a breeze – it's quite basic and we can't even download the ancestors to process in a different database or upload to DNAGedcom). Does anybody have any tips on matching 'A number' Gedmatch matches to their corresponding Ancestry match profiles? I think I might be in a rare group where I use my actual name on both sites! I've found less than ten Gedmatch matches on Ancestry!

  3. Am I missing something, or is this not an option anymore. I can't find this on ancestry.

  4. UzeHerName says:

    Do you have videos to help us understand how to read the one to many list? How do I know the difference between someone who is a cousin to someone who could be a sibling? I know I have some siblings out there and I am trying to find them.

  5. Val NLN says:

    Apparently, 23andMe has changed their DNA testing system and is no longer compatible with GEDmatch's main site. You now have to use GEDmatch Genesis, which is still in Beta, with several areas are not yet working and isn't "sharing" with the main database.

  6. I just got my results back from 23andMe. I uploaded them to GEDmatch (it's still batch processing), but I also tried to upload to FTDNA, but I keep getting an error. Is this because of the new V5 chip 23andMe is using?

  7. Nbella21 says:

    Great instructions! I followed them and now my data in Gedmatch.

  8. add to backdrop screen: "Find Serial Killers".

  9. Is it possible to find your Ancestry DNA haplogroup through Gedmatch?

  10. Lili says:

    what about ethnicity?  I am more curious about that than relatives.

  11. When I received my dna results from ancestry, they sent it to me in text form not in the zip form. So not sure what to do now.

  12. Sara Dhom says:

    I uploaded, said could not complete. Didn't have enough SNPs. Now what?

  13. OG Dice says:

    Just got into another fight with my brother and his goon clique last week. Not sure if I want to get started with more cousins.

  14. Very informative, much thanks!

  15. can you do this with myheritage as well?

  16. Judy Carey says:

    Thanks for the info.

  17. This is great but it's too much info for the average user. Please consider splitting out these instructions to have AncestryDNA and 23andme separate.

  18. Knight B says:

    What's a good video to explain what these different GED Match stuff mean?

  19. Very informative. Helped me get into gedmatch. Thanks.

  20. I don't have a laptop or pc, so can I do this from my smartphone?

  21. Thank you for a great video. Very easy instructions – very thorough!

  22. I am hard of hearing, and this is disgustingly low volume

  23. This was very helpful. Thank you!

  24. I mistakenly opened the zip file before I read all this.. Will I still be able to get the results?

  25. Jenny S says:

    Do you have any qualms about security in transferring your DNA files to gedmatch?

  26. marecanine says:

    Did the Ancestry thing but never got an email from them!

  27. GEDmatch doesn't look like this anymore. Where do I add my 23andme raw date now?

  28. lucychops1 says:

    Thank you, that was very helpful, very much appreciated.

  29. Have you heard of WeGene? Do you think it is a reliable platform for Asian genetic family research?

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