Home DNA Ancestorക്‌നാനായക്കാരുടെ ശുദ്ധരക്തവാദം പൊളിച്ച് ഡിഎന്‍എ ടെസ്റ്റ്-knanaya christian dna test
ക്‌നാനായക്കാരുടെ ശുദ്ധരക്തവാദം പൊളിച്ച് ഡിഎന്‍എ ടെസ്റ്റ്-knanaya christian dna test

ക്‌നാനായക്കാരുടെ ശുദ്ധരക്തവാദം പൊളിച്ച് ഡിഎന്‍എ ടെസ്റ്റ്-knanaya christian dna test

ക്‌നാനായക്കാരുടെ ശുദ്ധരക്തവാദം പൊളിച്ച് ഡിഎന്‍എ ടെസ്റ്റ്


9 thoughts on “ക്‌നാനായക്കാരുടെ ശുദ്ധരക്തവാദം പൊളിച്ച് ഡിഎന്‍എ ടെസ്റ്റ്-knanaya christian dna test

  1. Enna Kavi says:

    These people are smart frauds. They all look like keralites. At some point they probably had multiple kerala wives and each one had atleast 12 children.

  2. SABU BABU says:

    Knayaakar chummathanu. Pavam viswsikalay pattichu. Ennal e mandanamar sathiyam manasikanum sramikunnila

  3. mercy paul says:

    kannaya kalla thomman's blood is purified by distillation. ………..

  4. joe joe says:

    LOL, last year in Jerusalem someone asked a kana nurse where are you from, she replied we are From Kerala.

  5. alan sunny says:

    My friend is the admin of Ftdna syrian christian project. They have a lot knanaya samples. He will be publishing a report/research paper soon. There are 20 knanaya samples as of now. Interestingly Knanaya samples have higer Middle Eastern Percentages ( 10 to 15%) along with jewish content . some have close to 20%. Knanaya community has highest similarity to Cochin Jews. The summary of the report. The study supports Knanaya Migration theory . Summary of the report : https://www.kochipost.com/…/where-do-syrian-christians…/

  6. alan sunny says:

    Alex test is right but his interpretation is wrong.He has to do an autosomal test for establishing the same.( that tests cost extra). I have contacted a scientist at rajiv gandhi institute of biotechnology to decipher your result. This was his response, "There is no need of a dispute. Y-DNA haplogroup of Mr. Alex is R-M417 which is an offshoot of R1a, a common Y-DNA haplogroup found in many including knanayites. R1a originated between ca.22,000 to 25,000 years ago, its subclade M-417 (or R1a1a1) diversified ca.5800 years ago. The distribution of M-417 subclades R1a-Z282 in central and eastern Europe and R1a-293 in Asia suggests that R1a1a1 or R-M417 diversified within the Eurassian steppes or the Middle east and Caucasan regions. Also R-M417 lso has a connection to haplogroup R-M198, a lineage that is common in people of Ashkenazi Jewish descends. But needs more studies to incorporate more DNA markers to prove this. His maternal lineage is M-33 a2 which is descend from M-33 and distributed in many countries including India and Iraq. The current Indian mtDNA gene pool was shaped by the initial settlers and was galvanized by minor events of gene flow from the east and west to the restricted zones.
    My haplogroup is J2a1M319 which is an offshoot of J2 haplogroup. Haplogroup J2 is widely believed to be associated with the spread of agriculture from the northern Fertile Crescent, the Levant and Anatolia and widely found in Turkish men. It has a Jewish connection also. J2a were the dominant male lineages of the early Bronze Age which expanded from the south Caucasus to eastern Anatolia, Northern Mesopotamia and the Western Iran. J2a1M319 is one of the principal J2a1 sub clade in Greece, Italy and Western Europe. The J2a4d sub clade, defined by SNP M319, (need more markers to connect this with J2a1M319) has been found in Crete (6-9%), which may be source of M319 sub clade, as this sub clade is infrequent and not found in many other areas. Presently, Israel is the only other location where this subclade has been found.
    Alex’s study is just a preliminary one which is not sufficient to arrive at a refined conclusion." His name is Dr sanil George

  7. Thank you Kuzhikatan for bringing the century old truth to public. The Kerala High court had come against the unholy practice of Endogamy which they inherited from the local Hindu community. William Bentick, during his time as British Governor General had ruled against the practice of Sati and Endogamy. But the evil clergy and certain church officials with the help of illiterate money lenders keep this practice to seduce the poor faithfuls. The old Vatican which was against Galileo is now against D N A as every fact of the evil practice of the community is put in front of Leorndo Sandri by Bishop Mulhal, at the Eastern Congregaction. Peace be to all.

  8. Sheeba T says:

    haha , ithreullu ellam,

  9. അപ്പോൾ കാനായ എവിടെയുമില്ലേ? ത്രിശങ്കു സൊർഗ്ഗമോ ഇനി ഇവർക്ക്?

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