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  1. i played fetch with my sample and now my dna showed German shepherd

  2. N Noonan says:

    Hi liked your vid thanks.
    My results from Ancestry dna and 23and me were completely different found it dissapointing and suspicious as they both claim accuracy in dna references and algorithms.
    Ancestry 51 Western European, 32 Irish, 13 English, 2 Finland, 1 Iberian, less 1 Italian.
    23andme 70.1 British and Irish,
    7.5 French German, 16.5 Broadly Northern European, 4.4 Scandinavia, .2 Iberian, .4 Broadly Southern, 1.1 Broadly European,
    .1 unassigned.
    Ancestry had reverse amounts for Western Europe and Irish and English. Had Finland 23 didn't.
    23 had Scandinavia Ancestry didnt. Both companies larger results mirror each other beyound reversed amounts.
    Did a family tree back to the mid 1700's century both sides no western European names.
    Anyway just supporting your video as these are the 2 biggest companies in the world in business for many years now but obviously aren't as accurate as they both claim. Im as mixed up as when i started i just know im European decent and was all a bit of fun? Who do people believe.

  3. I was fascinated with your results as I had ancestry.com done a couple years ago and just had 23 and me done. It was shocking that the two were to totally different. The one that was off significantly was ancestry.com! Wow! Now I don't know which one to believe!

  4. Melly Ru says:

    Which one is more accurate? 23andme or ancestry?

  5. The Forms says:

    98% European.

    Yet you decided to throw it all away. What a shame..

  6. Midnight says:

    Hey, this is terrible but I just have to because you sounded so funny lol. Your wife added flavor to your test along with a few other handlers LOL

  7. I have already done the Ancestry test and am currently waiting for my results from 23andMe. I'll be interested to see if they are similar.

  8. schpicasso says:

    I will do my spit very soon as I get some more cash to have fun…
    I guess I will appear Jewish 3% Buddhist 19% and the rest Muslim – but I believe I can do better job in future :S
    (jeez man some people and religion in DNA) 😀

  9. I wasn't going to say anything, because honestly I am not one of those mean people that like to go around nit-picking people. However, I stumbled upon your video doing a research project for class and I found your assessment to very narrow-minded. First of all how can you conclude that you have no asian dna when both test came back 1% positive. Obviously you didn't use the same spit sample on both test. My second point I'd like to point out is, you talk about the results as if they are ludicrous, however the test analyzed are performed by a team of trained Biologist. This isn't like a photo booth and you step in and a cheap robot scans you only to spit out random crap. What evidence do you have that support that the finding are incorrect?  

  10. lelechim says:

    Supposedly, anything 1% or less is likely to just be statistical noise.

  11. Cool Results! I did Ancestry and thought it was pretty acurate.I didnt take 23 and me but did input my Ancesty.com Dna to gedmatch and my results did Vary a little, similar to yours. check out my vid haha! Ancestry is very interesting

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