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  1. You look like Martin Luther king

  2. Maybe the 23andme Middle eastern & North African is majority Northafrican therefore appears within ancestry African part.

  3. I noticed that you have .2 percent East African. I had .3 percent East African on 23andme. It is a microscopic amount, sure. I went to Tracing African Roots and the young man who host the site says from his research that some African Americans can have as much as 5 or 6 percent but it is rare. What is interesting is that he said that the ones that do, that it may actually result from having a Fulani ancestor. I put my results on Gedmatch and sure enough my closest distance was Fulani on all the African test. I noticed you are lactose tolerant. I am not sure about myself but I always drink milk. Also my maternal haplogroup is L1b1a. Just something to think about, you may have a Fulani or some sehalian ancestor or it could be East African.

  4. antwan1357 says:

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for the response, yes I did know that I was mixed but I didn't know with what. My mother is high yellow and she has always said she was mixed. I am happy with my results but I was looking for a little more with 23andme. I didn't think I would get responses to my video but I'll add another one with the rest of the results.

  6. Great video. I hope you further research your Paternal and Maternal haplogroup..Congratulations! I also have Cameroon/Congo as my highest African percentage at 27% and 19% Mali as my second highest! Thank you for sharing your Awesome results Oville!

  7. Ancestry DNA is going to be the most accurate concerning your admixture due to the fact that they have the largest database especially for people of African descent. I think Ancestry is popular due to the fact that they are cheaper and they also place you in specific regions better than 23andMe which only give you a general African region. Your percentages were very similar to mine where I was near 70% African and 30% European. I was able to find out my haplogroup when I uploaded my raw dna to Promethease and found out that my haplogroup is actually European (R-L21). Great results. I love hearing people share their results.

    Some other places where you can upload your raw dna are DNA Land, GedMatch, and Athletigen if you want to confirm the information that you've already gotten. Promethease basically does the same thing that 23andMe does by giving you health information but is probably more detailed.

  8. what are your haplogroups?

  9. AL says:

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