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23andMe DNA ancestry + health – Review & results

23andMe DNA ancestry + health – Review & results

What does the DNA of a “Eurasian” look like? Dutch, Thai and… what else am I? How healthy am I? Let’s find out!

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12 thoughts on “23andMe DNA ancestry + health – Review & results

  1. Nancy Reds says:

    Id try 24genetics ancestry test (https://24genetics.co.uk/ ) it is the most complete one.. I´m 32% African (Egypt 11%, Eritrea 18%, Ethiopia 2% and Congo 1%)

  2. myohmyli says:

    Wow a perfect 50/50! Amazing, lol mine was 49.7%/49.7% I’m also half white half Asian .. but from the USA

  3. Women do have paternal haplogoups, but their biological father or brother must be tested to find out what it is.

  4. The white genes are strong! I think mainly because of your eye colour

  5. Chippy Cho says:

    Broadly means they can't pinpoint it just yet, but know its from that region.

  6. Cree X says:

    Wow! The first 50/50 European and East Asian on the nose I've seen. Thanks for sharing!

  7. B2o says:

    Nice results, can you copy/past the link to your maternal haplogroup plz ?

  8. R22 (SE Asia, specially Lesser Sunda – centered in Indonesia and Nicobar per Min-Sheng Peng 2010) http://ourorigins.wikia.com/wiki/MtDNA_haplogroup_R

  9. You should put your dna on WEGENE.com ,it shows more specific of what asian ethnicitys are in your dna. My cousin also had 52% southeast asian and 1% east asian on 23andme ,although SOUTH CHINA is included in southeast asian since south china geographically belongs to southeast asia , so you dont really know if your not also east asian (chinese to be exact just bcs south china belongs to SEA) ,anyhow @ wegene it showed that my cousin was almost 35% Chinese ,the rest was a mix of thai, indian & korean. Btw her mom also comes from Thailand (they only already knew about having chinese ethnicity but they didnt know how much, surprising was only the korean part for them, since many thais have chinese (60% of thais have chinese roots. Nothing new) + the rest of thais also have cambodian,vietnamese & indian roots already. Would be very interesting if u connect your dna from 23andme to wegene and then show the more specific results again.

  10. Leuk verslag Sylvia, ik zet deze test ook op mijn wensenlijst.

  11. Great results, it's so cool that you're exactly half and half. I'm more 55/45.
    I'm pretty sure broadly northwestern European means that there wasn't a specific part of northwest Europe that they could pin point in your DNA, so they just said all of northwest Europea. That doesn't mean you're not Dutch, but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to mean what I said before. So that 9% could easily be more Scandinavian or Irish or something like that

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