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9 thoughts on “23andMe DNA results and more- Gullah-Geechee

  1. Peace family. ✊?. I’m from Georgetown. #geechee

  2. PEACE Gullah News 102 jus subscribe to your channel thanks for tuning in today to my presentation.. When u get a chance go back and look at My who is Gola People and Gullah People Presentation and let know what u think. Great video and I will be looking forward for more of your content ..

  3. African ancestry results came in today look forward to another video!

  4. OJsankz says:

    need to come out there! the Gullah are descendants of Sierra Leonean slaves mostly, mixed with others, but you lot sound exactly le us, we speak Creole, and you sound exactly the same as us!

  5. What were your 23 & me haplogroups?

  6. krysdekel says:

    So informative. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thank you for sharing I took Ancestry dna test last year Iam going take 23and me soon.

  8. Gullah/ Geechees don't talk funny! The Gullah language was the original language of Black Americans before we assimilated into mainstream American society. Take pride in your culture and heritage!

  9. Thanks for sharing. This is such an informative video. I have researched the Gullah people myself. I’ve always been interested in linguistics. Liberians also speak variations of pidgin English. Stay blessed and proud brother!

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