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23andMe Opens Its API to Further Personalize Healthcare

23andMe Opens Its API to Further Personalize Healthcare

Fresh off her SXSW Keynote in Austin, 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki sat down with policy writer Greg Ferenstein to talk about the minefield that is genetic testing, the importance of partnering with physicians and the future of 23andMe.

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5 thoughts on “23andMe Opens Its API to Further Personalize Healthcare

  1. Adam Shed says:

    As medicine helps us survive through much more negative gene mutations and we need to understand as much as possible about our bodies in order to counteract this. I'm a big fan of 23 and me!

  2. Adam Shed says:

    As we are naturally selected less we need to counterbalance the negative effects of bad mutations with starts with greater education of our genetics on a broad scale

  3. TheRawBabe says:

    I've been a client of 23andme and it's always good to know more about ourselves! We're the owner of our bodies! Support Anne!

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  5. Skyturnip says:

    The FDA bans or delays many proven drugs used in other western nations. This provably resulted in millions of deaths in the last decade alone. As you can see they do not protect consumers, even less from edutainment outfits like 23andme which represent an insignificant threat. It might eventually threaten the established medical interests gorging on inflated prices of their protected services though.

    Still, be careful of 23andme because it will use your dna. See their terms. Who knows where you data will end up and what the government will do once it seizes it or steals it via the nsa (not really stealing in the case of google as they have a long relationship with the nsa – google being a major investor in 23andme)

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