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23andMe Results – Disappointment – (The NYC Couple)

23andMe Results – Disappointment – (The NYC Couple)

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February 2016 Test Results: The results came in 2 weeks earlier than expected. It was cool to figure out what my ancestry is, however the main reason I wanted to do this was to detect my risk of cancer but I found out that 23andMe no longer offers that information.

Check out my previous video if you want to know what the test kit looks like. 23andMe Test Video: https://youtu.be/Zgx0mHPP-RE

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Hope you guys enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

– The NYC Couple

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23 thoughts on “23andMe Results – Disappointment – (The NYC Couple)

  1. Definitely 100% Beautiful !

  2. FDA is a mess for stopping 23&me from giving the ppl more Hlth info… as always filling their pockets with drug company money…

  3. She's so BEAUTIFUL!!!


  5. Amazing that people still don't where the Iberia peninsula is. When in history that name is was giving by the Roman Empire first

    I guess that they never read history of course

  6. I can't believe these know-it-alls! You can't expect everyone to be knowledgable about everything. I grew up in and left the Philippines when I was young and through YouTube, I'm just learning about the 7K+ islands of the PI and many other things about my own country. There's still so much I don't know, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. Live & Learn! ? Ignore the bashers!

  7. Marc E says:

    basically mestizo with small percentages or african and middle eastern

  8. . Iberian peninsula is not a country. Its the land mass that Portugal, Spain and southern France are on.

  9. I thought you were Italian when I first saw you,but you do have a Portuguese complexion.

  10. d1kiz says:

    You guys suck so bad in geography. Why would you make such a test test then?

  11. elena79rus says:

    Now all the health tests are offered again.

  12. u knew you were mestizo when u sent it in honey. …

  13. Mick W says:

    The more I watch these the more these results look like a scam every person is a 1 percent AshkenNazi Jew?

  14. You guys don't know where Iberia is? You're fucking retarded.

  15. I just uploaded my 23 and Me results video and was interested in seeing what results other people got. So cool!!

  16. I did the 23&Me DNA test as well! What a fun experience! I had surprising results! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYmod9PmNhQ

  17. Really cute couple 😀

  18. Jesse Meza says:

    Oh boy this guy is a simp what a punk

  19. X-MISMA-X says:

    Tell the BF to shut up.

  20. X-MISMA-X says:

    OH MY God now I see why the comments are so disappointed that these two don't know what IOberian means

  21. There is a test that you can have to sheck if you have the brest cancer DNA

  22. Oh my god these friggin hoes are so gosh darn stupid it's extremely frustrating

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