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24 genetics review

24 genetics review

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11 thoughts on “24 genetics review

  1. Noora Ali says:

    thanks for introducing this company I got my results today and it is very accurate !

  2. G Larila says:

    24 results are really too specific be careful before trusted it fully

  3. 77777aol says:

    Fabian Barnes : Expensive compared to others [I saw €149.00!]. I have looked at many DNA reviews, comparisons and so on and yet this is only the second time coming across http://www.24genetics.com. [I was looking at a comparison between My Heritage and Ancestry dna (saw Fabian Branes), came across 24 genetics. Then did a comparison between 24 genetics and Ancestry dna and this was the only one that came up relating to 24 genetics] I like the way this seems very specific as regards each individual country. [By the way the Irish got around in history : in the British navy/army and as bureaucrats; not forgetting catholic, and other missionaries. Munster + Connaght are two of the four provinces of Ireland. Munster generallysouth/Co. Cork region and Connaght is generally the west of Ireland – Co. Galway/ Sligo etc] I am European and have recently received my results from Ancestry dna and am interested in doing another one – hense, my interest in doing comparisons. Some tests are better for Europeans than others; this is what I need to clarify for myself.

  4. Jop Westra says:

    Cool that you have 0.05% netherlands. Im from the netherlands but only got 15%. The rest was german irish and english ?

  5. i would like to show my family tree results and my 24 genetics . family tree ..British isle 35% /Iberian 25% s/south east Europe 10% /west and central Europe 9%. Middle east 10% Asia minor 7% west middle east 3% . note ancestry and 23 and me show no middle eastern.Ancestry does show 3% Caucasus . Next 24 Genetics Europe 94,00% Russia 6% .Break down _ Germany 34,80% /Spain 16,15% /Poland 15,70% / Italy 8,25% /Russia 6,00% ( Chechnya 4,95% North Dagestan 1,05% (maybe what ancestry was referring to by 3% Caucasus .France 5,35% /Great Britain 3,90% /Slovenia 3,80% /Netherlands 3,00%/Belgium 2,10% / Bosnia Herzegovina 0,50% /i have found out even smallest % show up rest Macedonia 0,20% /Greece 0,10% /Lithuania 0,05% /Romania 0,05% and Serbia 0,05% .rest may be noise .

  6. Nancy Reds says:

    I also toke it! Thanks for sharing, in my case the results were very accurate, they fit with the info that I already had. Would be nice to see a video comparing 24G results with another company

  7. Dil gêrm says:

    Wow this one is very cool

  8. JOT says:

    Would you say you trust 24 genetics? ?

  9. Ana Stella says:

    I Just ordered a kit from 24genetics after my terrible experience with My Heritage. 24 genetics seem more accurate and serious.

  10. Jop Westra says:

    Hey fabian, i have another question ?. Did you get an e-mail with the redults or de you need to login to your account? ?

  11. Jop Westra says:

    Hey Fabian. Im a huge fan of your videos! Great review ? i just bought this for 50 euros and im wondering how long it takes before the results are in. How long was it for you?

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