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12 thoughts on “Adoptee Finding My Family Thru Ancestry DNA Results Part 10

  1. Mystra Bua says:

    All I can say is you're tenacious and give me hope that if I find something, it could be a good thing. Best of luck on your journey and I hope you find your answers soon.

    My bio mother gave me up to her sister and never told my bio father I existed. I've tested on 23&me w/no luck on the bf side but I'm hoping something will come from the AncestryDNA results. It will be any day now and I'm so anxious.

  2. This is exciting news! I found my birth mom through a second cousin & now have a 2nd cousin match on my father's side with no word back šŸ™

  3. Hey lady awesome news! I told a friend of mine about you… I really hope she contacts you! Iā€™m excited ?!

  4. kmnewell3 says:

    How exciting!!!! Prayers for more results soon.?ā¤

  5. Good luck! FYI I got my AncestryDNA test results back within A Month from doing it and mailing it. Fingers crossed he gets his back also as quickly!?

  6. Iam happy for you I pray you continue to find more family and that should narrow down your search even more.

  7. Hi Shelly. This is very exciting news. I'm so happy for you. I reached out to earlier this year about my own search. I found out at age 55 that I was adopted and my parents are both deceased. I did an Ancestry test and was able to find my birth mom (deceased) &a half brother. I'm enjoying getting to know him. I'm now looking for my bf but my closet match was 3rd cousin @ 118 cM with no family tree. Any suggestions?

  8. Your hair looks so beautiful today (well, it always does, but yeah).
    Good idea looking at other peoples' trees on Ancestry! That can be amazingly helpful.

  9. Roni Leigh says:

    I'm so excited for you I can't wait until you know who your father is. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!!!

  10. Iā€™m so excited for you ?? Iā€™m waiting for my results still from AncestryDNA šŸ™‚

  11. Love all your updates. Praying you get positive answers soon.

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