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23 thoughts on “Adoptee Finding My Family Thru Ancestry DNA Results Part 14

  1. GOD bless you sweetheart! Wishing you the best in your search….You'll find them.

  2. i was adopted and i found my families , alone , it was in uk tbh and easier coz birth cert: and info is easier to get but i pray you find someone to be really close too ,you must have at least one sibling , i only seen two of your videos will watch more , btw you are smart

  3. So happy for you. I had been watching your videos of your journey while I was waiting for my own DNA results to come in. I just found my birth father (deceased) this week and found out I have a half brother and half sister. I have been an only child for 40 years, so this is crazy for me. I reached out to them and they have been wonderful and excited about this discovery. The whole family has reached out in support.

    Anyone else out there looking for “lost” family members, please take a DNA test. It takes work, but it can be done.

  4. coquiangel says:

    I'm a new sub and I cried for you. Congrats!!!!

  5. That’s so awesome! I just found my biological father last year. I had no name to go by, but I never gave up. I also went from being an only child to having 6 brothers and sisters. Good luck! Your almost there. 🙂

  6. Yippie!!! I love your sunglasses!!!

  7. Yay! So exciting!!!!

  8. Omg Yayy that’s so exciting I’m so happy for you , was you able to tell him about his grave sight ?

  9. So exciting!!!! Praying for the best ❤️ Text me about the reunion ?

  10. Yay!!!! Omg this amazing!!?? im so happy for you!! I got an email right now my kit is finally being processed. Yay!!

  11. Woohoo! Thats amazing news! Sooo Happy for you. God bless ?

  12. This is so exciting!!

  13. Yay! So happy for you and your new family! You totally have to go to the reunion!

  14. This is so friggin awesome!

  15. Mystra Bua says:

    w00h00!!! I'm grinning from ear to ear right now I'm so effin happy for you!

  16. So excited for you!!

  17. How awesome!!! I'm so happy for you!

  18. Sabrina B says:

    I am SO excited for you!!! I know how you feel! I am on the brink of finding out officially if the man said to be my Dad’s biological father is his father. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!!! I can’t wait for the update!

  19. kmnewell3 says:

    I've been literally wanting to do a DNA test. Watching your journey is so exciting. Makes me want to do it even more.

  20. This makes me want to cry so happy for you awesome news.

  21. kmnewell3 says:

    I literally stopped the video because I'm so excited for you!!! excited!!!!!! Back to vlog ?❤

  22. What great news. So happy for you.

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