Home DNA AncestorAdult son of adoptee gets his Ancestry DNA results!
Adult son of adoptee gets his Ancestry DNA results!

Adult son of adoptee gets his Ancestry DNA results!

I finally got my Ancestry.com DNA results back. My late father was adopted at birth and we don’t know who his biological father.

I hope this result will help to fill in that gap in my family tree.


30 thoughts on “Adult son of adoptee gets his Ancestry DNA results!

  1. Heh. Asking me would have been cheaper. One look at you, I said to myself, "That boy's part Scandinavian, part Irish (those are what show up clearly in you), and something else that shows like a shadow or a whisper amid your Irish and Scandinavian features.

  2. Mikedeela says:

    I've done Ancestry and 23andMe. For genetic matches (the reason for my use of it in the first place), I like Ancestry much better. It has a huge database, and a lot more connections. However, the background stuff is broken out more in 23andMe. It also picked up a small native American connection that Ancestry did not. We are talking very small, like one person in the early 1700's.

  3. MidaX says:

    That thumbnail had me shook! ???

  4. great video on your results … good luck in your search for your family !

  5. Ashy Lane says:

    is that a Lenovo ThinkPad? damn man that's litterally a brick.

  6. good job…my dad was adopted…hope to get the results soon…nice blue willow plates…

  7. Altex lan says:

    The Singapore & malaysia chinese should purchase this DNA tester, cos their ancestor were all raped by japanese soldier. many are walking with japanese DNA in them. disgraceful?

  8. swampzoid says:

    Interesting results there. I think mine will be pretty similar to yours. I just sent off the tube this morning.

  9. I kinda know how you feel because I have no idea who my maternal great-great-great grandfather and I really want to know what his name is and where his grave is at.

  10. cisco c says:

    Do you have eyebrows or are they just white? Im sorry i couldn't help but notice

  11. ldk777far says:

    I have a great uncle who married his first cousin – it is not a big deal if it happens every now or then. It is not against the law. Don't know what the big deal is???? In some parts of the world it is common to marry first and second cousins and they do have medical problems.

  12. You certanly have Portuguese ancestry, because of the Iberian Peninsula and the Afican ancestry!

  13. Nathaniel Christopher some people who were adopted take all 3 of the main companies. Do 23and me. It may help. No guarantees. Getting a high match, can take months or years as the database grows look at my video. Upload the raw data from ancestry unto gedmatch. Gedmatch will give more matched from other companies. 23andme will give your maternal and paternal haplogroup. It is 200 dollars

  14. That's what some people who are adopted do. It could take months or years.

  15. Have you taken the other DNA tests. Most people take 23andme, family tree DNA, and ancestry, and then do gedmatch

  16. I hope you find your dad's family. I hope you find an aunt, cousin. Someone from his family.

  17. Zynthesis says:

    How you should look at those stats, is the smaller percents is your origin. then you can trace your ancestors path across the globe and where they stopped and kept moving. The bigger the percentage, the more time your ancestors stayed there. Pretty freaking neat.

  18. nakyer says:

    Odd end to the video. What happened?

  19. Cristiolus says:

    I used to think Willow Pattern was acceptable, but now I collect more authentic Chinese and Japanese stuff.

  20. The angling of this video is very awkward.

  21. ajmexico says:

    I too, do not know who my paternal grandfather was — a fact that only developed AFTER Ancestry DNA testing — I THOUGHT I knew, but the DNA said no. You have your work cut out for you to discover your actual grandfather. It's been 3 months for me. I took the Y67 test at FamilyTreeDNA. I also uploaded my raw DNA from Ancestry to GEDMatch. (nothing there yet.) The Y test confirmed that I am not descended from those bearing my surname. However it was inconclusive otherwise. There were a couple of surnames repeated, so I will pay more attention to those. Your best bet is a reasonably close relative 3rd, or if you're lucky, 2nd cousin, to take the test and show up as a match, who you can't explain with the other 3/4 of your tree. Then figure out how someone in that family could have possibly been your grandfather.

  22. frodosdojo says:

    Please do a follow up when you get matches for relatives on ancestry ! I plan on doing this for birthday present, as I was adopted and have no info on my biological father.

  23. An explanation of your North-African DNA could be the invasion of the Iberian peninsula by the Moors – roughly from 700-1500, although they were finally driven out they left a genetic footprint.

  24. Nanny Boo says:

    I would recommend your taking the best Y-DNA test you can afford at FTDNA, which may give you your father's bio surname, if there are others in the database who are related. If your mother is living, testing her at Ancestry.com would filter your DNA matches through her, and those not on her list would be from your dad's side. Good luck! Hope you get a close match that helps you solve the mystery.

  25. The big surprise for me was being 19.6% Irish,I could not find any Irish names …But the more I read,the more I learned the Irish changed their names completely or in my mother's maternal grand mother side the Hare's just dropped the O it appears to have been O'Hare originally…The English in America dislike the Irish and would not hire them in many cases,so the Irish tried to appear less Irish…

  26. TheDAT573 says:

    That you so much for sharing your Ancestry DNA results.
    Most people what to know what their bloodlines are.
    All the best to you.

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